Niche Website Update #2

I have had a few requests from people asking whether I could do a follow up report on my wireless headphones niche website.

And while my initial intention of the niche website wasn’t to illustrate how I make sales, but more provide a framework for people to copy, I ain’t gonna complain if I make a few sales here or there.

And truth is, if I wasn’t making sales with the website, then it would be difficult to ascertain whether or not the model worked on face value – right?

If you’re reading this for the first time and don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, then you can catch up with the play here.

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Okay, so before I show you the report from Amazon, I have to tell you that I seriously mucked up the reporting, which meant the most recent report shows sales from other niche websites I created that are unrelated to the wireless headphones niche.

The error occurred because I didn’t create a separate Amazon tracking ID for some of my other niche websites, which meant that all sales got lumped into the same tracking ID code.

Now if I included those sales in this report then it wouldn’t have made much sense.

So I have provided a cut down version of the report for the wireless headphones website, give or take a few sales, which weren’t included because they landed in other categories.

My apologies.

Luckily, the majority of the sales for the wireless headphones website fell in the Electronics category (no surprizes there), so I got most of them.

The point being – these sales have all been generated by the wireless headphones website, even the first top 5 sales, which don’t even appear on my website, but I’ll tell you how I got them after the report.

So here’s the breakdown


As you can see the majority of the sales (20) came from the Sennheiser and Sony wireless headphones products.

And although I have made a few sales with the website, this website only consists of a hand-full of posts and pages.

Now, strickly speaking, I’m not a big advocate of thin affiliate websites, as in my niche website example, because it’s not really what Google wants to see in their results, so it really is the bare minimum requirement and should be viewed as a starting point.

But I mean, if this ugly little website with so few pages can generate 20 something sales in a few short months, then imagine how many sales you could make with 50 or even 100 pages of content. The more pages you create, potentially the more income you make.

I could easily expand this website if I wanted, but for now I am just using it as a template for people to have a guide.

So to keep things simple, I’m just gonna leave it.

From here, all you have to do is rinse and repeat the niche site creation until you generate the income you want.  Or you could just stay with the one website and expand on it.

How are people finding the site?

Well according to my stats, the majority of traffic is coming from Bing, closely followed by Yahoo, Google and then a bunch of smaller search engines.


Do You Have To Use Amazon?

Depending on what part of the world or state you’re from, you may not be eligible to participate in the Amazon affiliate program. But it really doesn’t matter what affiliate program you choose, the basic template will suppport all affiliate programs.

In fact there are hundreds of other affiliate programs you can join that could pay better commission on product sales, you just have to look around.

Why I Like Amazon for newbies

The reason why Amazon is so good for newbies is that they are a trusted authority in the eyes of consumers, which means that consumers would be more likely to purchase from their website.

The other thing I like about Amazon is that you get paid for any other purchases your referral makes, even if it’s non related for example the first 5 sales in the report above are products that are not even on my website, but the visitor decided to purchase them and as a result I get the commission.

Of course, you will need to invest both your time and money into learning the process, but as you can see the process works if you’re willing to give it a go.

Come join me here.

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2 thoughts on “Niche Website Update #2”

  1. Hi Frank!

    I’ve been following your niche website updates. It’s really great! I like to be successful just like you! But I have a few questions:

    1. What is it actually that you offer in ‘join me’?

    2. I have a question regarding WA. If I join it and upgrade to premium but later I have no time to join the community as I’m gonna be busy with my law school, do I have to still pay the $47 monthly? Or I could hold my subscription? And what actually happen to my websites in the absence of me maintaining and monitoring it? Is it still working as usual? Or is it gonna cost me anything?


    • Hi Jane,
      1) Personal one on one coaching.
      2) I think there might be special provision to hold subscriptions, but this is something you’ll need to talk to Kyle (co-owner) about. You can ask him directly in his profile inside WA (i.e you don’t need to be a premium member to do so.)
      Hope that helps.


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