Is Tribepro Good For SEO or will it Hurt Your Google Rankings?

Is TribePro harmful to your search engine rankings?

I have pondered over this question for a little while now, because although I have seen some positive signs that TribePro does help to get your content noticed, and I have ranked in the serps using TribePro alone, as shown here, I just can’t help but think that it is a little spammy. And I guess this is the only reason why I’m not entirely sold on it.

I mean if you were Google, what would you think?

Going from having no social shares then almost 300 to 2000 social shares overnight on every post, wouldn’t that throw up some red flags? And when Google says that social signals are considered as ranking factors in their algorithm, I don’t think they were thinking that everyone should go get a TribePro account.

And although I have experimented with it on this blog, it hasn’t been on every post, and fortunately for the time being anyway, I haven’t had any negative SEO effects from using it.  Some might say that this is “living dangerously”, but I like to call it – taking a calculated risk.

I call it a calculated risk, because I have seen a number of blogs that use TribePro that rank quite well in the serps and they are pulling in a bit of traffic too, which makes me think that there might be more positives to using TribePro than negatives.

Diversify Your Backlinking Profiles

One thing that I will say though is that if you do use TribePro, then make sure it’s not your only source of backlinks. Acquiring backlinks from multiple sources including article directories, blog commenting, forum posts and Web 2.0 properties may help your backlinking profile look more natural.

Anyway, the experiments that I conducted with TribePro here and here showed that, although it helped me to rank one of my articles in Google, I was not able to replicate it and get the same result on anything else. So in terms of helping to rank a webpage or Web 2.0 property for a given keyword there are inconsistency in the results.  Or what the Mythbusters would say “It’s Busted”, but in terms of hurting your rankings in the serps, I haven’t seen any evidence of it yet.

Still, as far as calculated risks are concerned, this is about as much testing I am willing to take on this website for the time being, but that might change given the other experiments that I am conducting at the moment. I’ll keep you posted.

But for right now, TribePro will not make it into my suite of approved back-linking techniques.

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  1. thanks for the post and I really enjoyed reading it. What do you think if you use one or two specific links with a tribe pro account? asking someone who has an account and tell them to use one link only, would that be ok for you, and what do you think?


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