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iwriter scam reviewMaking a decent amount of money on the internet doesn’t come much easier than getting paid to write articles.

But if you’re gonna write for someone else then you should also consider creating your own blog like I show you here and making money for yourself the same way I do here.

Do both at the same time.

I earn a full-time living writing for myself and getting other people to write for me as shown here.

So if you don’t mind writing a couple articles a day then you could be easily earning hundreds of dollars per month.

So with that in mind, let me introduce you to a program called iWriter.

What is iWriter?

Can you make money with iWriter. Learn some of the best ways to make money from home. If you're looking for at home jobs no experience gig, then we have seen them all. We review the best work at home jobs that will enable you to earn extra money from home. Legitimate work from home jobs can be hard to find, but with our guidance, we show you how to make extra money at home. We give you fast money making ideas, extra income ideas on the best work from home jobs.iWriter is a program that allows webmasters to get articles written for their websites.

Heard of the cliche “money makes the world go around”, well on the Internet, content makes the Internet go around.

It is through content creation that I was able to get you reading this post, so I hope you can see the relevance of why content creation is such a big deal.

So with that being the case, you’ll find there is a huge demand for content to be written for websites. So much so that product owners like Brad Callen (the owner of iWriter.com) is able to create a platform where webmasters can find people to write content for their websites.

And before you dismiss the idea of writing as a way of making money (because you think your writing skills might not be on par), then think again, because you can still make some decent money regardless of whether you think your skills stack up or not, which I’ll hopefully show you in this article.

Obviously the more skills you have as a writer the higher your writing status will be as a writer and the more money you’ll be able to make.

How do you get paid with iWriter?

Writers get paid based on word count.

The more words you write the more money you make and depending on where you are ranked as a writer will depend on the premium a webmaster is willing to pay for your writing skills.

There are 3 main levels, Standard writers, Premium writers and Elite writers.

Here’s a guideline of the pay structure.

Standard Writer


Premium writers can earn double the amount of a Standard writer, and it’s not that hard to become a Premium writer. I would say that the level is equivalent to early to mid high school level writing.

Premium Writer


Elite writers as paid the most and get all of the highest paying clients. This is where you can make the largest amounts of money. There are varying levels of Elite writing and these are the minimum payouts for an Elite writer.

Elite Writer


It’s important to note that all of the figures mentioned above are MINIMUM payouts.

If you’re a good writer you could earn much more, I’ll show you an example shortly.

How much can you make with iWriter?

Okay, so to give you an idea of how much money you could make, check out this scenario … if a webmaster wanted an 1000 word article created for say – Golf carry bags, then they would order the article like so. They would fill out a form with what they wanted and submit it to all the Elite Plus writers.


As you can see in the picture, a 1000 word article for an Elite Plus writer, would cost a webmaster a minimum of $55.50. note this is for an Elite Plus writer as opposed to just an Elite writer.

So that’s a pretty good chunk of change for an article – right?

Note – you won’t get the full amount, because there are some fees associated with paypal etc, but you’ll get a big slice of it if you’re a skilled writer.

How to make $100 per day with iWriter

Okay, so let’s look at taking the absolute minimum (note once again this is a minimum) payout for a 500 word article and say you could create 10 of these per day (which isn’t that hard to do) this is what your earnings would look like.


Yep, not too bad for a bit of hard work.

Now I realize that not everyone will be able to create 10, 500 word articles per day, so here’s another scenario for you to have a think about.

So let’s say you could comfortably manage 3, 500 word articles per day, (which is totally doable) … how much money could you make?


$700 bucks per month … now that could make a big difference to a lot of people (and just by writing articles).

How do you start writing?

So once you’ve registered with iWriter and logged in you’ll get a dashboard as shown in the picture below.

Click on “Write Content” in the top menu and you’ll be given a selection of articles that you can start writing content on.

Each article request will have special instructions of what the webmaster wants you to cover in the article and then it’s just a matter of creating the article.

You can also see how much money you can make with each article requested.


Hit the plus button beside a request and you’ll be able to to start writing the article, by simply clicking on the “Write Article” button. Make sure you check the special instructions to ensure you cover what the webmaster needs. Other than that, you’ll be good to go.


At this stage you might be thinking that it’s best to write longer articles because the writer’s earnings are higher, however, the expectation of the webmaster is also higher. Therefore, if you’re just starting out, then it might be wiser to start writing articles where the expectations are lower. 500 word articles might be a good place to start. You still get paid a decent amount of money and you can spend less time creating the article.

How do you gain a higher writing status?

Now obviously, the higher your writing status is within iWriter the more earning potential you’ll have, which means that it is in your best interest to be upgraded as soon as possible.

Every writer in iWriter starts off with a Standard writing status, and once they have reached a minimum of 30 reviews from clients will get upgraded to Premium or Elite writer.

The level is based on the quality of their writing, but will dictate the rate at which you will get paid.


As you can imagine, waiting to prove yourself with 30 reviews can be a bit of a pain, and since it influences your earning potential, I’m sure you’ll agree, the quicker you become a Premium or Elite writer the better.

Fast Tracking to Premium or Elite writer

There is a way to fast track the process, but I’d rather you take a look at iWriter first to see if it is something you can see yourself making money with.

So if you haven’t already, sign up for a free account here.

Once you’re inside you will be given access to the fast track program where you’ll be able to become a Premium or Elite member with only 3 articles.

Now whilst this might be a way of making money online, there are better ways to make money.

Want to know how I get paid over and over again for the same piece of work?

Here’s my #1 recommended program for creating money online.

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  2. Hello!
    I was thinking of getting started with slicethepie because I am a music major but I was also reading what you have written about iWriter. I am curious about the content of the articles. If we took your example, say, of golf bags, I know nothing about that! Would I research until I had a substantial article or do I have more ability to choose something that I was more knowledgeable about?
    Thank you,

    • Hi Emma,

      Yes, you do have the ability to choose topics that you’re familar with. There are literally hundreds of articles being requested on a daily basis, so I’d imagine you’ll have enough work to keep you busy.


  3. Hi !
    This is really helpful, and I’m seriously considering trying it out. I just have one question, is it international ? I live in Europe, and was wondering if I still would be able to use it ?

  4. Good Day Frank! All the things you’ve discussed are helpful, how can i pay to get Premium on Wealthy Affiliate since i live here in the Philippines and its not free? currently i do not have a credit card, what are the options?

  5. I have been looking over various review sites for ways to make money online, and so far IWrite is the most intriguing.
    But, I know that there are age requirements for most sites. And I am a fourteen year old girl with a passion for writing, and I still have yet to make money from it.
    So I was wondering if this would be the best site for someone my age, or if I should just avoid these sights completely?

    • iWriter pays via paypal, so if you can get a paypal account and you meet the other criteria mentioned on their website then yes, you could make money as a writer for sure.

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    Is there a minimum number of article you need to write? If something happens that day and you can’t comply to the minimum, what happens?

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    • They can ask for reviews on specific items, however, it’s really up to you as to whether to want to write the article.

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