Think Like A Salesman

Some of you are gonna get this concept right off the bat, and will start making money fast as a result of reading this post.

And if you do then you can shout me a beer sometime.

Some of you, might think that this concept doesn’t apply, because you think that you’re not a sales person.

But the truth is, any form of publishing you do online in an effort to make money is selling.

Some of you might not like the salesman label, because of the negative connotations associated to it.

Sleezy … being a word that comes to mind.

But, whether you’re a sleezy salesman is up to you.

But, that’s not the side of sales I want you to focus on … at the moment.

Nope, the side that made all the difference to me when I started my online career was understanding the “sales process”.

And if you’re not a salesman then hopefully you’d be enlightened, if not, leave me a comment below saying …

“Frank, what the hell you talking about”.

Trust me, when you understand this concept, and apply it to your business, there’s no way you won’t be able to make money.

So lemme break it down for ya.

1) It’s A Numbers Game

I know that a lot of you would have heard this saying before.

I heard it before, but for me – it was just a bunch of words sales managers used, when their staff weren’t hitting their targets.

Actually … it sounds like something you catch on yo feet.

However, one of the biggest parts to sales is knowing your numbers.

You have to do enough of the things that make you money.

So, if one article makes you $10 a month, then in order for you to make a $1000 a month, all you have to do (in theory) is to create 100 articles – right?

However, the reality is … the income generated by the articles are not going to be as evenly spread.

Some articles are gonna make you a lot of money, while others might only make you $1 a month.

Don’t worry, once you understand the process you can pick more winners than losers.

I have a 20 page website that generates over $3000 per month on autopilot.

However, the majority of income comes from only a couple of pages.

That’s just one of my websites.

I’m not saying that I’m a genius …

(you could say that, if you wanted to … I’m not gonna judge ya) …

or you could say, that I just a know a few things that you haven’t learnt yet.

2) Work Yo Ass Off

So once you know what’s making you money, just keep pushing that stuff out, until you reach your desired goal.

Easy Peasy – right?

So, if you’re making money blogging, then, keep blogging that sh*! out.

If you’re making it with banner ads, keep adding more advertisers to your pool.

If you’re making it with PPC, well you get the picture.

Keep doing the things that make money.

And the more you do, the more money you’ll potentially make.

Work yo ass off … and in doing so you’ll find that you won’t have to do nearly as much as you thought.

Trust me.

I still got a little ass left.

3) Have An Opinion

I guess one of the biggest difference you can have as a salesman – is – an opinion.

You’ll notice that many reviews out there are opinion based.

Some reviews are based on a number of facts, user exeriences and even case studies, however, what that all boils down too, is someones opinion.

The facts may stack up in favor of that opinion, but it’s still just an opinion.

It is the opinion of a person that really tips the conversation to one’s favor.

Therefore, if you don’t have an opinion about something – then honestly you gotta get one.

Whether you do that by researching it or by purchasing a product or service, you have to get enough knowledge to form an opinion.

These three points that I mentioned above will make all the difference.

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