Spare5 Review: Earn Cash Doing Micro Tasks A Scam?

Finding opportunities to make money is not that hard anymore, especially if you consider that there are actually thousands of different opportunities available on the internet.

There are a lot of websites and companies out there that provide you with various ways to earn some money.

The challenge now is to find which among these opportunities you should invest your time and effort. Trying them all out one-by-one will be time-consuming and too much work.

This is where we come in, we conduct reviews of different money-making opportunities out there to see which ones are worth recommending and which ones are best ignored.

For this review, we’ll look at a site called Spare5. It provides an opportunity to make money completing small tasks that computers cannot do.

You get paid for each task that you complete and you can withdraw your money once you reach the minimum cashout threshold.

The amount of money you can earn will depend greatly on the tasks available. But it seems like you can expect to earn $5 or less in a week with this opportunity.

But is Spare5 really a legit opportunity to make money? Or is it just another scam that you should avoid?

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Spare5 is A Legit Opportunity to Make Money

Spare5 is owned by a computer-based vision company called Might AI, Inc. The company is the one responsible for providing cameras to driverless cars or machine learning.

The cameras then take pictures of everything and they send the data to companies like Spare5. What Spare5 does is to try and convert the data into meaningful information.

The company uses its community to do these tasks and they pay them for it. The tasks are usually simple and easy like identifying images from a computer or writing captions.

You’ll get paid for each task that you complete and you can request for withdrawal once you reach the minimum amount to withdraw.

From the looks of it, I can say that Spare5 is a legit company that provides an opportunity to make money. The crowdsourcing website does provide small tasks that you can make money from.

Payment doesn’t seem like a problem as well. However, there are still some issues with this opportunity and chief among them is the very low pay you’ll get for completing these tasks.

The limited availability of tasks is also an issue. Some tasks will require meticulous attention to detail and they can also become boring and repetitive. I’ll discuss these issues in more details as we progress further in this review of Spare5.

Who Uses Spare5?

Spare5 is designed for people who are looking for opportunities to make money online. The site provides this opportunity in the form of small tasks.

The company’s owner Mighty AI, Inc. provides several tasks that need to be completed. As a member of the Spare5 community, you get to complete these tasks and you’ll get paid for them.

You can request a withdrawal after you have reached the minimum cashout threshold. Registering for an account is simple and free to do so.

Spare5 is also available worldwide so anyone can sign up to be part of their community. In the next section, I’ll discuss further how the registration process works.

I’ll also discuss in more detail how you can make money with this opportunity.

How Do You Make Money with Spare5?

The main way to make money with Spare5 is by completing the paid tasks they have. You get paid for each task that you complete and you can cash them out once you reach the minimum withdrawal amount.

Before you can start making money on the company’s website or app, there are things that you need to accomplish first.

Registering is one of the first things you need to do, and you can do that via email, Facebook, Google Plus, or LinkedIn account.

You can also choose to register via your iPhone or iPad since Spare5 has an app for iOS devices. As of this writing, there is still no app for Android devices, but they’re working on this.

After registering, the next step is to complete your profile survey. Completing the survey will earn you $0.10.

Once done, the next step is to take a Tutorial task. These tasks will help you learn the kind of tasks you will be doing and the skills needed for it.

You need to do at least one Tutorial task before you can access the Qualifier tasks. After completing a tutorial, the next step is the Qualifier tasks, which is an exam about what you have learned.

In this task, you’ll learn about the instructions usually given on paid tasks, the requirements needed, and the goals. There will be a quiz at the end to see if you have paid attention and if you’re ready for the paid tasks.

Qualifier tasks are not usually paid, but there are moments where you might get paid. You can take the quiz again if you fail, either immediately or after 48 hours.

If you pass, you get access to the Paid tasks. Spare5 usually have the following tasks available:

  • Editing
  • Rating
  • Reviewing
  • Tagging
  • Titling
  • Annotating

Each one of them is actually very easy and very simple and completing them won’t take you more than 10 minutes.

Of course, this also means that payment will be small since the tasks are not that hard to do. You can expect to earn $0.01 to $0.05 per completed task.

Yes, you saw that right, you’re only going to earn a few cents completing the tasks. They’re not really that hard to do since you’ll just identify some keywords you see in a picture, provide a caption, and so on.

There are some who say there are tasks that pay at least $1, but they’re rare and the chances of getting them are very slim.

As for task availability, this will likely depend on several factors, including your profile and demographics. However, the company itself has a certain limit to how many tasks a user can get.

The number always changes, but they tend to keep a limit. Performing well on tasks will help you get more, but always expect there will be times where there won’t be any tasks available.

Spare5 pays every Friday, 5PM Pacific Time. You can request for a payout once your earnings reach $1.

Aside from doing tasks, the company also has a referral program. But, you need to be part of their community for a while before you get access to this program. It’s not stated how long you need to be a member, but once you qualify, you’ll be given your own unique referral link.

Once you have your link, you can invite friends and you get to earn a $2 bonus once your referral earns their first $10. Your referral will also get a $1 bonus for achieving this.

This program will run for 180 days or until your referral gets their first $100 in earnings (whichever comes first).

What People are Saying about Spare5?

The majority of people who tried Spare5 are actually happy and satisfied with the opportunity that the company provides.

They say that the tasks are simple and easy to do, and the company has enough available tasks to be able to reach the minimum cashout in a week.

Of course, there are still some issues with Spare5 and it starts with their minuscule pay. Many people who have tried the opportunity complain that the pay is really low.

Even the ones who are happy with the company are hoping that the pay increases as the $0.01 to $0.05 is too low, even if the tasks are easy.

There are people who claim that it is possible to earn $5 a week with this opportunity, but the majority say they have a hard time even reaching the $1 cashout.

This is also because available tasks are limited. Your demographic profile will likely play a big role in tasks becoming available.

And the company itself says that they have limits to how many tasks a user can get.

It would be better if they could at least provide a larger number tasks to compensate for the very low pay. Another complaint is that some tasks require meticulous attention to detail and can also become boring and repetitive.

So if you’re coming in here and thinking that you’ll do something exciting, think again. There will be some that are more challenging than others, but mostly they are repetitive, don’t expect exciting and challenging work here.

What I like about Spare5

Now that we know what Spare5 is and what they are offering, it’s time to discuss what I like about this opportunity.

  • One of the first things that I like about Spare5 is that their minimum cashout requirement is low. You only need to reach $1 to be able to request a withdrawal. And with the low pay you get, having a low minimum cashout is a big plus.
  • I also like that Spare5 pays weekly. This means that you don’t have to wait a month to get your money, as the company provides PayPal payment every Friday. You just have to make sure that you can reach the minimum cashout by Thursday so you’ll be included on the Friday payout.
  • I also like that Spare5 has a referral program. This allows you to make money other than completing tasks. This will also help you make more money and reach the minimum cashout threshold much faster.

What I Didn’t Like about Spare5

Of course, not everything about Spare5 is good and likable, as there are also things about the opportunity that I don’t really like.

  • The first thing that I didn’t like about Spare5 is that the pay for completing tasks is very low. You only get to earn a few cents for completing the task. Though the tasks are very easy and won’t take up much time, it would help if the company raised the amount to make it more worth peoples time and effort.
  • I also don’t like that Spare5 puts a limit on the number of tasks a user can complete. Though I understand why they do this, it would be better if they could allow people to do as many tasks as they want to help compensate for the low pay.

Do I Recommend Spare5?

After learning more about Spare5 and what it can really bring to the table, I can say that it is an opportunity that is worth checking out.

I believe that this opportunity is worthy enough for you to spend some time and effort on. Granted you won’t get rich here and you’ll likely only make about $10 max, a month. But the consistency and legitimacy that Spare5 provides is something that is hard to pass up on.

Just don’t expect to be able to quit your day job when you sign up for this. Think of it as a flexible money-making opportunity that can help you earn some extra change each month.

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