Affiliate Marketing Consultant, Trainer, Leader

Recently, I completed some SEO consulting work for a company here in Christchurch, and although it got me out of the house into a more social environment, I couldn’t help but think, that I would rather just work from home. Going to work meant that I had to get up earlier in the morning, make breakfast, make lunch, have a shower, kiss the wife and kids good-bye, before dragging myself in the car, and battling the traffic. All this before I even start work. I know this is the norm for a lot of folks, and I’m not knocking it, …

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Does Affiliate Marketing Cost Money?

Does it cost money to get started in affiliate marketing? The quick answer is no – you really don’t have to spend money to get started in affiliate marketing, however – heard of the phrase “you have to spend money to make money?” Well that sort of applies here too. There are a lot of free methods available online, but what you will find, is that your results will reflect the reason that method is free. In my experience, I wasted a lot of time in the beginning (as a newbie) trying to use free methods, and I was getting …

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My first affiliate sale!

I have been trying to make some money from the internet for a looong time, but every time I seem to just get the wrong information and then fail. I really hope this time will make it happen. Source Read a recent Wealthy Affiliate review.

I’ve Made My First $8.00

 I’m always looking for ways to broaden my horizons. For the past 20 sum odd years I’ve been searching for ways to become successful online or internet marketing, as a means of replacing, and or retiring from present governmet job of 38 years. I have always had a passion for helping people. Becoming a member of Wealthy Affiliate University, I will learn online affiliate marketing first hand and become a business owner at the same time. Following the proven road map of Kyle and Carson, I call them my two wise men. the two of them together have applied biblical …

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I’m in love with Wealthy Affiliate

Scilla started Wealthy Affiliate towards the end of December 2013. The training, I’m doing Bootcamp, along with some great words of wisdom from the community have led me down an interesting niche – focussing on midlifers wanting to find a different way to work. I strongly believe life is a journey, and mine has been filled with gems as well as troubles. These things happen for a reason so that we can become the best that we can be. At 52 I’ve finally realised I need to write as well as help others fulfil their dreams to be my best …

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