Are Sniper Sites Dead?

Once upon a time alot of webmasters would build Sniper websites, which for those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, it’s basically a small website with around 5 to 15 pages of content tightly themed around a particular keyword phrase.

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The keyword phrase is has a high volume of searches in the search engine, with medium SEO competition, which means that with a bit of effort you should be able to rank in the search engines for the term.

These Sniper type websites featured highly in a product called Google Sniper,  however, we have seen in recent years, Google targeted these types of Sniper websites and wiping them from their index. I guess if you think about it, Google is trying to retrieve the most relevent helpful content online available, and these website are only set up to do one thing and that is to make sales.

Now – granted, Google doesn’t always get the results right, all the time, and there are many instances online where you can search for a keyword phrase and get back a lot of crappy results. But, they’re constantly looking to improve their algorthim everyday.

This is their edge in the marketplace, and if their results bring back irrelevent data or doorway pages, or Sniper sites, then searchers are going to be looking for alternative ways of finding the information like Bing or Yahoo.

Anyway, back to Sniper sites.

How do you create money with Sniper sites

As I mentioned earlier, Sniper sites are websites that are quick to put together and even outsource if you wanted to approach it that way. The idea being you create content around highly profitable keyword phrases and then rank them in the search engines. When your main keyword ranks then you will start getting sales.

So hopefully, that’s a pretty easy concept to understand, however, whilst it might sound good on paper, and you can make sales, those sales can sometimes be short lived.

Google seems to have figured out programmatic what these websites look like and in an effort to have give users the best search experience, they systematically remove Sniper websites from their index. Even if the content is unique and helpful, I have seen it all too many times.

Yes, there are ways to get around it, but they will always catch on and sooner or later your online business will be hit if you use the Sniper site method as your primary source of income.

But, there is a better way to approach Sniper sites and I have seen some of the more successful online marketers start to move down this track and that is – to no longer build sniper sites. Instead you must put more focus on a long term strategy namely Authority websites.

The landscape has changed

You may have seen me mention two types of websites on my blog, Sniper sites and Authority sites and well I have come to the realization (kicking and screaming I might add) that Authority websites are the best solution for long term sustainable income.

Whilst you can make money in the short term with Sniper sites, I have seen Authority websites whether the rocky terrain of most algorthimic updates.

I have seen some really decent Sniper websites get smashed by the search engines and lose traffic overnight. They still work, but for how long is the question to ask.

What should you be doing now?

To build a long term sustainable income you have to create authority websites, because these types of websites tend to keep their rankings in the search engines, even after an update. Authority sites usually have a lot of content and the topics usually cover a subject thoroughly.

Having said that, I am still seeing small sniper websites whether the updates, but I believe that it’s only a matter of time before they will be found and smashed.

Can a Sniper site become an autority website?

Yes they can, but you will have to update them with high quality relevant content on a regular basis.

Whether you update the website yourself or outsource the content writing to someone else, you can turn a small Sniper website into an Authority website.

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