Blog Link Magic Review: Worthwhile WordPress Plugin?

Blog Link Magic ReviewBlog Link Magic is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add affiliate links to words within your content on a site wide basis. In this review I discuss whether Blog Link Magic is worth your money and your time.

Using Blog Link Magic means that you can potentially monetize some specific keywords in your content without having to manually edit individual posts and add hyperlinks to that post.

Sounds like a reasonable way to monetize your content, however, once you set the links up in the settings menu they will be applied globally – yep, across all of your content.

On one hand, it sounds like a good idea, being able to implement a change globally, but on the other hand, it doesn’t take into account user intent.

I’m not sure if the plugin is able to identify keyword phrases that already have hyperlinks assigned to them, and miss them out entirely, or override the links using the ones you set up in the settings menu.

In any case, this method of monetization is not a new concept and has been around for several years, so it is a proven and quick way to monetize existing content.

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What is Blog Link Magic?

As mentioned above, Blog Link Magic is a WordPress plugin that is designed to insert hyperlinks to your existing content site wide.

It is one of many products developed by WPToolkit.

Who uses Blog Link Magic?

Blog Link Magic is specifically designed for affiliate marketers who are looking for ways to monetize content on their WordPress blogs quickly.

It is only available for purchase in the Warrior Forum which is a Internet Marketing forum.

How Does Blog Link Magic Work?

The concept of how Blog Link Magic works is fairly straight forward and instead of me explaining how it works, it’s probably best to simply watch the video demonstration below.

How Do You Make Money With Blog Link Magic?

The way to make money with Blog Link Magic is to install the plugin on your WordPress blog and then add or import affiliate links that are associated to specific keyword phrases.

The idea being, that when a visitor clicks on a link, they are sent to an affiliate product that you are promoting. If they purchase the product, then you will earn a commission as an affiliate.

In my opinion this strategy is dependent on what type of offer you’re sending your visitor to.

If the affiliate product you send them to has a strong correlation to the content they’re reading, then they might be a “warm buyer” and may not need a lot of extra persuasion to purchase a product, however, if there’s no real correlation then they won’t – in my opinion.

It will depend on the affiliate program the person is being sent to, for example, you may get more conversions sending your visitors to an Amazon affiliate link, rather than say a clickbank affiliate link.

In my experience Amazon products are so much easier to convert than virtually any other affiliate product, given the massive authority of Amazon and the trust users have in Amazon. Only problem is, the commission rate is kinda low at 4%

What I Like about Blog Link Magic

  • I like that you can update your entire site with affiliate links with a single click of a button.
  • I like that the interface is fairly intuitive to use and that you can import a number of links at one time.
  • I like that the software is evergreen which means that they will continue to be updated and supported over time.
  • I like that you can also change any link site wide by going to your settings area and making a single change there.
  • I like that it works with any links including clickbank, WPlus, JVZoo, CJ, ShareASale etc

What I Don’t Like about Blog Link Magic

  • In my opinion this plugin is only suitable for blogs that have a good amount of traffic and is suitable to a specific audience.
  • They really don’t teach you how to strategically use the plugin to convert visitors into sales. It’s one thing having the plugin and another being able to use it effectively with your audience.
  • The software is only available on a WordPress platform.

Do I Recommend Blog Link Magic?

In order for you to really benefit from this WordPress plugin you need to have a decent amount of content and traffic on your blog. The plugin works on the basis that you already have visitors and that all you really need to do is to convert those visitors into sales by placing links on your pages.

I wish it was as easy as doing that, but in my experience it does take a little more work than that depending on who your target audience is.

I would definitely recommend Blog Link Magic as a way for you to monetize your blog, but, I feel like you would have to play around with the plugin, trying different keyword phrases and (maybe) affiliate links to optimize your conversions.

Having said that, don’t expect to make large sums of money overnight from installing this plugin.

If you’re looking for a way to earn money online, then I recommend that you read this review.

As always, I’d been interesting in hearing your experience with this plugin, good or bad. Please leave a message in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading!

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