TopTenz Review: A Legit Way To Earn Money Writing Or Just A Scam?

Being a content writer is another opportunity to make some money online. There are a lot of websites and companies who are always on the lookout for writers to add to their team.

TopTenz is a site that used to offer this kind of opportunity. They looked for people to contribute to their website, which is a site that posts top ten lists of different topics.

The company paid you, once your completed article got approved. You could get paid $50 per article, and this was likely what you’d earn a month with this website.

Unfortunately, TopTenz is currently putting on hold its program of accepting submissions or ideas from people. They are using their in-house staff writers, for now, for all of their writing needs.

But the company is not totally closing its doors yet to aspiring writers, as there’s a possibility they would be bringing back their “Write For Us” program. Is the opportunity they presented before, though, a  scam or a legit one?

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TopTenz is a Legit Opportunity that Really Pays

TopTenz is a website that posts top ten lists of different topics. It could be about food, movies, history, politics, health, and many more.

It uses its in-house staff writers, as well as other people, to help in coming up with the post. They paid regular people a decent amount of money if the article they submitted got accepted and published on the website.

Based on what TopTenz promised, I can say it’s a legitimate opportunity. TopTenz didn’t promise to accept all submissions and ideas given to them by people, they would review it and see if it met certain guidelines first.

So submitting an article or idea wouldn’t guarantee that you would get paid, it would have to pass their review first and get accepted before the company pays.

Research shows that there has been little to no issue when it comes to not getting paid and the company sends its payments via PayPal.

This review will also show you why $50 is the likely amount you could earn per month with TopTenz.

Who Uses the TopTenz Website?

The TopTenz website is basically designed for people who are looking for information, to be entertained, and to just increase their knowledge about a lot of things.

The site offers top ten lists in a variety of categories, giving people a lot of options as to the kind of top 10 topics they want to read about.

So what does this mean for you? Since the company offers top 10 list articles about a lot of categories, they will need a lot of top 10 articles about different topics published every day to keep people interested.

This is why they had a “Write For Us” program before to get help in coming up with the different top 10 topics to publish on the site. You would get paid $50 via PayPal if the article you submitted got approved.

There’s no need to sign up or register, as your submissions could be done via email. You would just have to follow their guidelines when it comes to writing the article to increase your chances of getting approved.

Unfortunately, the company has already stopped this program. But their doors are not closed just yet, as there’s still a big possibility that they will bring back this program and start accepting submissions again.

How Do You Earn Money with TopTenz?

There was only one way to make money with the TopTenz website, and that was by submitting top ten articles and getting them approved. You would get paid in cash once your submission was approved.

It may sound easy, but it’s actually not, as the company has strict guidelines on what they’re looking for in an article.

First is that they don’t accept articles about self-help, advice, or helpful tips, as these are the topics that a lot of people submit normally.

They also want the article to be easy to read for English readers and you are only allowed to submit one article or article idea per email.

The top 10 article should have a countdown of 10 to 1 and use the collective “we” voice instead of “I”. It should also be single-spaced and should be in the range of 1500 to 2000 words.

TopTenz is also strict with the research, as they want you to ensure that everything you are writing is based on actual facts and not just something you made up.

It’s also important that what you claim is said by multiple sources instead of just one. Plagiarized articles won’t be accepted as well.

Now, the company usually take about 2 to 3 weeks before they respond to your email. They try to reply to you, even if your article didn’t pass their review process. But if you didn’t follow the guidelines, don’t expect a reply from them.

Once your article passed and is accepted, you will instantly get paid $50. There’s no limit to how many article submissions you can do in a month, but TopTenz was only purchasing 30 to 40 articles per month.

So this means there’s really no guarantee that what you wrote will get accepted by the website, considering there are likely hundreds of submissions they receive in a day.

It wasn’t mentioned why TopTenz stopped their “Write For Us” program. But If I were to make a guess, I believe it’s a bit time consuming for them to go through a lot of submissions on a daily basis.

I’m also guessing that they now have enough in-house staff writers to provide the topics that they will need to publish daily.

The company, though, didn’t fully close its doors to getting submissions to people. You will just need to subscribe to their mailing list, as they will provide an update once they start accepting submissions again.

What I Liked about TopTenz

Now that we know more about TopTenz and what they are offering, it’s time to discuss what I liked about the opportunity they provided.

  • One of the main things I liked about TopTenz is that there’s no need for you to register, to apply, or to sign up to the website to be able to submit an article. There’s no need to be a member or anything or go through an application process, as the company only requires that you make a submission via email.
  • Another thing that I liked about the opportunity that TopTenz offered is that they pay well for accepted articles. The company will pay you $50 for the article, which is a big amount, considering how much writers usually get for the articles they created. The challenge, of course, is your article getting accepted.
  • It’s also a good thing that TopTenz pay immediately after they have accepted the article you submitted. There’s no need to wait for a few days or weeks to get your money, as it will be sent on the day that they also accepted your article for publishing.

What I Disliked about TopTenz

As appealing as the offer of TopTenz, there are also things that I didn’t like about their opportunity, which I’ll discuss here.

  • The first thing that I didn’t like about TopTenz is that there’s no guarantee you will earn with them. Yes, you can craft a great and well-researched article and follow their guidelines, but this doesn’t guarantee it will pass the standards of the website. This is still dependent on the editors and if they deem your article as something they want to publish on the website.
  • I also didn’t like that TopTenz has already stopped this program, as it is actually a big help to a lot of writers, not only for the money they will get but also for the exposure and experience it gives them. They can also add the article they’ve written as part of their portfolio, helping increase their chances of getting more writing gigs.

Do I Recommend TopTenz?

After learning more about TopTenz and what they offer, it’s actually an opportunity that I want to recommend, especially if you are an aspiring writer.

Even if you don’t get approved, just the experience you will get, as well as what you can learn through their guidelines is already a great deal for any aspiring writers.

If you get approved, though, not only will you get paid a decent amount of money for 1 article, but you will also get to see your work published on their website, which is a good addition to your portfolio.

Unfortunately, the company has halted its program and is relying only on its staff writers for the topics it needs to publish. The company is also not accepting new staff writers to join them.

The good news is that TopTenz is not yet closing its doors to the possibility of bringing the “Write For Us” program back.

The company mentions in its “Write For Us” page that you would just need to subscribe to their mailing list so you can get notifications about the updates that they have on their website.

If you don’t want to be a part of their mailing list, then I suggest you come back to this website from time to time to see if they’re accepting article submissions once again.

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