Secret Money Vault Review: Binary Trading Goldmine or a Scam?

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Secret Money Vault is a system that promises untold automatic wealth, deposited straight into your banked account, on complete auto-pilot, free of charge, and without you needing to lift a finger.

Is it another product that’s drowning in hype or is it a legitimate source of income?

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What Is It?

Secret Money Vault by Tony Pearce is an algorithm that was created to predict if trades will increase or decrease in value in a certain period of time, similar to a time machine that predicts the future.

It’s based on the idea that a small percentage of the world’s global trading earnings are transferred into a few secret accounts, and this software somehow tracks those accounts, interprets the data, and makes a decision.

It’s a binary trading system that can be set to automatic mode (the software makes the trading decisions) or manual mode (the member makes the trading decisions).

The idea is to leave the program on automatic mode, let it conduct trades for you while you sit back and watch the cash pile into your bank account.

If only it was that easy…

We won’t get into too much detail about binary trading in this article, but it’s essentially like betting if the price of a commodity will increase or decrease.

If you win the bet, a certain amount of cash is added to your account, and if you lose, a certain amount is taken from your account; it’s two decisions, so there’s a 50% chance that you will lose or win.

In order to access Secret Money Vault you will have to climb through a few hoops and sign up to a couple of different email lists.

It’s supposed to be free, but in reality, it’s not (we will talk about this soon).

Once you create an account, deposit funds, flip the “On” button for automatic trading; it’s just a matter of waiting to win trades.

What Really Happens:

Here’s what really happens, this is not advertised, and you won’t know about it unless you take a look at the whole system for a different angle.

First, Secret Money Vault collects leads for trading companies, then it sends people to a broker, and a commission is made every time someone creates an account and deposits funds.

Basically, it’s like promising to offer people an amazing service and then re-directing them to an affiliate service and earning a commission fee, not exactly the most ethical way to conduct online business.

You also will have to deposit $250 into your account in order to start the trades.

That’s quite a bit of cash for a sketchy system that is built on a lot of hype and false promises.

I don’t recommend investing this kind of money into binary trading software.


Certainly if you can earn all your money back in a couple of weeks, and then some, it would be an excellent investment?

That would be an excellent investment.

But it doesn’t work like that, the truth is that there is not way to predict if the value of a commodity will increase or decrease, even if it’s for short-term trades, it’s a gamble, similar to playing online poker.

Granted, members might be able to win a few trades here and there, but you will lose some too, and if there’s a 50% chance of losing and a 50% chance of winning; there’s a 100% that you won’t profit.

The money won’t accumulate like promised, it won’t happen.

It’s possible to make money with binary trading options if you make the decisions on your own.

It’s not the most profitable way to earn money from the internet but it is possible.

On the other hand, it requires an initial investment, if you want to earn a lot, then you have to invest a lot, use high-risk investments.

Why I Don’t Like Secret Money Vault:

It’s clear that Secret Money Vault is simply a website that was set up to collect affiliates for binary trading brokers, these companies are willing to pay excellent commissions for referrals.

It’s not a long-term business model.

I recommend long-term business models because planning for your future financial situation is one of the best things that you can do for your life.

Trading binary options is not a long-term business model.

The software is not as useful as people think, it has a high failure rate too.

You also need to keep depositing funds into your broker account in order to stay afloat.

If you turn off the automatic software, then it’s up to you to make the trades – that can take all day – and there’s no guarantee that you will succeed.

You have to interact with the trades on daily basis, open and close them every few hours.

It takes up a lot of time and the profit is not worth the time investment, at least, not in my opinion.

I recommend creating a business that does not require your full-time work, at least not after a certain period.

Like, for instance, creating a website based on a specific topic, creating a product like a eBook, and writing articles for traffic.

That’s one of the most simple online business models and it works for plenty of people.

What I Liked:

I like the landing page template, that’s about it. Everything else is too full of hype and false promises.

Final Word:

To expand on what I said earlier, opportunities that require most of your time and fail to deliver reasonable results are not worth the time.

I suggest learning how to create a online business from scratch, learn the ropes, create a website, and start building an online business.

You can also completely automate the entire business once it starts to bring in clients.

I happen to be a member of a online business training community that teaches you how to do just that, I wrote a review about it, and I hope that you take a look (click the link).

It’s the absolute best training I ever found online and I want to share it with you too.

So, remember that binary trading is a gamble, it’s not a legitimate long-term business plan.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article. Please leave a comment below.

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