Let Me Show You How To Start a Blog & Make Money In JUST 5 Days

When I started my first blog I found it a little intimidating.

There were so many questions I had running through my head, and not enough answers.

Fast forward 15 years later, having created over three hundred blogs, and learning what I shouldn’t do, I have come to the conclusion that, if you’re willing to put in just a little effort, just about anyone can make money with a simple blog.

You’ll find that most of the top bloggers who are earning $100,000+ a month started off with a simple blog.

They may not have started out with the intention of making hundreds of thousands of dollars per month, but once they became aware of the potential at their finger tips, they soon realized they could develop it into a full-time income.

But like starting anything new, there are some actions that move you closer to your goal and others that move you away from your goal.

I have seen a lot of new bloggers start a blog with enthusiasm and excitement, but then give up, primarily because 1) they don’t know if what they’re doing is right and 2) because they don’t see quick results.

I created this article to not only illustrate the process that I go through when creating a Niche (blog) website, but also the exact steps I take, and why I take them.

This is, in no way what you should expect when creating a blog, just more of the results I experienced when I created this one, and maybe the potential income a simple blog can offer you.

Although the date I created this website was back in March 2014, the system still works in 2019 and beyond.

My intention is that anyone who has a desire to make money online with a blog, can get a birds eye view of the general process I have followed.

Use this training as a STARTING point to getting your business off the ground. To develop your business further I recommend this training program.

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure for more info.


1) Niche Update #1 –Ā  first sale in only 8 days – Click here to see breakdown of the first sale.

2) Niche Update #2 – Next 20 sales

The domain for this niche website was purchased on 02 March 2014 and the content for the website was completed by 04 March 2014.

The video’s below shows you the entire process of creating a niche website.

Get Hosting

The first place to start, before anything else, is to get some decent website hosting, this is so you can host your website.

You’ll also need to get a domain name.

I’ll tell you how you can get a free domain name in a minute.

Some professional web hosting plans will cost you around $50 per month to host a website, but you don’t need to spend anywhere near that when starting out. In fact for just a few dollars a month you can get a very secure hosting package with a one click install of WordPress.

I’ll show you exactly how you can get your own domain name and hosting and I even show you how to set up your website – step by step here.

So before I start … this tutorial makes the assumption that you already have an account with Wealthy Affiliate, if you don’t then you can get one by signing up free here.

You don’t have to be a premium member for this to work, but some of the tutorials mentioned below, require a premium membership for you to access them – but like I said, you don’t have to have a premium account.

You DO have to have a premium account to use the WA Keyword Tool though. As alternative keyword tool, you can also try out Jaaxy which uses the same keyword engine as the WA Keyword Tool for free. You will have access to 30 free searches. Click here to create a Jaaxy account.

You can sign up to Wealthy Affiliate for one or two months or however long you need to get the in-depth training you need to master this process, so it’s up to you.

In this ‘real life’ example I am hosting my niche website at Wealthy Affiliate.

As a premium member you can host up to 50 websites per membership, which means you could potentially have 50 website making money for you all at the same time.

As I say, if you don’t have an account, then you can get one here and by using this link you will have access to my expertise within Wealthy Affiliate when you need it.

Are you really able to create a niche website in a week?

Well, I use the term “in a week” loosely, because it depends on how much online experience you already have.

Some people will be able to accomplish the majority of these tasks (except for content creation) in a single afternoon, (I can do it in less than an hour), but others may take a little longer.

If you’ve never created a niche website before, then it can take you a week to work through the process, but, just like starting anything new, it takes a little bit of practice to become proficient.

It also depends on how much time you have available a day to spend on learning each task.

Some people have to work a full-time job, others have full-time study … so, learning the process can vary from person to person.

What I’ve done is break each task into 30 minute chunks or less.

You’ll see what I mean shortly.

But if you follow along, you’ll be able to apply each step yourself, and create your own online business – super fast.

Plus if you become a member of Wealthy Affiliate you can get a ton of help from the community whenever you need it.

So where do you start?

Day 1 – Finding a Niche

In order for you to attract the right visitor to your website you need to not only understand your target audience, but also understand what they search for in the search engines.

The best place to start finding your own niche is with the things you’re already interested in, or already have a bit of knowledge about.

Many of you are experts in a lot of different niches and don’t even know it.

So to find your own niche try this exercise.

Create 3 lists of 10 – 20 items.

Mine would look something like this …

List 1) Interests – as in what are you interested in and have knowledge about
Weight lifting
Mountain biking.

List 2) Stuff that’s cool, but you don’t know anything about.
Iphone apps
Automatic gate openers
wireless headphones

List 3) Frustrations – What frustrates you could frustration a lot of people
pitch forks that always bend
losing tv remote
joint pain
post workout nutrition

Once you have got your lists, then order them by what you’re most interested in … to you’re least interest.

Use the Keyword Tool

wa-keyword-toolStart plugging the seed keyword into the “WA keyword tool” and then sort by search volume.

It’s important to search by search volume, because it shows you the keyword phrases people are most interested in, in your niche.

Follow the flow of traffic.

I’m not sure where WA gets all of it’s keyword data from, but it is certainly not from the Google Keyword Planner – it could be a combination of many different search engines.


Nevertheless, it is a great indicator of searches performed around the internet.

Following the flow of search volume shows you where the interest lies in that niche.

Click the digg button under the keyword phrases that might be of interest to you, and you will slowly start to narrow your niche down.

Watch me do it here.

You can also watch this video on how to uncover 3 niches in a matter of minutes.

Once you think you’ve found a niche,these are some questions that you might be asking yourself.

How do you figure out whether it’s gonna be profitable?

Will it reach a financial ceiling?

Is there any interest in the niche beside me?

These are recurring questions that I get from people.

So I created this.

Day 2 – Assessing Your Keywords


Now that I have my keywords, I want to figure out how I am going to use them.

To do this I look for some affiliate products online that I might be able to use with those keywords.

Looking at my keyword list one of the things that kept popping up was product names, specifically Sennheiser, Sony and Bose, which is a good indication that those brand of headphones are not only popular, but also related in some way to wireless headphones.

I choose the most popular brands of products to sell on my website.

Also watch :

How to get unlimited traffic from Low Hanging Fruit

Day 3 – Analyze The Competition

What you want to do here is to type your main keyword into Google to see what type of results it brings back.

I do this for several reasons, one being that whatever is on the frontpage of Google has passed their algorithm check (there are over 200 indicators) so if we want to have any chance of ranking on the first page then it only makes sense to see what Google thinks is worthy of frontpage results.

Another reason is to pick up some ideas of how you can layout your website and how to best serve your audience.

Depending on how much knowledge you already have in SEO, I might have gone a little too fast for some.

Not to worry, because there is an in-depth video that covers everything you need to understand how to analyze the competition on the first page and then how to beat them so that your website is ranking on the first page of the search engines.


Still Day 3 – Pick & Register A Domain Name

This is a no brainer really.

Find a domain name that has your main keyword in it.

In this case I have chosen wirelessheadphonestvreview.com

For more information on how to do that at Wealthy Affiliate watch the video below.


Day 4 – Create Your Website

Creating content is the life blood of any website and because you have already completed your keyword research on day 1, you have a fair idea what they type into the search engines.

So the next thing to do is to create the content that will satisfy their search.

So based on the research that I performed in the first few days I know what my target audience is searching for, and also know what sort of competition I’m competing with on the first page of Google. The next phase is to create the content.

In this video I walk you through my new niche website and show you my thought process for creating it.

The fiverr gig that i used for this website is non longer available.

BUT, I have included another source that I use now to get high quality content written for my websites.

Go here

If you don’t know the first thing about creating a WordPress website then start here.

  1. Building your own website
  2. Setting Up Your Website
  3. Getting your site ready for SEO
  4. Finding content ideas from keywords
  5. Understanding website pages & writing your first 3 pages
  6. Creating quality website content – lessons on creating your About Page and Privacy Policy

You might also be interested in these article too.

Creating web content that converts

Day 5 – Start Building Backlinks

Use Wealth Affiliate as a stepping stone. WA has some great ranking authority in Google and because content is being created on a constant basis, the Google bot comes running to slurp up any new content all the time. So by placing a link in the content your website will get indexed super fast.


As you can see in the picture to the left WealthyAffiliate.com has a Moz rank of 55 Domain Authority and 63 Page Authority, which is a pretty big deal if you know anything about SEO.

You can put your new website link in your profile account.

Also Wealthy Affiliate encourages feedback from other members which means you can drop a few more links on other pages.

Watch the following video to see how you can instantly get feedback on your new niche website.

Here’s the link to the page shown in the video.

Please give me feedback on my website

Watch this live webinar for ranking metrics you need to be on the first page of Google.

Don’t be put off by the date when this webinar was aired, I know we have had a number of Google update since the 3rd August, but the information contained in this webinar is evergreen.


So that’s about it for the time being.

I have tried to capture as much information as possible on one page without over whelming you too much.

The information on this page should really be viewed as a blueprint and the detailed training within Wealthy Affiliate the lessons on “how to accomplish the blueprint”.

Honestly, there is just so much training within Wealthy Affiliate that it would literally take years to recreate.

Your Turn

Anyway I would love to get your feedback on this page. Was it helpful? If it was, it would give me incentive to create more like it.

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Entrepreneur, Blogger, Affiliate Marketer and webmaster of Stealth Secrets. I have been earning a full-time living as an affiliate marketer since 2004. Want to do the same? Check out what I recommend.

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    • Hi Bryant, There’s no financial incentive for me if you signed up with a different person in WA, given that WA is not a MLM company. But the person you did sign up with is a really great coach too and I’m sure he can help you out.

      But, you can always ask me questions inside WA, since we all help each other out.

      Having said that, I apportion more of my time to my direct referrals first to be fair.

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      3) Check.

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    • Hey Jay,
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      The “why” is probably more important than the “doing”, because the “why” determines what needs to be done.

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    • Hi Carerra,

      As an affiliate you’re basically the “middle-man” in the sales process. Meaning, you don’t have to buy in products or store inventory or even ship items, this is all taken care of by the vendor of the products your affiliated to.

      For example, if I am selling Amazon products as an affiliate, the fulfilment of the sale is taken care of by Amazon you just collect the standard affiliate fee for getting the sale.

      In terms of taxes, some vendors require tax information from you, but I just pay an accountant to take care of my taxes.


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    • Yes, you can Victor, however, you don’t have to only affiliate with local companies. The internet has made it possible for people to make money in just about any country in the world. Take me for example, I earn a full-time living operating my business in New Zealand. Most of my customers live abroad.

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    • Hi Petrus,

      At the moment I am outsourcing the majority of my niche article creation through iWriter.com. I order what I need and the prices are very reasonable. You are charged by word count. Starting at around $1.25 for 150 words, and $10 for a decent 500 word article.

      If you’re having difficulty finding a profitable niche then read this post.


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    • As a web designer, you’re a lot further down the track than a lot of folks who start out online and make money. And I know most folks like to get some sort of structure in place to understand how they can fit or create a business around the time they have available, but the reality is, your mindset needs to shift from apportioning a couple hours to getting the job done, to, “I’m gonna smash it and do whatever I need to do, to get the job done” attitude.

      This then creates the mental environment where your brain is constantly working, even when you’re not physically performing the action. It’s forming connections with relevant information, drawing on past experiences, making comparisons where applicable.

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    • Amazon is probably one of the easiest affiliate programs to join and they have such a wide range of products to choose from. You become an affiliate for Amazon and as such you can sell any product Amazon has on their website. So there’s no need to register with any other company if you are selling Amazon products.

      So I recommend starting with them. However, there is a method to finding niche specific affiliate programs for virtually any niche you can think of. This is covered in some of the lessons in Wealthy Affiliate.

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      Content creations was one of my biggest issues when I first started too, but overtime and a little practice, you get good at creating content and like anything you practice it gets easier and easier.

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    thanks in advance. check me on my email ‘gesaseamos@gmail.com’

  49. Good morning Frank

    My husband and I are really interested in joining the free membership of wealthy affiliate. We reside in Canada and you had mentioned that Amazon pays commission in gift cards rather than direct deposit if you are not a US resident. Do all affiliates pay in gift cards and does wealthy affiliate provide a list of affiliates that pay commission in cash via paypal



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