Slidejoy App Review: Legit Phone App Or Scam?

One opportunity to earn with your smartphone device that is slowly gaining traction is installing a lock screen reward app on your device to earn cash or rewards.

Slidejoy is one of those apps that offer this kind of opportunity. The app will pay you for installing it and letting ads run whenever you unlock your device.

You won’t be paid in cash, but in the app’s currency, which is called Carats. You can redeem it for rewards once you have enough.

As for its earning potential, it is likely you will earn at least $0.2 a day with this app. But is this really a legitimate app that pays or just a scam and a waste of your storage space?

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The Slidejoy App is a Legit Opportunity That Pays

Slidejoy is a lock screen rewards app that will allow you to earn rewards for installing it on your smartphone device and letting ads run every time you unlock your device.

You will be paid in the app’s currency called Carats, which you can redeem for rewards like cash. The app also has other ways to earn Carats, aside from letting ads run every time you unlock your device.

Based on what the company promises to provide, I can say it is a legitimate opportunity that really pays. The app really pays you daily for installing it and letting the ads run every time you unlock your screen.

There have also been little complaint about the company making delayed payment or not providing payment to their members. It is also free to download the app and sign in.

You won’t really earn that much with this opportunity, though, and you will see, as this review goes further, why you can only expect to earn at least $0.2 per day with this app.

Who is the Slidejoy App Made for?

The Slidejoy app is designed to be used by two types of people. One of them are businesses and advertisers who want to reach and engage with people through their mobile devices.

People won’t need to open the app to view their ads, as their ads and promos will be visible whenever people unlock their device.

The beauty of the app is that people will get to see the ad every time they unlock their device. Then they just need to choose whether they want to learn more or proceed to the home screen of their device.

The other types who use Slidejoy are people like you who are looking for ways to earn through your smartphone devices.

Slidejoy provides an opportunity to earn rewards through your smartphone device. You don’t need to do anything special, as you just need to install the app and let ads run every time you unlock your device.

Doing this will allow you to earn daily, but the app also provides an opportunity to earn more with several offers found inside the app.

Registering is easy and free to do, as you will just need to download the app and sign up. You can sign up via Facebook or your email.

How Do You Earn with the Slidejoy App?

Slidejoy is a lock screen rewards app that will let you earn rewards just by installing the app and allowing ads to run every time you unlock your mobile device.

You will be paid in Carats, which is the app’s virtual currency, and you redeem your Carats for rewards like cash.

The way you earn with this app is very simple, as the first thing you need to do is to download the app and register, which is free to do so.

Registering is simple, as you can do so via connecting your Facebook account or signing up via your email address. You will get 20 Carats just by registering on the app

After that, you’re done and your mobile will now have a new unlock screen when you try to unlock it. You will just need to swipe right to go to your device or swipe left to learn more about the ad.

When you unlock your device, an ad or news story will be shown on your screen and you can choose to learn more about it or go directly to your device, by just swiping left or right.

The beauty of Slidejoy is that they will pay you in Carats, regardless if you swipe left or right. Your daily earnings won’t be affected even if you don’t decide to get more information about the ad being displayed.

So you can just swipe right to go directly to your device and you will still earn. The app, though, keeps track of the kinds of ads that you swipe left to, so then they will show more ads like that.

It wasn’t mentioned how much you will get per day, but research shows that just by installing and letting the ad run every time you unlock your device will earn you close to 200 Carats a day.

Now 200 Carats is converted into $0.20 because 1000 Carats is equivalent to $1. This means the app will pay close to $0.2 a day just by installing it and letting ads run.

This will result in earnings of just below 6000 in a month or close to $6. This doesn’t sound much, but you won’t be doing anything special here. Slidejoy, though, also has other ways to earn Carats.

The app has an Offers tab, where you can find other ways to earn more Carats. From the offers, there are Scratch Offers, which is like a scratch game, where you have a chance to win more Carats or cash.

There are also surveys, where you get paid in Carats for completing surveys. You would need to qualify to answer the survey first before you can earn.

There’s also an offer where you install an app and you will be paid in Carats. The Carats you can earn will be determined by the offer that is available, but you can likely earn 40 to 500 Carats.

Slidejoy also has a referral program, where you will get to earn 100 Carats for every 500 Carats that your friend earns.

To make it more enticing for your friends, they will get 100 Carats for registering through your referral link. Now, the Carats you earned can be redeemed for cash or you can donate it.

Before you can redeem though, you will need to have the app installed for at least a month and you will need a minimum of 2000 Carats in your redeemable balance.

This means that the minimum requirement for you to get rewards is $2, which you can likely achieve in 10 days if you’re only going to rely on the rewards from unlocking your device.

Payments are made every 15th of the month, and you will likely wait about 3 months before you’re able to get your first payment.

What I Liked about the Slidejoy App

Now that we know more about the Slidejoy app and what it does, it is time to discuss what I liked about the opportunity.

  • I like that Slidejoy lets you earn just by unlocking your smartphone device. There’s no need for you to do anything special. Just use your device like you always do and the app will pay you daily for it.
  • I also like that Slidejoy offers an option to redeem what you earn for cash. There’s nothing wrong with getting gift cards or other items, but I always prefer getting paid in cash.
  • The requirement to withdraw your money is not that high, as a minimum of 2000 Carats or $2 is needed in order to withdraw.

What I Didn’t Like about the Slidejoy App

As appealing as the opportunity that Slidejoy provides, there are also things that I didn’t like about the app.

  • The first thing that I didn’t like about the Slidejoy app is that you will have to wait 3 months before you are able to receive your first payment. Hopefully, as you use the app more, you won’t need to wait this long to get paid for what you earn.
  • It’s also unfortunate that the app is only available in the U.S. and to Android users. This actually limits the number of people you can refer the app to, thus also limiting the income potential you could have with it.
  • With a limited income potential, Slidejoy is not an opportunity that will make you rich or even provide you with monthly decent income. You can only expect to earn just over $5 a month here, especially if you just rely on the rewards from unlocking your device. Even if you try the other offers and the referrals, you can likely increase your monthly earnings to $10 at most.

Do I Recommend the Slidejoy App?

After learning more about the Slidejoy app and what it can offer you, yes I would recommend that you download and try out the app yourself, provided you don’t expect to earn big here.

The reason I recommend this app is because I consider it a good opportunity to make little money on the side without the need to really do anything special or change your daily routine or schedule.

You just install the app and let it show ads every time you unlock your device and you will earn. No need to answer anything, view anything or complete anything, just install it and that’s it.

Remember, though, not to expect to make a lot of money here, as you will likely make just below $6 a month with this opportunity. You can increase it to $10 if you also complete some of the offers found or make referrals.

But it’s almost impossible to earn more beyond that, so don’t expect big earnings here.

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