Cash For Patriots Review: Legit Government Program?

When it comes to making money online, there are a lot of different opportunities to be found.

There are thousands of websites out there offering various ways for you to earn money. Some sites offer freelance opportunities while others offer opportunities to complete certain paying tasks.

Then, there are also those that offer training programs that will teach you how to make money online.

There are also certain sites out there that claim that you can make money without the need to do anything special except to enroll in a program.

Yes, and one such opportunity is called the Cash For Patriots Program. It is said to be a program that U.S. President Donald Trump implemented when he assumed office.

The program is said to provide American Patriots with checks twice a month until the fund is depleted. The best part of this is that you don’t have to do anything, except to enroll for it.

It is said that you can possibly get as much as $7,980 or even higher every month. But is the Cash For Patriots program really real? Is it legit or just another scam that you should avoid?

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Cash For Patriots Seems to be A Scam

Cash For Patriots is marketed as a program created by the U.S. government that is designed to provide American patriots with checks twice a month.

The money to be paid is said to come from the tax reform of U.S. President Donald Trump. It is also stated that Americans can get as much as $7,980 or higher.

The narrator of the video that introduced the program is Zach Scheidt, who is a professional investor and currently works for Agora Financial.

Based on what I’ve read about this program and from what I’ve seen from its sales video, I can say that Cash For Patriots doesn’t seem to be a legit program to make money.

For one, the program doesn’t look like it is actually a government program and Zack keeps saying in the video that the money will come from the private sector.

Another reason this doesn’t seem legit is that this program is not available for free, as Zach keeps saying in his video.

The video itself is just a funnel video for his newsletter, the Lifetime Income Report. There are also a lot of hyped-up income claims that can’t really be verified.

I’ll discuss these red flags in more detail as we progress further in this review of Cash For Patriots.

Who Uses Cash For Patriots?

If you believe what the video is saying, then the Cash For Patriots should be available only to U.S. citizens since they’re the only ones who are able to enroll for the program and collect checks.

However, since the program is just part of a bigger promotion, you don’t really have to be a U.S. citizen or resident to sign up.

After completing the video or reading the entire text, you’ll be taken to the subscription page of Lifetime Income Report, where you’ll decide on the subscription plan you want.

Once you have chosen a plan and subscribed, the Cash For Patriots will be part of the bonus that you’ll get, along with other bonuses that Zach offers.

This is why I say this program seems like a scam since the way it is marketed and promoted is very misleading. In the next section, I’ll discuss in more details the red flags that this program has.

Why Cash For Patriots Seem Like a Scam?

Cash For Patriots is marketed as a government program that is designed to provide American patriots with money twice a month.

You just need to enroll in this program and receive checks of up to $7,980 or more, twice a month. It wasn’t clearly mentioned if this program is free or not.

I did see that there will likely be an investment needed to get your name on the patriot list. But as I mentioned above, this program is just a freebie that you will get when you subscribe to Lifetime Income Report.

So this means that you will still need to pay something just to get the report about Cash For Patriots. And this is not the only misleading thing about this program.

There are actually several more misleading things about the Cash For Patriots program, which would make you think they are a scam.

The first one, as mentioned above is the misleading marketing of the program. If you go to their sales page and watch the long video about the Cash For Patriots program, you’d really think it’s a government program. But if you do a search about it, you won’t find any such program that the U.S. government has established. Besides, he keeps on saying the money will come from the private sector.

So, what is it then?? A government program or a program of a private company? Another red flag about this program is that it’s actually more of a funnel page for the Lifetime Income Report.

The sales video about the Cash For Patriots program is long, but luckily you have the option to read the sales pitch instead of watching it. Towards the end of the pitch, youll notice a shift in the statement.

Instead of just focusing on the Cash For Patriots program, other programs will be introduced and the focus will be on the Lifetime Income Report, which is a newsletter that Zach publishes.

Basically, at the end of the pitch, he’ll say you need to subscribe to the newsletter, which cost at least $49 a year. It’s not much but he should have focused on that at the start instead of the Cash For Patriots program.

It looks like Zach purposely misleads you so you’ll be more likely to join the newsletter to get the free Cash For Patriots program report.

And if you look at it clearly, the program is not really free since you’re required to subscribe to the newsletter first to gain access to it.

There’s also a mention of risks involved in enrolling in the program. The pitch mentioned that like any other investment there will still be risks on the capital that you will put in.

Okay, so it’s really not totally free to be part of the Cash For Patriots program. The report about the program is probably the free part, but enrolling will likely require you to spend some money.

Talk about misleading information. Another red flag with this program is that there are a lot of hyped-up claims about the money you can likely get from this program.

The report says that there is $2.6 trillion to give out and you can likely earn as much as $7,980 or more per month. The sales page even mentioned names of people who have already claimed their checks.

Unfortunately, these names cannot be verified, as the sales page only mentions the first name and the first letter of the last name like Robert G., Brian B., and so on.

Though I get the point of trying to protect the person’s identity, it is important to provide some proof of income. These so-called names are not proof that the program really exits.

Besides, with huge amounts like that, then this program should be making waves, not only in the U.S. but around the world as they’re basically giving away money to its citizens.

What I Like about Cash For Patriots

Now that we know what the Cash For Patriots program is and what it is offering, it’s time to discuss what I like about this opportunity.

  • To be honest, I can’t really find anything to like about the Cash For Patriots program. I’m not even sure it is a real program, to begin with. I can’t really find any legit information about it other than the sales page that Agora Financial has put up. So my guess is its not really a program that was established by the U.S. government, but something that Agora and Zach came out with.

What I Dislike about Cash For Patriots

When it comes to things that I dislike, there are actually a lot of them. But I’ll only focus on the most important ones that you should know.

  • The first thing that I don’t like about the Cash For Patriots program is that its sales page is very misleading. Not only is it misleading about the real intention of the sales page (to promote Lifetime Income Report), but it’s also misleading about what the program really is. Watching the video, you’d think it is a program that was set up by the U.S. government. In reality, the program is likely just created by Agora Financial and they have just used the government to make it sound legit.
  • Another thing that I don’t really like about the Cash For Patriots program is that it is not available for free. To get the special report, you first need to subscribe to the Lifetime Income Report, which is at least worth $49 a year. Enrolling in this program doesn’t seem to be free either as the sales page provides a warning about the possible risk associated with the investment. So it’s not really a program like they said, but more of an investment product.
  • I’m also not a fan of the Cash For Patriots program hyped-up income potential that cannot really be verified. The sales page keeps on providing “examples” of people who have already collected their checks and made thousands of dollars. In fact, the sales pitch claims you can earn as much as $7,980 a month or more with this program. This kind of hyped-up income potential further solidifies evidence that this program is not really legit. Only scam sites that are looking to entice a lot of people to join are the ones to make high earning potential claims.

Do I Recommend Cash For Patriots?

After learning more about the Cash For Patriots program and what it can really bring to the table, I can say that it is an opportunity that I don’t recommend to anyone.

I don’t think this opportunity is really legitimate and there is a lot of evidence that proves this belief. Chief among them is the misleading sales page of the program.

When you go there, you’d think the sales video would be all about the program and trying to convince you of its legitimacy.

It was, for about 3/5ths of the video. But as you get to the last 2/5ths, that’s when they finally show that it is all a tactic to try and get you to sign up to the Lifetime Income Report newsletter.

Why would these promoters need to resort to these kinds of misleading tactics to get people to purchase?

It’s really simple, the product is not that good or it’s just a scam, so lying and misleading is the way to get people to buy into it.

The fact that Cash For Patriots program is also marketed as a U.S. government program when it’s not also shows the program and program creator’s lack of credibility.

This is understandable since the creator, Agora Financial, doesn’t have a good reputation. I’m guessing it’s easier for them to lie and hype up everything instead of trying to build a good image and product.

So if you get invited to the Cash For Patriots program, just stay away. There is a lot of misleading information about it and you’re likely just going to be sucked into subscribing to something you don’t really want.

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  1. Thank you for explaining in detail what you have found out about this “program”. There are so many misleading scams out there. This is obviously one of them!!
    Amen to you n yours!!

  2. I would love to get it but I can’t I am flat broke barely have a home my ex-boyfriend check everything out of my account and left me penniless and homeless if it wasn’t for my youngest son I have nowhere to live is there any way we can get around or help me get on it I’m dyslexic and I have a hard time reading I’m working computers plus I’m disabled on social security now please help fellow American.


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