Infinite Oil Well Review: Legit Investment Or A Scam To Avoid?

Investing in the stock market has always fascinated and intrigued people because of its possible earning potential.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the many success stories of people making thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars investing in the stock market.

There are even stories of those who amassed their fortunes investing in the stock market. One of the famous investors alive today, who is also one of the richest men in the world is Warren Buffet.

He made fortune investing in the stock market and he started at a very young age. Success stories like these are what make people take the risk and invest or trade in the stock market.

Unfortunately, these success stories are actually just a few compared to the many stories of failures and heartbreak.

You’ll find more stories of people who lost their money or savings investing in the stock market than stories of people making money.

This doesn’t stop people from trying, though, as there are still a lot of people looking to try their luck in investing or trading in the stock market.

This is also why there are also a lot of analysts and brokerage companies coming out with newsletters or investment guides to help people choose the right stocks to invest in.

One such guide is called the Infinite Oil Well, which talks about the potential windfall in the oil industry that is just being discovered right now.

It says that there’s a new technology developed that could potentially unlock a $70 trillion windfall for those who invest in the company that created this new technology.

But is this claim really true? Or is it just a hyped-up scam that won’t really earn you anything?

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Infinite Oil Well Doesn’t Seem Like a Scam

Infinite Oil Well is a report that basically states the U.S. has a vast oil reserve that has yet to be untapped. It was created by Matt Badiali, an analyst for Banyan Hill that specializes in natural resources.

It is estimated that there are still 11.9 trillion barrels of oil waiting to be scooped up. It is also stated that this oil reserve is not a new discovery as geologists have known about this for years.

No one has done anything about it because accessing it and getting the oil out has been close to impossible, until now. Matt says that there is a company that came out with breakthrough technology that can access this hidden reserve.

Matt calls this technology the Infinite Oil Well technology. He says that any investor who takes advantage of this breakthrough is in for a massive fortune coming their way.

From what I’ve seen about the Infinite Oil Well report and from its creator Matt Badiali, I wouldn’t necessarily call this report a scam.

Matt Badiali is a known analyst and you can at least be assured that what he is reporting is not lies. He is also a geologist so you know what he is saying has some value, especially when it comes to national resources.

However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any issues with it. One issue that I saw with his Infinite Oil Well report is that Matt seems to put a lot of hype into it.

I’m also not a fan of the fact that you need to sign up first to Matt’s Real Wealth Strategy before you can get access to the Infinite Oil Well report. The report is not free, by the way.

Lastly, the stock being recommended here doesn’t really show any signs of exploding as Matt claims. I’ll discuss these issues in more detail as we progress further in this review of Infinite Oil Well.

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Who Uses Infinite Oil Well?

Matt Badiali has marketed The Infinite Oil Well report as being designed for everyone. But it is more geared towards people who are looking for reports or guides on what stocks to invest in.

The report is basically aimed for people who are into stock investing or trading as it talks about a company that potentially could rake in good gains for investors.

It’s also important to consider that the Infinite Oil Well report is going to be part of Matt’s overall Real Wealth Strategy newsletter.

It’s also important to remember that subscribing to this newsletter is not free, as there is a yearly fee you need to shoulder.

In the next section, I’ll discuss more in detail how much the Real Wealth Strategy costs and what the Infinite Oil Well is really about.

How Does Infinite Oil Well Really Work?

Infinite Oil Well is a report that discusses the potential money investors can make investing in companies that extract oil.

This is because he claims that the U.S. still possess 97% of untapped oil hidden and it’s estimated to produce 11.9 trillion barrels of oil.

The reason why no one has yet to tap it, is due to the current oil extraction technology available still being incapable of reaching it.

However, due to the Infinite Oil Well technology that is stated in the report, this untapped oil will soon be accessible and the potential windfall for this investment is $70 trillion.

It wasn’t mentioned what kind of technology it is, but it is stated to be a breakthrough and even better than the current fracking method used today.

As for the company that is said to have discovered this breakthrough technology, it wasn’t mentioned in the sales video, but a report from Stock Gumshoe earlier this year says that the stock is likely C&J Energy Services.

They are an oil service company that posted a 76% gain, year-over-year revenue growth quarter at the start of 2018.

This is similar to the data that the Infinite Oil Well report mentioned in their sales video, which makes C&J the likely stock they are mentioning here.

Though it is possible that C&J Energy Services could have developed a technology that can tap these untapped oils, it is not really reflective on their stock price.

Stock Gumshoe has reported that the price of oil has already rebounded, but C&J’s stock didn’t rise along with oil prices.

It seems people are still wary of investing in this stock, considering it filed for bankruptcy in the middle of 2016. It was able to bounce back and re-emerged in the market in 2017.

But their bounce was short lived as data showed that starting Jan 2017, their stock has been falling. In early 2017 the C&J was trading at $45.90. As of this writing, the price is now at just $14.61.

I’m not sure if Matt saw something with this stock or has insider information about the company, but the way it is looking right now, it doesn’t seem like this stock will provide you with a massive windfall.

Now as mentioned above the Infinite Oil Well report is just part of Matt’s Real Wealth Strategy Newsletter. To get a copy of the report, you need to subscribe to the newsletter first.

The cheapest yearly subscription is $47 but it is only a digital copy of the newsletter. To get a copy of the report, you need to go for the Premium Subscription, which costs $496 a year.

There seems to be a promo as of this writing, which puts the Premium subscription price at just $79 a year. Not sure how long this promo will last for you enjoy the low subscription fee.

What Are People Saying about Infinite Oil Well?

The majority of people agree that Infinite Oil Well is not a scam, but a lot of them don’t recommend it.

As mentioned above, there are actually several issues with this report, and it starts with the over hype that Matt has put into the sales video.

He has hyped up the potential that the industry has, saying there is still 97% untapped oil under the U.S. and it is estimated to be 11.9 trillion barrels.

Though it is possible that this is the case, he doesn’t provide hard evidence that what he claims is true. If you do research about untapped oil reserves, it is true that the U.S. has a lot of it.

CNN Money reported on this in 2016. They said that Rystad Energy reported that the U.S. is estimated to have 264 billion barrels of untapped oil reserves.

That is very far from the 11.9 trillion barrels that Matt projected. The income potential is also hyped up, saying the potential windfall in this investment could reach $70 trillion.

Again, this is a bit exaggerated and should not be taken as fact as it isn’t backed up by hard evidence or data.

Another issue with Infinite Oil Well is that you can only access it after you have subscribed to Matt’s Real Wealth Strategy newsletter.

And looking at its sales page, you need to subscribe as a Premium member to get the free report. The report is just used to attract people to become subscribers.

Though it is not a new tactic, it’s still annoying. Speaking of Real Wealth Strategist, the comments about it seem to be mixed, with some liking the newsletter and others not really finding anything of value .

The last issue is that the company Matt is recommending in the Infinite Oil Well report is likely the C&J Energy Services. If this is the company, then the report is really just all hype as there are no signs that this company is on the rise or will explode upward soon. Its stock is still at a downtrend and there are no signs of a reversal.

What I Like about Infinite Oil Well

Now that we know what Infinite Oil Well is and what they offer, it’s time to discuss what I like about this opportunity.

  • Probably the only thing that I like about Infinite Oil Well is that the report will likely still provide some good information and knowledge. Matt is able to use his former profession as a geologist teacher and provide good recommendations and advice about natural resources. Though I don’t necessarily like the hype he adds to it, you can still likely find good information in his report.

What I Dislike about Infinite Oil Well

When it comes to things that I didn’t like, there are actually several of them. I’ll discuss the most important ones here.

  • The first thing that I didn’t like about Infinite Oil Well is the hype that they put in their report. The hidden potential that the industry has is hyped up, it’s income potential is also hyped up, and even the supposedly new breakthrough technology is hyped up. I say these are hype because there is no hard evidence that can back up all these claims. So it’s hard to really see them as facts instead of just hype.
  • I also don’t like that the sales page for Infinite Oil Well is really just a promotional video for Real Wealth Strategist. It would have been better if instead of having its own sales page, the report could have been incorporated into the Real Wealth Strategist sales page. This is very misleading because you would come in, thinking that you’ll learn about this so-called investment opportunity only to find out, in the end, you have to subscribe to a newsletter first to gain access to the report.

Do I Recommend Infinite Oil Well?

After learning more about Infinite Oil Well and what it is really offering, I would say that I don’t really recommend this opportunity.

Though you might get some good information and knowledge from it, the fact that a lot of what is said here is all just hype  which makes it hard to recommend them.

There is really no evidence that what Matt Badiali claims is true or facts. If it was true, then it would have been a hot topic by now. With all of these geologists and scientists studying about oil, how come it’s only Matt who makes these claims?

Yes, there are still untapped reserves, but is not as high as Matt claims it to be. Then the stock he is likely recommending is also not showing any signs of taking off.

So most of the things he says in his report appears to be hype. There’s really no way you should be paying for a newsletter subscription just to get your hands on a hyped-up report.

There are a lot of better investment guides or recommendations out there that aren’t just hype or empty promises.

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