Social Monkee Review – Zero Value Backlinks

For the longest time I had been thinking about creating this Social Monkee review, so now that I have done a little research here are my findings.

If you’ve been thinking about giving Social Monkee a try then stop for a second, catch a breath and relax.

On the surface it seems like a really good idea, because 1) it’s really cheap to join and 2) it might help your website rank in the serps.

These are very good reasons, and the same sort of reasons why I considered them in the past, but after investigation …

Well … I hate to break it to ya bro.

The sh!ts all banana’s B-A-N-A-N-A-S

If you don’t know what Social Monkee is, then long story short … it’s basically an automated backlinking service that builds 25 backlinks to your url everyday.

Now like I said, it sounds like a good idea, until you start to analyze the backlinks.

Social Monkee is a naughty Monkee with bad backlinks

The platform where they get their links from is primarily pligg websites.

These social boomarking websites are easy to mass create, and most hold little to no value in getting your website ranked in Google, because they have low metrics (i.e. ranking power).

This means that even if you have a thousand links pointing to your website you’ll see little to no movement in the serps.

You think – no problem, let’s just add a thousand more (what could be the harm?).

Hmmmm good question.

Well, let’s see what people are saying in popular forums.


Strong words.

I know.

If you haven’t been stung yet, then it’s just a matter of time before Google catches you.

Back link profile – big ass target

If you don’t know what a backlinking profile is, then in laymans terms, it’s simply a snapshot of all the links going to a website and what type of website it has come from.

A natural backlinking profile will have links coming from a lot of different types of websites including html websites, blogs, web2.0’s, social bookmarks, etc etc.

If you have a back linking profile where the majority of your backlinks are coming from one source (i.e. pligg websites) then that’s gonna trip some flags at Google – right?

With the recent Panda and Penguin updates, these types of services will be a thing of the past.

Now don’t get me wrong … I’m not against creating your own backlinks … but look, it’s better to take a more calculated risk, than just putting a big fat red x on your website, and standing in front of Google saying, here I am “come en get me”.

What if you have already used Social Monkee?

If you’re still currently ranking in the serps then my advice would be to stop using them – right now.

Start building high value backlinks with good metrics instead.

Say whaaaat?

Now Frank … you’re not advocating that people should artifically add backlinks to their websites to rank higher in the serps are you?

Yes, Of course not silly.

What I’m saying is that people should write kick-ass-content and that alone will get tons of shares and likes, and you’ll rank on the first page.

It’s called sarcasm btw.

What I’m really saying is that, before considering any backlinking service, you should first understand the value (metrics) of where your link is coming from.

If you can get a link from a high metric website then you’ll notice a big difference in rankings.


Want to learn how to build long term sustainable back links, then join me here.

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11 thoughts on “Social Monkee Review – Zero Value Backlinks”

  1. I can’t agree with you more.I bought Social Monkey when it was first launched,at that time I thought it was great value for money and let it “rip” on all of the pages on every site I had all with no effect.

    You are right, it’s a load of rubbish and I believe it can potentially damage your site.

  2. Hey,
    Thanks for the review!
    I just wanted to buy their service and before that I just did a quick search and a came to your website. I have a question, what if II use them for my Youtube Videos? Does it impact bad to Google for my videos?

  3. I just want to thank you Frank… I was super close to pay and start killing my (already hitten) backlink profile.

    I appreciate the review.

    I’ll be in touch soon!

    Luis Cabrera from Mexico.

  4. I am an old user of theirs. After that penguin update, I was actually gone from that site. But before this happened, I fell for all the hoopla the seo experts were showing about social monkee. I made backlinks and actually took time to see where they were being posted. But that was on the site. One day I decided to google the link of the bookmarking page. Dang, it never showed up. I still didn’t understand the problem. I was a novice anyways. But later I started googling the links more. Later I realized that Google actually deindexed those bookmarking sites long time ago. Neither the owner of the site nor the seo experts ever talked about it. Just today I logged onto see what was happening. Wanted to know others’ view and found your post.

  5. Thanks for the info before I landed into problems into social monkee. I came to this review site to evaluate the trustworthiness of this site. I decided not to waste time anymore. Thanks once again.


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