Squishycash Review: Complete Tasks and Earn Cash


If you need to earn some fast cash to pay some small bills, websites like Squishycash can be rather attractive.

Most people flock to websites that offer to pay them for completing surveys and all sorts of other tasks for a small paycheck. I discuss the same principle in another recent review that I did on Treasure Trooper.

Squishycash is similar to those websites, except it has a wide variety of tasks to choose from.

There’s also an affiliate program, some competitions, rewards, and other ways to earn cash.

Granted, there are a lot of rotten apples in this marketplace, websites that promise a paycheck and never deliver, and websites that flat out lie about what they offer members.

But, all that means is that you have to dig a little deeper for the legitimate companies.

Squishycash is a company that pays members to complete various tasks for cash. You can select tasks from a large database and earn a little bit of side money for your time.

Is it a legitimate business opportunity? Is it a scam?

In this Squishycash review we will take a look at what goes on in the member’s area of this company and if it’s really worth your time.

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Is Squishycash a Legitimate Business Opportunity?

No. It’s not a legitimate business opportunity.

You won’t be able to make thousands of dollars a month with this website. In fact, completing the tasks can be really time consuming; don’t expect to earn more than $5 an hour.

Does that mean this opportunity is a scam?

No. It’s not a scam. The company does pay members for completing tasks, even though it’s a tiny amount.

Personally, I wouldn’t waste my time on Squishycash because it requires a lot of time and the results are not worth the trouble.

However, if you want to give it a shot, by all means go ahead, it’s free, and you can earn a few dollars here and there.

Squishycash won’t teach you how to make a online business, it’s not a training course, it’s just a service that let’s people complete tasks for cash.

So let’s see what kind of tasks we can complete…

Earning Money With Squishycash:

The main way to make money with this company is by completing tasks. Below is a screenshot of some tasks, there are many different categories to chose from, most of them are surveys.


One thing that bothered me is that most of these “Free Trial” offers require your credit card details, and I don’t think it’s a good idea to share that information with websites that no-one has head about. It’s risky. Some of the other tasks are simple, like completing a survey.

completed one survey, the payment ($0.30) was not instantly added to my account. It seems like you have to wait for a moderator to approve the survey, no idea how long that will take. From the looks of it, the surveys are really simple and can be completing in a few minutes.

You can choose to complete these tasks as often as possible or you can choose a different way to earn money; like promoting the website.

The referral system works like a multi-level marketing scheme, a percentage of each person’s earnings are sent up the ladder to the person on top, take a look at the screenshot below…


So as you can see, it’s a basic multi-level marketing scheme. The idea is to recruit as many people as possible and then sit back and do nothing; that’s the dream.

Unfortunately, most people won’t stick around for long – especially on this website – because the incentive to complete a task is just too low, it’s not worth people’s time.

Therefore, all your referrals will leave almost as soon as they registered, making it extremely difficult for you to earn cash.

One other way to earn with this opportunity is to use their advertisement space to promote other affiliate products. It costs about $1 for 1,000 impressions, the traffic can be country-targeted, but that’s about it.

It’s cheap traffic and if you make a sale from one of your other products, re-invest the money, and repeat the process. However, it’s important to understand that the traffic quality is really – really – low and it will extremely difficult to make a sale.

(You can also get paid for clicking on ads, “You have been credited $0.0012.”)

What I Liked:

I liked how the surveys are simple and easy to fill out, and most of them don’t requires too much information. I completed one survey in a couple of minutes. I also like how you are given $3 for signing up and a few credits.

The minimum pay-out is $15 and it takes about a week to earn this much.

I also like that the website has a forum, it seems to be relatively active, and the company encourages members to share snapshots of their pay-outs. I took a look at that section of the forum and there are a lot of people sharing their earnings proof; mostly around the $15 mark.

So, it’s clear that the company pays – not much – but it does pay members.

Other than that, the layout is not bad, it loads fast, and most of the time the rewards are added to your account instantly.

What I Didn’t Like:

Well, in my opinion, the incentive to complete these offers is just too little. You have to spend all day completing tasks to earn a few dollars; that’s not exactly a lucrative business model.

I also didn’t like the referral program, at least the company didn’t promise that you can make thousands of dollars referring people, so that’s one upside, but it’s still based on a flawed model.

Final Review:

So we reached the end of our Squishycash and what did we discover?

Squishycash is a legitimate company, it’s rather small, and not as large as other similar websites, but it does pay members on-time.

The main problem is that some offers require sensitive information and you will likely be hit with a lot of spam emails. You can avoid these offers but the other offers are less rewarding.

In general, it’s not a legitimate business opportunity, it requires too much time. I would invest my time in something much more profitable like following a online business training course and building my own website that can make money for years to come.

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