Nutronix International Review – Is it A Scam or Legit?

What is Nutronix International?

nutronix_internationalNutronix better known in the MLM industry as Nutronix International was started in 1999 by Bob Bremner.

They are in the business of selling health & wellness products that are distributed through their network marketing membership.

Whilst the compensation plan might look inviting on paper that is, sponsor 3 and you get your products free (S3YF) the downside is that in rarely happens.

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How Do You Make Money With Nutronix International?

The basic selling model of this program is not unusual to any pyramid scheme.

That is, you buy the products and then sell the business opportunity to other people.

You become their sponsor and when they buy the product for themselves you accrue a commission.

You sponsor 3 you get your products free within that purchase level.

There are four purchase levels Bronze, Silver, Golf and Platinum.

Each level require a different level of purchase ranging from $89 for Silver through to $169 for Gold.

Are there Any Issues With Nutronix International?

One of their products the silver solution was issued a warning letter from the FDA relating to misleading labeling on the silver solution.

Nutronix International also promote their ability to promote the business for you. They do this via an automatic builder.

You basically pay them for building your business, however reports all over the internet suggest that they just take your money and only run a few ads.

Nutronix International Complaints

The CEO of Nutronix, Bob Bremner offered a co-op to it’s members to produce a professional Infomercial which was supposedly going to reach an audience national wide and appear over 100 times.

With such a campaign members were told that if they invest as much money as they could into the campaign it would explode their business.

As it turned out, the Infomercial bombed, and instead of going nationwide, only made it on local stations in the early hours of the morning when their target audience was a sleep and aired no more than 14 times.

A lot of members felt scammed, and many lost hundreds and thousands of dollars on this fizzier.

There was no accountability and when you tried to contact Nutronix International they didn’t return calls.

Final Verdict :

These kinds of issues are not unusual for MLM companies, and I do feel sorry for the folks that invested their hard earned money into the failed Infomercial campaign.

If you’re ever approached by Nutronix International as a business opportunity, then just consider the facts in this review.

Have you had any experience with Nutronix International? Please share your experience below.

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