Mobilee Review: Legit Affiliate Marketing Training?

There are a lot of different opportunities on the internet when it comes to making money online. There are a lot of websites out there that offers various ways for you to earn

But making money online is not only reserved for using your laptop, desktop, or Mac computers. There are also opportunities out there that allows you to make use of smartphones or tablets.

Yes, there are several apps and software programs out there that allow you to make money using only your mobile device.

Like any other money-making opportunity, though, not all of these apps or programs are created equal. Some are just a big waste of time because of the low earning potential.

Then there are also those that turn out to be real scams only after your money or personal information. To help you avoid the scams and waste of time, we review these money-making apps and recommend those worth trying out.

In this review, we’ll look at the opportunity offered by Mobilee. It provides affiliate marketing training that allows you to make money promoting affiliate links using only your mobile phone.

The owner of the program claims that you will only need an hour to make $100 a day with his system. Is that really possible? And is this program really legit or is it just a scam and full of hype?

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Mobilee Seems Like A Legit Opportunity To Learn Affiliate Marketing and Make Money

Mobilee is a training program that teaches people how to make money through affiliate marketing using only their smartphone devices. It is designed by Jono Armstrong, a guy who has done affiliate marketing since 2004.

The author of the program claims that you can make $100 a day with their system and you will only need 1 hour a day to do it.

Now, I’m still not convinced that you only need 1 hour to make $100 a day. It’s possible, but not outright, as it will likely take some time.

But I can say that the training program that Mobilee is offering seems legit and can really help you make money using only your smartphone device.

The system that you will learn in the training program is something that can really help you make money through affiliate marketing.

Like any other opportunity, though, there are also issues with Mobilee. One of the issues that I see is that the earning potential of the program is being hyped up too much.

Another issue is that not all product owners are willing to provide free access to their products. I’ll discuss these issues in more detail as we progress in this review.

Who Uses Mobilee?

The training program that Mobilee offers is designed for people who are looking for opportunities to make money online without using a computer or laptop and those who are relatively new to affiliate marketing.

The program basically teaches you a bit about affiliate marketing and the system that you will need to implement to make money from that method.

The beauty of the system is that you can do it using only your smartphone. So if you don’t have a laptop or computer, you can still use the system.

Of course, the system is not free, as you’ll need to pay for it. The beauty of Mobilee is that it is very affordable, for only a small amount of money, you will get a lot from it.

In the next section I’ll discuss the cost of Mobilee and what you will get for it. I’ll also discuss briefly the system that the program teaches you.

How Does Mobilee Work?

Mobilee is a training program that teaches you a system to make money through affiliate marketing using only your smartphone device.

The developer of the system claims that it is possible for you to earn $100 a day after you have learned his program.

Now, before we dive in and discuss how the program works, let’s first discuss how much money you need to spend and what you will get.

Mobilee is actually affordable, as you only need to spend $7 for the training program. The good news is that, for this amount, you will get 23 training videos.

The videos include the concept of the Mobilee strategy, the tools you will need on your smartphone, setting up WordPress and Canva on iPhone, finding a good offer to review, and much more.

The training videos will also include how to get your review approved and getting access to make a review, uploading your YouTube video, getting your video on top of YouTube, and so on.

It’s really a lot of training material for only $7, which is a fairly good deal. There are also several upsells within the program.

There is training on the different bonuses that you can offer on your own affiliate program, worth $27. There’s also advance training, also for $27, licensing rights for $47, and live coaching calls for $97.

The first upsell is also a good deal since you’ll get 100 bonuses to use on your promotion.

So what exactly are you going to learn with Mobilee? First let’s briefly discuss what affiliate marketing is.

It’s basically where you promote other people’s products and you get people to click your affiliate link. Whenever someone buys the product through your link, you get a commission.

Now the system that Jono is introducing focuses on an internet marketing term called launch jacking. In this method, you get access to a product that has yet to be launched before anyone else.

You then create a video review about it and post it on YouTube. Since the product has yet to launch, there’s less competition. This means that ranking your video to the top of the search ranking will be easier.

The best part is that Jono will teach how you can use the system with only your smartphone device. Of course, there are other things you can learn, but this is basically the gist of what the system does.

What People are saying about Mobilee?

The feedback about the Mobilee program has generally been positive. Everyone who tried the program was happy with what they learned.

The $7 price tag on this program is a bargain if you look at what you will get for that amount. It is a system that can actually work if you put in the work required.

Of course, there is also some negative feedback about Mobilee.

One of the main issues with this program is that the developer hypes up the earning potential too much. Yes, it is possible to earn good money using the system, but earning $100 a day with only 1 hour of work seems like a stretch, especially at the start.

There’s nothing wrong with adding a little hype, but adding too much raises expectations to an unrealistic level and will only leave people disappointed if they are not met.

Another issue I saw with Mobilee is that the system is really geared more to reviewing products that have yet to be launched in the market.

The problem here is that a lot of product owners are not comfortable or willing to provide free access to their products, especially to newbies.

Some will only allow it if you have already made several sales of their product. This is probably one of the hurdles that you’ll need to address if you try this product.

What I Like about Mobilee

Now that we know what Mobilee is and what it offers, it’s time to discuss what I like about this opportunity.

  • The first thing that I like about Mobilee is that the program is very affordable. You don’t need to spend thousands or hundreds of dollars to get this program. Heck, you don’t even need to spend more than $10 on it, as you will only need $7 to get access to the training program. The best part is that you get full access, providing great value at the small amount you need to pay.
  • Another thing that I like about Mobilee is that it is easy to learn and understand the system that they teach. Even if you have no background with affiliate marketing, or internet marketing for that matter, Jono Armstrong makes sure that the training videos are clear and concise and that the videos guide you as try the system for yourself.
  • I also like that the system Mobilee uses actually works if you implement the necessary steps. Launch jacking is not a new method and not widely used but you know the system works as there have been other internet marketers who have used this method and experienced success.

What I Dislike about Mobilee

As appealing as this all sounds, there are still other things about Mobilee that I don’t really like which I will discuss in this section.

  • The first thing that I don’t like with Mobilee is that the income potential is hyped up too much. The developer says that you can earn $100 a day for only 1 hour of work. Now making that amount is likely possible with his system, but it won’t happen outright. Like with most things, it will take time and patience before you can reach that earning potential. It would be better if expectations were tempered a bit to avoid disappointment.
  • I also don’t like that Mobilee uses a misleading sales pitch to get people to buy the product. Yes, the system works and you can make money out of it. But, these things will take time, patience, and some hard work. That is not mentioned in the sales page, though. The developer focuses too much on how easy it is to use the system and how much money you can make with it. Again, it is likely that this is all true, but it won’t happen immediately. There will likely be a learning period to really understand the system and make it work.

Do I Recommend Mobilee?

After learning more about Mobilee and what it can really bring, I can say that it is an opportunity that I will recommend.

The system that the program teaches you really works and you can really make money from it. It is also easy to learn and understand and the training is set up in a way that you will be guided as you implement it.

It’s also very affordable, as you only need to spend $7 for it. Of course, just don’t expect to make money right away or think that the system is just a one-push button.

Like with any program, it will take time, patience, and a bit of hard work to succeed with this and make decent money. So don’t have too high an expectation when you enter the program.

Just remember that it works and you just need to put in the work.

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