Welocalize Review: Transcribing Songs – Legit Or Scam?

If you want to make money working from home, listening to music and then transcribing the lyrics, then Welocalize might be worth considering.

At the time of writing this review, it appears that they are only hiring French and German transcribers.

Welocalize, will pay you $4 for every song you transcribe for them.

Do you need to have any formal training or qualifications to become a transcriber?

The answer is no, as full training is given, but it may be helpful.

Having said that, you are required to have a Gmail account, Apple ID or iCloud ID and a laptop to complete the work.

You need to have a Gmail account to be authenticated in their system and an Apple ID to connect you to iTunes.

You have the potential to earn a good amount of money if you have work available, but, if nothing else, it could be a fun way to make money from time to time.

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What is Welocalize?

Welocalize is a US based company that specialize in a number of translation and localization services worldwide.

They offer a number of different online marketing services, such as print advertising, email campaigns and audio-video translation and appear to hire a huge number of people worldwide.

Obviously, one of the areas of expertise is in translating audio and video, however they also translate lyrics of songs.

And it is in this area that we focus this review.

How To Join Welocalize

To join Welocalize and start earning, all you have to do is to fill out the form on their sign up page.

Having said that, you will need to have a few things in place to be able to work for the company.

Here are the main things you will need.

1) A gmail account.

2) An iTunes account.

3) A laptop or PC to complete the work. You can use either a MAC or Windows operating system.

4) Download and install Snap app on your laptop.

How Does Welocalize Work?

Once you’ve signed up with the company as described above, your application will be reviewed and if you’re a successful candidate, you will receive an email with an invitation code and information on how to download the transcription app.

They will also tell you how you will get paid and include additional training instructions.

How Do You Make Money With Welocalize?

Once you’re registered with the company then you can start transcribing different songs.

It’s fairly intuitive and as you can imagine, just a case of listening to a song and transcribing the lyrics.

However, like most transcribing jobs, there’s a framework or a set of guidelines that you’ll need to adhere to in order to successfully complete a song, including using correct grammar, correct punctuation, spelling etc.

It might sound a little daunting at first, but the company will provide you with all the tools, guidelines and formatting styles, you just need to do the transcribing.

If that wasn’t enough, the company also provides weekly webinars to help all new members learn what they need to know in order to be successful at their job.

The quality of your work is monitored and those transcribers who have a track record of turning in work with little to no errors are rewarded with bonuses from time to time, and offered more future work.

How Are You Paid?

In order to get paid from Welocalize, you will need to have a HyperWallet account as this is the only method of payment they use.

Having said that, Paypal bought out HyperWallet back in 2018, which could mean there may be variations in payment methods in the future, but for now, I understand that it remains with HyperWallet.

So in order to get paid you will need to get a HyperWallet account.

The company pays all transcribers, who have a balance in their account, automatically, and on a weekly basis, regardless of how much money is in their account, as there’s no threshold.

What I Liked about Welocalize

  • I like that fact that they make it easy and free for people to join.
  • I like that you are paid out on a weekly basis and that there is no minimum amount in order to be paid.
  • I like that they reward you for turning in good work in the form of bonuses and offer of future work.
  • I like the fact that they have weekly training sessions to help new transcribers acclimate to the transcribing environment.

What I Didn’t Like about Welocalize

  • While this opportunity is open to transcribers world wide, they are only offering this opportunity to French and German transcribers.
  • I don’t like the fact that payment is only available through HyperWallet.
  • You are required to hold a Gmail, iTunes and Snap app account in order to work for the company.

Do I Recommend Welocalize?

From what I have seen of Welocalize, and based on their reputation in the marketplace as a translating service, I would recommend them for people who want to make money online as a transcriber of songs.

I like the fact that they pay you out weekly and that you can get bonuses and offered more work if you’re a top performer. However, I didn’t like the fact they the only method of payment was via HyperWallet.

The number of jobs on offer is largely determined by customers demand for the service, which means you may have work one week and then nothing the following.

So, in this regard I only see Welocalize as a fun way for you to make money as a transcriber, from time to time, and not a long term solution for making money from home.

If you want to know what I recommend as a long term solution, then please read this review.

Thanks for reading this review, and like always, I’d really like to hear your comments on Welocalize if you’ve worked for them, good or bad. Just leave a comment in the comment section below.

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