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Starting a blog is easy and today I'm going to show you how. From choosing a domain name to installing WordPress, I'm going to share with you the way I did it.If you’ve never made money online before, or built a WordPress blog to make money, then starting your own WordPress blog can be a little intimidating.

But look, creating your own blog is not as big of a deal as you might think it is.

But it’s something that can generate thousands of dollars for you, just like this blog creates thousands for me every month, with little to no effort.

Having said that, I did spend a considerable amount of time getting it started, but NOW it’s making money for me whether I work or not.

This allows me to do spend time on building other websites or simply spending time with my family.

Blogging has allowed me to create a full-time income from the comfort of my own home. See how I earn over $10,000 per month using this simple program. Use the training in this program along with your new WordPress blog.

So learning how to start a WordPress blog is definitely worth your while.

In fact I show you a case study of how I created a blog and started making sales in less than two weeks.

And I’m gonna show you how to do it in less than 10 minutes, using Bluehost.

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Why Use Bluehost?

Because they have an easy setup process, they have a one click WordPress install, their servers are optimized to run WordPress websites, and last but not least, they’re cheap.

You might think that there is a lot of technical “things” that you have to know when it comes to starting a WordPress blog, and in the past this was the case, but not anymore.

Once you’ve done it, you’ll wonder what all the fuss was all about.

And in a few simply steps you can begin the same process, whether it be to make money online or to share your thoughts with the world.

In this article, I’m going to take you through the entire process of starting your own WordPress blog including, choosing a domain name and getting web hosting for your website.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a genius to start a blog, all you have to do is to fill in a few boxes and soon you’ll have your very own blog.

In this (one click install) you can have your blog setup and ready for the world in a matter of a few minutes.

Why Start A Blog?

One of the biggest reasons blogs are so good, is because Google and other search engines love them.

They love them so much that they rank and crawl blogs daily.

This gives you the opportunity to get in front of potentially hundreds and thousands of new visitors daily.

Another very good reason to create a blog is because you can get one created in a matter of minutes. There no waiting around.

Gone are the days of hiring expensive web developers to design and create a website for you.

Now with the power of WordPress blogs, you can do it all yourself and save a lot of money in the process.

Blogs are so cheap to get started and run, that you can get one started with just a few dollars a month, I’ll show you how to do this is a minute.

WordPress blogs are content management systems (CMS) which means the focus is on allowing the owner to create content easily.

So you don’t have to learn HTML, CSS, Javascript or any programming languages, all you need to know is how to compose an email to enable you to create your website.

Why WordPress?

I know that there’s a lot of different types of blogging platforms out there – so why WordPress?

It’s versatile, easy to use, but yet so powerful. It’s a platform that some of the biggest names online use for their own website, but it’s available to even the little guys or gals like you and me to use for FREE.

With a few clicks of your mouse you can change the entire look of your website by installing a different theme. There are literally, thousands of FREE themes available to use, that you’d have an endless number of themes to choose from.

There’s hundreds of “bolt on” functionality that you can install on your website in the form of plugins. This will give you the ability to add shopping carts, image galleries, and just about any functionality you can think of.

Some of the top website use WordPress.

Reuters, TechCrunch, Perez Hilton, PlayStation Blog, Hello Fashion Blog, TED, Official LinkedIn Blog and many more.

Like I mentioned before – if you can create and send an email, then you can use WordPress.

How to Start A Blog With WordPress

So let me go through the process with you.

But first … you’ll need to decide on a domain name for your website.

What is a domain name?

A domain name, in most cases, is the name of your website.

Most people associate a domain name, with the web address ending with the prefix .com, .org or .net.

For example,

So that’s about it.

I find that people spend way too much time on trying to come up with the perfect domain name for their website.

And the reality is, you don’t have to pick the perfect name, as most of your traffic will be coming from your blog posts, not your domain name.

I will elaborate on how to find the best domain name soon.

But first …

1) Selecting a hosting plan.

If you want really good WordPress web hosting at a cheap price then I recommend you select a basic Bluehost plan.

The most basic hosting account you can get is normally $7.99 per month, but this special deal will get you hosting for $3.95 per month.

And that’s probably all you’ll need if you’re starting out.

So simply select the basic plan.

2) Choosing and registering a domain name

A lot of people tend to put too much emphasis on selecting the right domain name, and to tell you the truth, it’s really not a big deal.

So don’t waste too much time trying to find the perfect name.

It’s doesn’t exist!

Having said that, the shorter the name, the better, because it may help to make it easier for people to remember, to spell, and to type.

Remember a lot of folks use their phones to search these days, and having to type in a long domain name on your phone can be a pain in the butt.

Use your name as your blog if it makes sense, or you can use to mix and match words, to see if your chosen name is available to purchase.

Once you’ve found a good name enter it here.

Remember you will get your domain name free with one of these bluehost plans.

3) Account & Package Information

Next thing to do is to create your account.

This is a fairly straight forward process, simply fill in the blanks.


If you want to obtain the cheapest price for your blog hosting then selecting the “Basic” plan is all you’ll need at this stage.

If you think you might create more than one blog, then for a few more dollars go for the “Plus” plan, as this plan allows you to host unlimited domain names.

Those are probably the two best plans right now.

You’ll receive a cheaper price depending on how long you sign up for.

If you’re unsure what plan and duration to take at this stage, then my recommendation would be to select “Basic” for one year.

Don’t worry about Site Backup Pro, Search Engine Jumpstart or SiteLock Security, but leave Domain Privacy Protection checked, so your contact information stays safe.

4) Enter payment details

Then hit the submit button and you’re done!

Congratulations you’ve just ordered your domain name and web hosting.

Don’t worry about the special offers, just click on the no thanks link at the bottom of the page.

5) Purchase success.

Now you can click the “Create Your Password” blue button to create a password for your Bluehost control panel.

Now you can sign into your Bluehost account using your new domain name and newly created password.

Next locate the WordPress Install icon to setup your blog.

Next, click the green “Get Started” button.

And finally select your domain name


Enter the name of your blog which is usualy the name of your domain name minus the .com. For example,, would be Karens Fashion Blog.

Choose a username and password to log into your WordPress site. This username and password is different from your Bluehost login.

From there, hit the green “Install” button and boom you’re done!


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