Niche Website Update #1

So I wasn’t expecting to write this update so soon after I created my Niche website.

However, approximately 8 days after I registered the domain name BOOM sale number 1 comes in.


If you don’t know what I’m talking about then, read this.

It’ll show you how I go about building a Niche website from scratch … from keyword research to implementation.

If you want to do the same then easy peasy,  just follow along and use it as a blueprint.

What you see above is the first results of the Niche website, in 8 days.

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Big fat disclaimer … these results are not typical.

Not saying you won’t make money in 8 days after you launch your own niche website … just saying … it’s unusual to make a sale this quick.

The results here, took me by surprize to be honest with you, because I was only checking my Amazon affiliate account to make sure the links on my website were clicking through and registering properly.

And as you can see, it’s registering just fine.

Analysing the results

So as I mentioned, I wasn’t expecting to get any sales this early on in the game, in fact my website is not even (as of today 12 March 2014) ranked on the first page of Google for it’s main keyword.


I know.

So to get this sale was pretty cool – I must say.

Usually, it takes a few weeks to a couple months for you to rank on the first page, depending on how competitive the keyword is to rank, and what type of links are pointing to you.

Now for the analysis of the sale.

Usually what I do, once I’ve made a sale online, is try to figure out where that sale came from, and the components of how it came to be, so that I can captialize on the sales process where there is enough evidence to support it.

So in other words … I flow with what’s working.

Now that was a lot easier to say.

You see, before you make a sale, you have pre-conceived ideas of what should happen, and most of the time it works out, however sometimes our assumptions can be a little off.

And it’s not until you get some “real life” data from actual visitors, that you can start to fine tune your cash machine.

Sometimes you see patterns emerging that help direct or redirect the sales process.

So because I’m not on the frontpage of the big G for my main keyword, where did the sale come from?

That’s a good question.

I’m glad you asked.

Check your stats

One way to figure it out is by checking your traffic stats. You can do this easily, by using this wordpress plugin StatPress Visitor.

So checking through my website stats I see that I have had 4 visits from 3 different search engines. Google, Yahoo and Bing.

I also see that the visitor on the 10 March 2014, (when the sale occurred), was searching for BOSE headphones.


So this tells me that some people may actually be lead to my website off of product names.

I know you might be thinking … duh … that’s a no brainer – you got product reviews on your website … I know that, but,  I didn’t optimize my posts to rank for any product names at all.

So what this means is that if I optimize my product posts, I might actually be able to rank higher in the serps and as a result make more sales.

But here’s something else that’s interesting though.

The product the person bought in the end wasn’t the initial product that they were searching for. So this tells me that the copy on the frontpage is working well – hooray.


To do task

In the next day or so, I plan on making a few changes to the product review posts to get them ranked higher in the serps.

So you’ve seen how I create a niche website here and you’ve seen what is possible in a short period of time.

If you’ve been thinking about building your own online business then I invite you to join me here, and let me help coach you towards your first sale.



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  1. Hi Frank! If I already joined WA under someone else and wanted you as my coach would it be possible? Or I can’t change my referral? I know I can ask you question but you prefer your first referrals right? And is it possible for me to make my first money online eventhough I do not upgrade to premium membership? I want to upgrade it if I have the money hahaa.. I’m seriously broke you know.. Big thanks!!

    • Hi Jay,
      Once you’ve created your account at WA your referrer can’t be changed on that account.
      I give the majority of my time to my referrals not only because they have put their trust in me, but because I have a financial incentive to see them succeed.
      I will definitely help people out who are not my referrals, but my priority is first with my referrals – which I think is only fare.
      If you’re seriously broke at the moment, then just stay on as a regular member, you’ll still get a lot of value, until you have the funds to commit to the training.

  2. Greetings, I am just wanting to learn to make an affiliate website using amazon, ebay, and others out there that I am not to familiar with but need to know if they are legit………..i will need to do some research. i am getting ready to read your page here, then I am going to watch the youtube video……………




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