Success Is Just Around The Corner From The “Thing” That You’re Resisting

I was watching a video on Youtube the other day and the concepts mentioned in the video really hit home with me.

In fact I could see how it applied to a lot of situations in my life, that if I had this piece of information, then I have may have approached situations differently than I did.

We live and we learn – yes?

And I feel as if the lessons I learnt in the video can help most people gain a better understanding of themselves, their business, and maybe approach challenges a little differently too.

Anyway, it has been a great resource for me, so I would like to share it with you.

The video I watched was created by a guy in the personal development field called David Neagle (who?), I know, I have never heard of him, but he has been in this space for a number of years. He has worked with some of the more well known personal development guru’s such as Bob Proctor (who featured in the hit movie “The Secret”), but David is successful in his own right. You can get his 3 part video series here.

You may NOT have heard of David, but then, I didn’t know who Bob Proctor was either until I watch The Secret, and he had been in the personal development space for over 30 years before featuring in the movie.

Success is just around the corner

One of the biggest realizations I discovered in the video was identifying places in your business where you have some sort of resistance.

Resistance is not a bad thing, in fact it can be very valuable in finding areas in your business that you need to growth.

Whether that means developing a new skill or creating a consistent schedule of tasks to perform, resistance can highlight areas in your business that need to be improved.

For example, when I was in the real estate business, I found it difficult to make sales calls to generate new business, or to knock on doors to prospect for new business. Being a natural introvert, I would do everything else, but the most important tasks needed to grow my business – doh.

Are you doing the same thing in your online business?

When people look at creating a successful online business, I see a similar pattern, they try to do everything else but the tasks that will help grow their business, like changing the theme on their website, place pictures on their website, make the text a different color, change the font, and forget that about doing the most important task which is creating content.

I have been guilt of spending time on those things myself, which is why I know it happens. And sure those other things are important, but they’re just not as important as creating content.

And depending on where you are in your online journey you may or may not have this problem, but some where along the line you will resist creating content.

Most of the folks that I coach all seem to say the same thing, “how do I make money without having to create so much content”.

I’m like whaaat?

If someone said to me that a big part of online success comes down to creating content day in and day out, then I would write until my fingers bled.

Wouldn’t you?

If writing content everyday meant that you no longer had to have a 9 to 5 job, no longer had a boss, could take holidays when you wanted to, or travel the world for the rest of your life, would you be willing to pay the price and write articles?

Are you resisting anything in your business?

The good news is that once you’ve identified the points of resistance and have a plan in place to overcome it, then success is just around the corner.

Content creation is your path to freedom

Truth is, content creation is the opportunity maker for your online business.

Think of it this way … your content makes the sales calls for you, your content knocks on doors for you, your content is your prospector.

How does content do all that?

Every piece of content that you produce will get ranked in the search engines eventually, which means that you will get visitors coming to your site that will see your message.

This is pretty much the same thing as making sales calls, or knocking on doors, the only difference is, you don’t have to pick up the phone or knock on a single door, instead people are actively finding you through your content.

Think about that for a second … the person coming to your site is actively searching for information, which means they will be more open to what you have to offer than if you were to approach someone via a cold call. Big difference in mindset.

From there they will decide whether or not they want what you have to offer.

Obviously there’s a lot more to it than that, but generally speaking that’s how it works.

So with that in mind, how many opportunities are you willing to create for yourself?

The more opportunities you create (as in writing articles), the more opportunities you have to connect with potential customers.

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