1DollarAdz Review: Legit PTC Site Or Scam?

Pay-To-Click sites are one of the most common opportunities you can find that will allow you to earn money online. Usually, these sites won’t pay a lot, since you’ll just be clicking ads.

But one site is drawing attention because it is saying that they will pay members $1 for clicking and viewing ads. This site is the 1DollarAdz site, which promises to pay you $1 for each click.

This means it would be easy for you to make $10 a day with this site. But can you really make money with the 1DollarAdz PTC site?

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The 1DollarAdz PTC Site is a Scam That Doesn’t Pay You Anything

1DollarAdz is a PTC site that is designed to pay its members for clicking and viewing ads. Their main difference with other popular PTC site is that they are offering to pay $1 per click.

Now, PTC sites usually pay about a cent per click for an ad, because they are also getting only a small pay for placing the ads on the website.

So with this site offering big earnings for just a click seems enticing. But it’s also a bit suspicious since advertisers won’t pay a big amount of money to put their ads on PTC sites.

This is why I have doubts on whether 1DollarAdz is a legit PTC site or not. And unfortunately, the site is a scam, as it is not paying its members the money that they earned from clicking ads.

The site itself already looks dubious as the links to details about 1DollarAdz are broken, so there’s no way to know what the site is really about and who the developer or owner is.

As the review of the site progresses, you will see why I consider this opportunity a scam and why you should be staying away from it.

Who Uses the 1DollarAdz Site?

The 1DollarAdz site is designed for two types of people with one being the advertisers and the other one being people like you who are looking for ways to earn online.

For advertisers, the site promises that the rates are fair, their ads will be viewed by targeted traffic and they have a strong anti-cheat protection.

1DollarAdz promises advertisers that they will be getting high-quality traffic. For PTC sites, the advertisers are the ones who put money into the website.

And this money is what PTC sites use to pay its members. They share a portion of the advertising revenue to the members.

Usually, these are just $0.01 or even lower, but 1DollarAdz promises to pay you $1, which is what they are using to entice people to sign up.

Unfortunately, you won’t be seeing any of the money you earn. After you reach the minimum cash out amount, the site will require you to upgrade your account first before you receive your money.

This is a big letdown and is something you wouldn’t know unless you have already signed up. They advertise that being a member is free, but they forgot to mention that you need to upgrade first before you can cash out.

How Do You Earn Money with 1DollarAdz?

The only way to earn money with 1DollarAdz is through viewing and clicking ads. However, this method of earning doesn’t really pay well and I’ll explain further why that’s the case.

As I mentioned above, PTC sites only earn a small amount of money from advertisers, which is why they only pay members $0.01, or even less, for clicking and viewing ads.

Now the reason for this is very simple, and it’s because the traffic that advertisers get from PTC sites are low quality, no matter what the website says.

Advertisers know that people who view the ads on PTC sites are only doing it because they are getting paid for it. They don’t view because they’re interested or they’re really searching for what they are offering.

This is why advertisers aren’t willing to pay high amount to advertise on PTC sites, so you know 1DollarAdz won’t be able to sustain the amount they are paying to their members.

The site, though, says that there are a lot of ads located on the website, and they’re requesting that visitors remove their ad blockers so they can earn from the ads.

They say the money they earn from the ads placed on the site is what’s helping them pay off their members. However, earning through ads is also not a sustainable method.

Plus, the amount of money they will earn monthly from the ads won’t be enough to cover the total earnings of its members.

They will try to dupe you even more by suggesting that you upgrade your membership first to a paid one in order to be able to withdraw your money.

Now, there’s nothing on the site that says you need to be a paid member first before you can withdraw, which already shows how misleading 1DollarAdz is.

The real problem, though, is that some people really did upgrade their accounts but their money was still not given. Not only did the site dupe them into clicking ads for free but also into spending money on them.

You can say that they have a payment wall, but these can be easily faked, so it’s really not proof that they are paying their members.

Plus, the links to the site info are broken, so there’s no way for you to know more about the owners or developers of the site.

What I Liked about 1DollarAdz

After learning more about what 1DollarAdz is and what they are offering, let’s see if there’s something to like about them.

  • There’s really nothing to like about the 1DollarAdz website since it has been a scam from the very beginning. Yes, getting $1 per click sounds nice, but it is actually only nice if you will really be getting that money. But as proven already by a lot of people, the site doesn’t really pay.

What I Disliked about 1DollarAdz

There are actually a lot of things that I disliked about the 1DollarAdz website, but I’ll only be discussing the important ones that you need to know about.

  • The main thing that I didn’t like about 1DollarAdz is that it is a scam PTC site that doesn’t really pay its members. No matter what the site says to entice you to join them, it will be a waste of time because you won’t get paid for it.
  • I also didn’t like that 1DollarAdz is a bit misleading on their website, as they don’t really mention anything about you needing to upgrade your account first before they will pay you. It’s like they intentionally kept this information and will only disclose it after you have already reached the cashout amount so you will be forced to upgrade your account.
  • It’s also bad that you can’t really find any information whatsoever about the website, its developers, or its owners. This is important information in any money-making opportunity, as people would likely want to know first who owns or developed the site to see if it is trustworthy or not. The fact that 1DollarAdz didn’t disclose this information is already a bit dubious.
  • Lastly, I don’t really like that 1DollarAdz is still operational and existing. The site has already scammed a lot of people, which means it should already be shutting down since people are already getting wise to its antics. But since it is still existing and it doesn’t look like it’s in the process of shutting down, it seems like it is still able to attract willing victims.

Is 1DollarAdz to be Recommended?

I’ve already seen enough from 1DollarAdz to convince me that it is really a scam site that you should be staying away from.

Yes, the $1 dollar per click is a bit enticing and will really make you contemplate about trying out the opportunity and see if you will really make that money or not.

The problem with trying it out is that you will be spending time and effort in clicking and viewing ads just to reach the minimum cash out requirement.

Once you reach it and try to withdraw your money, 1DollarAdz will now require you to upgrade your account before they allow you to withdraw.

This will put you in a tough spot, as you don’t want your time and effort to go to waste and you likely don’t want to spend money on the site.

Some will walk away from here and just forget about the money earned. But some will still try it out, not wanting the money earned to go to waste.

Unfortunately, even if you upgrade your account, you still won’t get your money. Not only did you waste your time and effort, but you also wasted your own money in upgrading your account.

This is why I’m asking you to stay away from the 1DollarAdz. There are a lot of legit and reliable PTC sites out there if you really want to earn money clicking ads.

Just remember, clicking ads won’t really earn you a lot of money, as it is probably one of the lowest paying online opportunities you can find. If you want to earn decent money, then you need to look for different opportunity.

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  1. 1dollaradz is a fake site tough i completed my 3000 $ but they asked me to upgrade but i didn’t had money that is y i was doing my job by clicking adz even i requested them i am an senior citizens still they didn’t paid me also i told them to deduct the amount from my income from adz they didn’t but that was a time i wasted.
    Further im looking for paid sites so i can earn some money for me and my family


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