TaskRabbit Review: Is It Legit Or A Scam?

Taskrabbit review


If you think doing certain tasks like cleaning the yard, picking up the laundry, doing some gardening or carpentry work is a big hassle, then you are not alone.

But did you know that these big hassle tasks could actually be a source of income for you? Since a lot of people don’t like doing these kinds of tasks, a website like TaskRabbit was created.

It is designed to allow other people to hire someone like you who is willing to do these tasks for a certain fee. But is this a legit opportunity or is it a scam? Let’s find out in this review.

But before we begin, let us first discuss what TaskRabbit is.

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What is TaskRabbit?

Taskrabbit reviewsLaunched in 2008, the TaskRabbit website is designed to connect people who need chores done with people like you who are willing to do them. You will be paid a certain fee for completing the chore.

The kind of task that you will need to do varies, it could be doing the groceries, mowing the lawn, cleaning out the garage, picking up laundry, and so on. Customers can basically request almost any task to be completed.

The amount of money you get per task will also vary. To get accepted for the task, you will need to make a bid for it. If you’re bid gets accepted, you just need to complete the task to get paid.

Applying to be a tasker at TaskRabbit is not as simple as registering your name and email. The company will undergo certain background checks and set you up with an interview if they like your profile.

TaskRabbit is currently available only in the United States and London, UK.

Who Uses TaskRabbit?

The TaskRabbit website is used by two types of people, those who are looking to make some money online and those who have tasks that they need to be completed but don’t want to do it themselves. And as mentioned earlier only available to taskers in the United States and London, UK.

The website provides people with a way to get their important but also time-consuming chores completed at a price that they are comfortable to pay.

Since the taskers will be bidding for the chore, customers are able to choose the price they are willing to pay for their chores to be completed. This allows them to focus their time and effort on more important things.

For people like you, TaskRabbit presents an opportunity to earn extra money doing tasks that you would normally do without any payment.

Picking up the laundry? Why not check if a customer in your area needs his or her laundry picked up as well. Doing the groceries? Include a customer’s groceries as well and earn some money out of it.

You have the freedom to bid for the task that you are comfortable doing, so there’s no pressure to do things you don’t want to do. You just need to apply and pass the screening process of TaskRabbit to become a tasker.

How You Earn Money From TaskRabbit?

As discussed above, you make money on TaskRabbit by bidding on tasks and completing them. You bid the amount you’d do the task for and you’ll get paid once your bid is accepted and you have completed the task.

The amount you will receive for completing a task will vary per task and per client. Since you will be bidding for the task, you have the freedom to set the amount you are willing to get to complete it,

If the customer liked your bid, he or she will accept it and give the task to you. You will get paid once you have completely finished the requested task.

customer support

Since you will need to bid through the task, it’s hard to gauge how much you can earn from TaskRabbit. But there are others who said they are earning about $10 to $20 per hour for completing tasks.

There are certain tasks where you will need to shell out some money like doing groceries or paying the remaining balance when you pick up laundry. In these cases, the amount you bid should already include the out of pocket expenses you might incur.

Since a lot of these tasks require you to go someplace, the number of tasks that you can bid on will greatly depend on your location.

There are likely some locations where there are a lot of customers, and others where there are only a few. This means that the tasks you can view are not guaranteed.

So if you are located in an area where there are only a few customers posting tasks, the income you can make will be significantly lower compared to being in a location where there are a lot of tasks available.

How Long Does It Take To Get Paid From TaskRabbit?

Once your task is complete and the customer is satisfied, you will be paid the agreed upon amount. The money is sent to your account in TaskRabbit in no more than 72 hours and you can withdraw it once it reaches $25.

TaskRabbit pays via PayPal or check. You can expect to get your money within 24 hours through PayPal or in 3 to 7 days via check.

To become a tasker in TaskRabbit and start earning money for completing a task, you would need to apply and not just register.

You can fill out an application form found on their website and submit it. TaskRabbit will review your application form and run a background check. Once they like you, they’ll schedule a video interview.

If you pass the interview and everything else checks out, you can become a tasker and start bidding on tasks.

Customers are also required to have a background check to ensure safety for you and the customer. Both you and the customer will be meeting at some point, so it’s important that you both qualify as decent people.

How Much Money Can You Make On TaskRabbit?

Obviously, the more tasks you’re able to complete the more money you will make.

I have seen a variety of TaskRabbit reviews mention amounts like $60 per hour to $150 per hour and that would be great if everyone could command this amount, but …

If that were the case, then there would be a lot of people leaving their minimum wage job to replace it with TaskRabbit.

And whilst these claims seem to be extremely high, there appears to be a general consensus and more realistic part-time amount would be somewhere between $110 – $130 per month.

What’s It Like Working For TaskRabbit?

One stand out benefit of working for TaskRabbit is the flexible hours. This can be a god send for single moms, or single dads who have multiple tasks to juggle on a daily basis, and it gives them the freedom to pick and chose when they work.

And depending on your rate, you could conceivably only have to work half the amount of time and get paid twice as much.

What I Liked about TaskRabbit

Now that you have an idea of what TaskRabbit is and how it works, it is time to discuss the good thing about the website.

  • Probably the best thing that I liked about TaskRabbit is the flexibility it provides. There’s no requirement on when you should be online and be bidding on the available tasks. You have the freedom to choose what time you want to bid and what tasks you want to do, and how much you want to get for it.
  • Since a flexible schedule is one of the benefits of working at TaskRabbit, you have the freedom to make it a full-time income opportunity or a part-time one that you can do during your free time.
  • The pay has the potential to be high, as long as you put in the time and effort to do as many tasks as you can and set a fair bid for completing the task.
  • There’s no registration fee to become a tasker, so you won’t have to worry about spending money or paying for monthly membership fees.

What I Disliked about TaskRabbit

Of course, there are also things that I didn’t like about TaskRabbit, which I’ll discuss here.

  • The main problem I have with TaskRabbit is that prices for completing a task could be very low, as there are likely some taskers who will put in a low bid to complete a task. This could make the payment for completing a task not worth the time and effort.
  • I also didn’t like the fact that the number of tasks you are likely to get will depend on your geographical area. Since some of the tasks require that you go someplace, the chances of getting more tasks available to you will depend on where you are located. This could make it hard to earn consistent income if you’re located in an area where there are fewer people using TaskRabbit.
  • This could be a problem for you or not, but TaskRabbit is not your usual work from home opportunity. Yes, some tasks won’t require you to leave your home, but a lot of the tasks will require you to go out and go someplace to complete it, like picking up the laundry, cleaning their yard, and so on.
  • Since you’re required to go out, you will also be meeting strangers. If this isn’t a problem for you, then it will be okay. If this is a problem, then just try avoiding tasks that require you to do so. But you have to understand that a lot of them require it.

Is TaskRabbit Legitimate or a Scam?

From what I’ve seen so far, TaskRabbit is a legitimate way for your to earn money completing various tasks, however the questions is not so much about whether it is a legitimate business, but more whether it is worth your time and effort.

The company makes sure that its taskers, as well as its customers, will meet a certain standard to ensure the quality of service and customers they can provide.

You can also bank on the fact that TaskRabbit has been doing this since 2008, so you know that it is not just a fly-by-night company that will be gone in a year or two.

Is TaskRabbit to be Recommended?

Will I recommend TaskRabbit? Yes, I will recommend this website as a way for you to earn extra money and support your current source of income.

The flexibility and freedom to choose the task you can work on is something that will benefit you if you’re looking for a way to supplement your main income.

taskrabbit reviews

As an opportunity that you can do full-time, there are certain circumstances that would need to fall in your favor first before doing this.

The main thing is that the area you are living in should be able to provide you with a  lot of available tasks that you can bid on. If the number of tasks you can bid on is limited, doing TaskRabbit full-time will be harder.

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  1. SCAM ALERT!!!!!

    I wasted about 20 minutes trying to sign up for Task Rabbitt – after providing my credit card it took me to the next screen where it asked for my SIN #, BANK ACCOUNT #, and BANK TRANSIT# WHY DOES A WEBSITE NEED MY BANKING INFORMATION? Obviously I am not going to provide this information so I bailed out of the registration process. Also be aware that there are limited categories. I provide complete home painting services and this was not a category to select so again I caution people to stay away.


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