Super Affiliate Machine: Is it Legit Or A Scam? We Review It

Welcome to my Super Affiliate Machine Review.

In this review we investigate Super Affiliate Machine, how it works, how you make money from it and whether or not it’s worth investing your money time and effort.\

But, first things first …

What Is Super Affiliate Machine?

Super Affiliate Machine is a website that reports to help it’s users create an unlimited number of semi automatic mini websites. The idea being that you can create as many of these mini websites as you like, each earn a small amount of money, but collectively earning a decent income.

They facilitate this by offering a number of functional sections within a dashboard for it’s members, allowing them to choose the niche they would like to build their mini website around and then providing other tools like a keyword difficultly tool, a content writing tool and Google automation tool.

On the surface this seems like a good idea, but in reality it just doesn’t quite work.

How SAM Is Supposed To Work

In a nutshell, you will be creating mini websites that rank in the search engines for easy to rank keyword phrases that is designed to bring your new visitors on a daily basis. You will also choose affiliate products to promote that relate in some way to the visitor.

To accomplish this, Super Affiliate Machine provides 4 sections which together enable you to build your niche websites without worrying about all the technical aspects of buy and hosting new mini websites.

Here are the 4 sections.

1) Product research

This sections allows you to find affiliate programs that match your intended audience using a simple search function. For example, if you’re mini website is going to be related to the weight loss industry then you simply type in “weight loss” and then you’ll be presented with affiliate programs that match your keyword phrase.

I guess this is a useful function as it pull data from several different affiliate sources.

2) Domain Research

There is a keyword tool that enables you to find easy to rank keyword phrase. This is key when it comes to ranking in the search engines, but the tool seems to bring back keyword phrases that don’t make a whole lot of sense. Yes, while you will be able to rank for the keyword, it just doesn’t make any sense.

The keyword tool assigns a numeric value to the keyword phrase which helps you to gauge how difficult the keyword phrase might be to rank.

The aim being to find keyword phrases that are easy to rank.

The idea is to find as many keyword phrases as possible and select them so that the website builder can build content around that keyword phrase.

Once you’ve found your keywords, you have to put them on a website which is when you start searching for a domain name.

To find a suitable domain name you simply enter in your main niche keyword phrase, for example sake we go back to our “weight loss” niche you would simply enter inĀ  “weight loss” and the domain tool will search for new domain names that fit this criteria and also expired domain names.

They put a lot of emphasis especially when it comes to marketing the product that expired domain names can help you to rank faster than a new domain name.

This is in fact true, so long as you have a good expired domain name. Well take about this a little later in this review.

3) Build a Website

Once you’ve selected your keyword phrases as outlined in the section before, you then search for content for each keyword phrase. The tool then searches for content that matches your keyword phrase and spins the content so that it is semi unique. This theoretically gets a pass from Google and starts to rank in the search engines for the intended keyword phrase.

I say theoretically because, in my experience, Google will figure it out eventually and your rankings will plummet, that’s if you rank in the first place.

Apart from that, spun content reads really poorly. So if a visitor was to stumble on your page in Google, they wouldn’t buy from the website because the content wouldn’t make any sense.

4) Google Automation

This is not really a tool but more just content on how to rank your webspage.

How do you make money?

As outlined earlier the way SAM works is to create mini websites based on easy to rank keyword phrases. Create as many as you can and your chances of making money goes up, however, with every website you create there is a cost associated with each which include a domain name, and hosting.

Things that I didn’t like

1) Purchasing Expired Domains Is Bad

The pros of buying an expired domain name is that it already has some authority in Google which means that conceivably it will have a good backlinking history which in turn will help it to rank your webpages. Often new domain names can take a little bit of time to build up authority in Google because of all of the ranking signals it has to acquire overtime.

So if you buy an expired domain name that has a good backlinking history you can save yourself a lot of time trying to rank your keyword phrases.

Having said that, the cons of buying an expired domain name is also the history that comes with the domain. You will often find that an expired domain has expired for a reason. One of the main reasons being that Google has somehow devalued or penalized the domain which makes the domain name worthless.

2) Google Automation

As it turns out, this section is not really automated at all, in fact it’s more about training than anything else, so not quite what was expected. There’s really no automated SEO tool out there that does well in the long term. Some, tools can help with rankings, in terms of highlighting specific on page signals like H1, H2 tags, and keywords density etc, but, I’ve yet to come across a fully automated tool that works across the board.

3) Content Copied From Other Websites

The content creation tool in Super Affiliate Machine appears to search the internet for articles that have been written by others and then it attempts to rewrite it using spun syntax. And for those of you who don’t know what spun content is, imagine using a thesaurus and changing every third word in an article.

Theoretically this sounds like a good idea, given you can replace a word for another that has the same meaning and the article should still make sense, that’s if a human was selecting the alternate word, however, in practice it just doesn’t work like that. Often the wrong word is selected and the article doesn’t make any sense.

4) Super Affiliate Machines Keyword Tool

SAM has it’s own built in keyword tool that applies a numeric value between 1 and 100 for each keyword phrase returned from a search. The idea being that you select a keyword phrase that is easy to rank in the search engines. Only problem is, they don’t show you the search volume for any of the keywords you selected.

This means whilst you can select a keyword phrase, the keyword may only get one or two search a month. This might be okay in theory in the keyword is a buying keyword, but then it’s nullified because when a visitor lands on the page, it just won’t make any sense.

Do you know of anyone who would be from a website that doesn’t make any sense?

5) Income Strategy

The income strategy that they promote, is sound. (i.e.) Build as many mini websites as you can, each earning a small amount, but collective earning a decent income. However, the method in which they do this doesn’t work in practice.

6) Program Updates

One of the biggest problems I found with programs like these is that they don’t have guaranteed updates. The product creators tend to push them out, take their money and then move onto a new projects. As you can imagine, this can be a potential problem because the Internet is never static. Nope, it changes all the time, Google has virtually 400 algorithmic changes every year, which is fine if you’re you’re not using automated tools or spun content.

WordPress is also constantly change which means that it could also be a potential issue for how SAM interacts with the platform.

7) No After Sale Support

When you don’t have any after sale help then it can become problematic especially if you get stuck and can’t move forward.

Is Super Affiliate A Scam?

In my opinion SAM is just another over hyped affiliate marketing program. I feel that it isn’t a scam in the true sense of the word, but the marketing of the product can be seen as scamish if that’s a word.

You see, I have tried this business model in the past and as I mentioned earlier, it sounds good on paper, but in reality it won’t work for newbies or even immediate marketers. If this kind of thing still worked I would be still doing it. What I found is that it works for a very short period of time and then Google catches on and your websites are deindexed and any income you were earning you no longer earn.

They used to call it burn and churn, so you would pump as many of these websites out make a little and not worry if it gets deindexed because you have several more to take it’s place.

What I found is that, there’s just no longevity in this type of business and you’d be better off investing your time and effort into building something that you can constantly build upon.

So do I recommend SAM?

I guess it’s no surprise that I would NOT recommend SAM as a way to make money.

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