CheckPoints App Review – Legit Bonus or Scam?

Company: CheckPoints
Co-Founder: Mark DiPaola

Can you make money with the CheckPoints App? Click here to learn more.Welcome to my 3rd party review of CheckPoints App (CP)!

I would like to start out by stating that your decision to do research before joining CP was a great choice.

There are so many bad investments of your time and money out there, it is tough to make the right call all the time.

This is where I come in.

I gather information on online businesses and present them so you get to know the company from all angles.

Look, there is no such thing as a perfect company, but some companies try their hardest to hide detrimental information from people.

I will do my best to present CP in the most objective way possible.

Since I am a 3rd party reviewer, I have zero affiliation with the company.

Therefore, you won’t have to sit through any sales pitches, nor will I label a company a scam unless they deserve it.

All I care about is you getting the right information so you can make an educated decision.

I am extremely happy when I come across an online business opportunity and the company is legit and can make you money.

In this particular case, I came across an App that could make you extra cash and rewards.

I will admit upfront that the company will not make you rich.

However, it could make you some supplemental cash.

I decided to put together this review so that you know exactly what you are getting yourself into.

This is something I enjoy doing and I hope it puts you on your path to financial success.

You can also check out the step-by-step training that helps me earn over $10,000+ per month working from home.

How CheckPoints App Works

The App is kinda cool at a quick glance.

You can earn points for checking into stores or watching videos.

There are other ways to earn points as well.

The first thing you need to do is visit your smartphone store or simply download the app online.

You can do this via the CheckPoints website located on the link provided above.

The second you download the app you can sign up on Facebook or input an email address.

After this, you are ready to start earning points.

I will go over every possible way to earn points in the next section.

Make sure you pay attention and if you join this app, you should know how the system works.

These points can be traded in for gift cards to your favorite stores and also a chance to win sweepstakes.

This is not the most conventional way of earning rewards but it definitely is unique in a lot of aspects.

How To Earn CheckPoints

There are four well known ways to gain points and I will discuss them briefly in this section.

You can also get this information on their website although CP only gives you the “easy as 1-2-3” speech.

Let’s get started.


I think it is fair to say that this is the most common way of earning points.

All you have to do is check in at different stores in your area.

There will be store indicators on the app so that you can track them and go get your points.

You can also see how many points you get at each store so you can prioritize them accordingly.

This is great news considering all of us are super busy and time is of the essence.

Once you make it to the store, all you have to do is scan a particular item and BOOM, you get points.

You will get paid via the check in process immediately after scanning the item.

I have seen a wide range of points awarded for this process.

The range is 15-25 points.

Not too bad for simply walking into a store and scanning an item.


The easiest way of earning points is watching videos because you can literally do it anywhere and anytime.

CP is definitely taking advantage of the fact that people like to do things on the run.

There are at least 50 videos available at one time and they have a wide range of themes.

For example, you could be watching a video of the latest horror film trailers or a video about a certain product that you might be interested in.

Either way, you can always find something that you are interesting in.

Oh, and don’t forget, you earn points for watching a video that you are interested in.

I may sound a bit excited about this but it seems like this company is at least trying to provide people with a cool way of earning rewards.

Once again, you can get between 10 and 25 points per video.

So if you just stream the videos constantly and multitask, you can gain some serious points for really doing nothing.


Have you ever heard of sites that pay you to do stuff?

If you have, then you already know what this portion is all about.

If not, you get paid to complete little tasks that are given to you.

In this case, the app will provide you with a few things to do.

If you complete the tasks, you get points. An example of this would be to enter into a sweepstakes or signing up with a particular website or something like that.

The great thing about it is the fact that you gain a lot of points by completing these tasks.

Some of them award you with 100 points.

It all depends on what tasks are given to you.

I think the reason for this is the fact that most people have to plan their schedule around the tasks rather than sitting on a lunch break and watching a video.


Like most awards program, you can refer your friends or family and get points.

The second you become a member with CP you get a referral code and you simply tell your friends to join by entering your code.

This is where the big points come into play because you get double the points when a friend joins.

This 100% points bonus only lasts a few weeks so if you are going to refer people to the program, take advantage of it.

How Can I Spend My CheckPoints?

There are a few different ways to use your points.

The most common way to use your points is by way of gift cards.

You can get some pretty cool stores to give you gifts cards such as:

1. Amazon
2. WalMart
3. GameStop
4. Target

Overall, these are popular store and you can get some pretty cool stuff.

They are also great for Christmas and birthday gifts.

The second way to use your point is to simply exchange them into merchandise.

There are tablets and other electronics available for example.

This is great news because electronics are so popular.

You can stay current and save up your points for something that you a really want.

You can also spend your points on Sweepstakes.

These points can cover the entry fees and the costs range from 50-250 and the prizes can be massive.

Some prizes can cost 10k to even a crazy 50k CPs.

With that being said, there is no guarantee that you will win so some people think of it as a waste due to the fact you can rack up points pretty quickly.

If you choose to trade your points in for merchandise, it will take about a week for you to receive the item so plan accordingly.

If you decide to go with the gift card route, it only takes a few days for shipping.

Either way, you are getting free items so waiting a week is not really a big deal.

The Final Verdict

Here is the deal, I have reviewed over 150 online businesses and this is the only one that seems too good to be true.

Don’t get me wrong, this program is not for everyone but if you like this sort of thing, you can definitely make it work in your favor.

The thing I like most about it is the fact that it is free and you can get started after downloading an app.

This takes the matter of seconds and if you know how to take advantage of the program, you can get some pretty cool stuff by clicking a phone or tablet.

If this is something that doesn’t get you aren’t motivated, there are thousands of ways to make money online.

Have you ever thought about creating your own online business?

This is something that a lot of people think about but have no idea how to get started.

It is much easier than you think.

There are tons of tutorial videos on YouTube that can point you in the right direction.

If you are looking for an example, check out this review

This program is free to try out and you can get some great advice from people that started out just like you.

I hope this review helped you out in some way.

If you have any experience with CheckPoints, would like to ask a question or leave a comment, fill out the form below.


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3 thoughts on “CheckPoints App Review – Legit Bonus or Scam?”

  1. A scam. MY wife used the app and after a couple months she got a notice stating she was in violation of the terms of use at a time when she had banked almost $100 in gift certificate value. The final verdict: This company kicks out consumers who actually use the app as a way to avoid paying out what is owed.

    BTW. There was absolutely no two way dialogue to demonstrate my wife was honest and was not breaking any rules. The simply suspended her account and that was that with $100 and a whole lot of scanning done …for nothing.

  2. 5-18-17
    checkpoints is a scam. I started using C.p. in March. I only received around 36 points in the beginning for around 13 hrs. Do the math. I wanted to give them a fair chance so continued to use. After 2 weeks points went down to 13 points for 13 hrs. Thinking something was wrong, I emailed them.THEIR REPLY WAS SHOCKING.
    It stated that your points are given randomly. Not every time. By the time I received this,I was only getting 1 point per day. TOTAL SCAM.
    They actually think you are going to watch their ads for free!

  3. This app is not worth your time. I had used it for 7 months. First, the reviewer states that videos are worth 25 points. That’s a LIE. I watched a video, got 1 point. Watched another and message said “you are 5 videos away from earning points”. I watched the other 5 – for almost 20 minutes and got ……1 point! I have been in stores with the product to scan in my hand and get a message “looks like you have the wrong product”. Often when I check in my point total does not change even though I get the check in notification. So, if you have nothing to do and want to waste over 6 months just trying to get to 8500 points – which is the average you need to get a decent gift card, then go for it….other that that stick to ShopKick!! I average a $5 Starbucks card every 3 weeks with ShopKick!!


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