Big Bucks Surveys: What You Need to Know Before You Sign Up

big bucks surveysWhat Is Big Bucks Surveys?

Big Buck Surveys, abbreviated as BBS, is among several companies not only owned but also operated by Vente Inc., a group of companies that was also recently taken over by Q Interactive.

In the purest sense of the word, BBS is not exactly a marketing survey company and here is why: they engage clients in product trials and offers. A traditional survey firm is often hired by companies to collect information about its consumers.

Survey companies like Opinion Outpost, Inboxdollars and Global Test Market are more of your traditional kind of survey companies, however they also come with their fair share of issues. collects consumer leads and then sells it for purposes of marketing. In other words, the information that you share with it will be sold by Vente so that their clients try to sell their products to you.

In order to sign up for Big Bucks Surveys, one must be 18 years or older and be a resident of the US. Also, you will need to fill out a form before you confirm your registration through your email. You are good to go.

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How do you make money with Big Bucks Surveys?

As a registered member, you have a chance of winning some cash through sweepstakes drawings. The sweepstakes drawings, which consist of prizes that range from $1,500 to $50,000, are conducted monthly or quarterly. Basically, the way you win money is by participating in the draw.

Immediately after completing a survey with BBS, your name gets entered automatically into a home makeover sweepstakes which has a top prize of $50,000. In addition also runs cash prize drawings which are worth between $1,500 monthly and $3,500 quarterly.

If you happen to win, you will be sent a notification through your email as well as by means of a certified letter.

Most of the surveys conducted by the firm are not necessarily actual market research surveys but more of lead generation. You could think of BBS as a company that online firms hire when they want to get some exposure about the products and services that they are selling.

It lures people to answer their questions by offering them a chance to participate in their sweepstakes. The questions are basically meant to introduce people to the services or products that they are trying to get word out about.

In short, is more of Get Paid To outfit than a traditional survey marketing company. The best way to categorize the site is t put it under sites where a person stands a chance of winning a prize by entering sweepstakes.

What are some of the issues with big bucks surveys?

1. They share your information by default

In their private policy, they say that they offer you a chance of keeping your information private, which is actually true. This they do through a do-not-share option that they give you. But the problem is that they will share your information by default. So if you don’t see the option, it means you have allowed them to share your details like email address, contacts and residence.

2. You pay for the products you test

One of the biggest issues with this site is that it sometimes makes you pay for products that are meant to be for trial. You will usually be charged for products that you fail to return before the set deadline.

3. It takes long to be paid

If you ever get to be paid for, it will be between six to eight weeks. Also, their $20 offer to entice you to participate in the survey is not necessarily paid out. They usually send people links to buy products elsewhere rather than just pay you out. So you are not necessarily being paid for exchanging your opinions.

What Are People Saying Around The Web?

Valencia Hargrave on BBS:

“Had the false promises of making money by taking surveys been true, I would be making a nice income from home. What these people do is take your information and constantly bombard you with emails and calls. They are absolute despicable liars.”
O’Hara from North Carolina said:

“This is a complete waste of time. They pay you little to nothing for exchanging your opinions. I would rather waste my time on other paid surveys than on Big Buck Surveys.”

Final Thoughts:

I would not recommend you to join It is definitely not the site to consider if you want the traditional online surveys. But you can try it if you want some fun and a chance to win some money. That’s just about it. Don’t go expecting heavens.

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