Is Affiliate Marketing Hard? The Key To Playing This Game

Say whaaat?

Why does 95% always pop into my head when someone asks that question?

Ooh, that’s right …

It’s because over 95% of people who get into affiliate marketing fail!

So when someone asks, is affiliate marketing hard, I guess the stats speak for themselves.

When I first started affiliate marketing, I found it really frustrating, and as a result I would flick from one business opportunity to the next to see what would work and what wouldn’t.

And the result from all that flicking around was a negative balance in my bank account and a helluva lot of wasted time.

My weird story as an affiliate marketer is not un-similar to my man Tylers, which you can read about here.

But, for one exception, I discovered that there’s a right way to approach affiliate marketing and there’s a wrong way, and if you aren’t aware what approach you are using, then you could quite possibly be on the same track as 95% of affiliates who call it quits.

So what is the right approach?

Well, if you read the story about Tyler, you will realize that the right approach comes down to using the right affiliate business model.

If you use the wrong affiliate business model, then although you might experience a little success today, your online business could disappear overnight.

Actually, it’s not a case of if it’ll disappear, but more when it disappears.

And really who wants a ‘here-today gone-tomorrow’ type of business?

Nope – not me.

And I’m pretty sure you don’t either.

So, lets say you now have figured out what the right approach is, what then?

Then it just comes down to mechanics (i.e.) doing the work.

But, there’s got to be more to it than that?

Yep, there is … but not much more.

And this is probably one of the most important factors, in my humble opinion, and a topic that most online coaches don’t talk about, and I’m not sure why …

And that is mindset…

I would say that the right mindset accounts for 95% of my success in any endeavor I undertake. Could there be a correlation in the percentage of those who succeed in this business and those who don’t!?!

I dunno…

But, I do know that, you are going to have to develop a lot of faith in this business.

The seeds you plant today will be your income in the future.

And sometimes it can take 3, 6 months before any of your seeds start to produce for you, and this is why so many give up.

My buddy John, didn’t make any money online for eight months, but he just kept planting seeds and today he is a multi-millionaire.

Ask him what was the key to his success is, and he will tell you, that it is mindset.

Mindset is one thing, but you still need to have a decent road map to help get you to your destination sooner rather than later.

Want the road map for making money online? Click here.

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  1. Hey Frank, I really liked your article. You definitely explained the hardship of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is all about the right marketing strategy and most importantly “Patience”. Most fail because they lose patience. I believe your article would help people develop a better mindset about this game.


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