Clixten Review: Legit PTC Or A Scam?

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When it comes to making money online, Paid-To-Click (PTC) websites are one of the opportunities that a lot of people are pushing forward. One of those PTC sites is Clixten.

Is this PTC site a legit opportunity or is it just a scam or a waste of time like the other PTC sites? Let’s find out the answer in this review of the PTC site. But before we begin, let us first discuss what is Clixten.

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What is Clixten?

Like any other PTC website, Clixten pays you to click on the ads found on the website. But this PTC site also offers other ways for you to make money. You can complete offers, watch videos, play certain games, and refer friends. There are actually about ten different ways for you to earn money on this website.Like any other PTC website, Clixten pays you to click on the ads found on the website. But this PTC site also offers other ways for you to make money.

You can complete offers, watch videos, play certain games, and refer friends. There are actually about ten different ways for you to earn money on this website.

However, like all PTC sites, the pay you will get here is very low. This makes it harder to earn decent money here unless you will be able to refer a lot of people to join under you and be an active member, or rent referrals.

It is easy and free to join Clixten, so there’s no problem with registering for the site and start earning.

Who Uses Clixten?

The Clixten PTC site is used by two groups of people, the advertisers who are looking to have their ads clicked and be viewed by real people, and people like you who are looking for opportunities to make money.

For advertisers, PTC sites like Clixten provides them with an opportunity to make sure that their ad campaigns are viewed and interact with real people.

Since members of the sites will be paid for clicking and viewing ads, advertisers are guaranteed that someone will be seeing their advertisements.

This PTC site also allows them to put up other advertising campaigns, like video ads or offers. So this site provides advertisers with flexibility regarding the campaign they can do.

For people like you, Clixten provides you with the opportunity to make some money by doing something simple and easy, like clicking and viewing ads.

Ads are something that you encounter every day wherever you go, so why not use this opportunity to get paid for viewing it? The pay is not that high, but for a simple and easy task, this might not be a problem.

Once you’ve earned enough money, you can withdraw your earnings. To start earning, you just need to go to the website and register so you can start clicking ads and earning money.

How Can You Earn Money on Clixten?

The main way to earn some money on Clixten is through clicking ads and viewing them. There are a lot of ads that you can view, each with a different rate of earnings.

The Fixed Ads will allow you to earn $0.0005 to $0.001 per click, and then there are also the Standard Ads where you can earn $0.0025 per click.

There’s also the Tiny Ads, which pays you $0.0005 per click and the Nano Ads, which pays $0.0001 per click. Like with any PTC, you will need to wait a few seconds to verify that you have viewed the ads.

You will need to answer a captcha as a verification that you have indeed viewed the ad so the money can be credited to your account. Other than viewing ads, Clixten also offers other ways to earn money.

You can also earn money by completing offers found on the website. Completing offers will pay more, as you can earn $1 once you have completed an offer.

You just need to be cautious about some offers, as there are offers that you will need to sign up for a trial. This will require your credit card information, so be wary of these types of offers.

Other than offers, you can also earn money by watching videos. You will earn $0.0001 per videos you watch and the videos are mostly about the company Virool, which sells YouTube Views.

Clixten also has an Offer Wall, which will allow you to complete offers given by other companies. You won’t earn cash here, but Xtenpoints. The points can be redeemed for cash.

You can also try playing the Grid Game, where there’s a grid that’s full of ads. You have a chance to win $2 if you click the right grid and you have 20 tries a day.

After clicking, you just need to wait 8 seconds to see if you are a winner or not. Being an active member in Clixten also has its perks, as you will get a reward for publishing in their forum or referring someone.

You will get 25 points for every post you make on Clixten’s forum and 25 points for every referral. You will also earn percentage points from the earnings of your referrals.

As a Standard member, you are only able to have 100 referrals. You can also rent referrals, to help you earn more points faster, but this will cost you.

You will earn $0.0005 from each direct referral click and $0.002 from each rented referral click. As a Standard member, you can only get 200 referrals.

If you want to earn more, Clixten provides 4 paid member option, each allowing you to earn more for clicking ads and have more referrals.

There’s the Silver member for $20 a year, you will earn $0.005 per click, $0.001 per direct referral click. You can also have more direct referrals here, as your limit increases to 200.

There’s also the Golden member for $75 a year, which increases your earnings per click to $0.02, per direct referral click to $0.0025, and per rented referral click to $0.005.

The referrals you can have also increased to 1,000 each for both direct and rented referral. If you want more, there’s the Elite member for $500 a year, which increases your earnings per direct referral click to $0.005.

You can also have up to 4,000 referrals each for both direct and rented. Lastly, there’s the more expensive Ultimate member option for $700 a year.

It increases your earnings per direct referral click to $0.01 and the maximum number of direct referrals you can have to 10,000. You can have unlimited rented referrals as an Ultimate member.

It is important to remember that you must click at least 4 ads per day to earn from your direct referrals clicks. Your account will also be closed automatically if you don’t use it for 90 days.

The minimum withdrawal is $2, but after you cash out it will increase to $3 next withdrawal. This will go until you reach $6 for standard member. To be a member, you just need to sign up on their website, which is free to do so.

What I Liked about Clixten

Now that we have more idea about what is Clixten and how it works, it is time to discuss what I liked about the website.

  • It provides you with more options to earn money to help you reach the minimum amount you need to cash out. If you stick to just clicking ads, it will take you a long time to reach the minimum withdrawal amount. Luckily Clixten provides other ways to earn to help reach the amount faster.
  • It is easy and free to join.

What I Disliked about Clixten

Like any other PTC sites, though, there is a lot to complain about with Clixten.

  • Probably the main thing I don’t like about Clixten, and other PTC sites are that you will need to have a lot of referrals to really earn money here. Clicking alone, even if you take advantage of the many ways to earn on this site, won’t be making you money quicker. Having direct and rented referrals is really the fastest way to make dough here and in any other PTC sites.
  • Another thing that I didn’t like about Clixten is that you will need to spend money in order to earn more money. Paying for rented referrals or upgrading your membership might seem like a better way to earn more, but you are here to make money not spend it. You might end up losing money instead of making more if you decide to spend money to earn more.
  • Clicking 4 ads a day in order to earn from your referrals is also something that I didn’t like. There will likely be days where you can’t log-in to your account to click ads. So if you don’t click at least 4 ads a day, then you won’t be earning anything from your referrals on that day, which could be a problem, especially if you spent money on rented referrals.

Is Clixten Legit or A Scam and A Waste Of Time?

From what I’ve researched, I can say that Clixten is a legitimate PTC site that will really allow you to earn money from clicking ads and doing other activities found on the website.

However, the website has already crossed over to scam territory, as there are members who are complaining that they haven’t been paid yet.

The website has also been completely deactivated as of this writing, which shows that the site has not made enough money to continue its operations and pay its members.

Is Clixten to be Recommended?

I would have to say no, and I’m not just saying no because it is already deactivated. Even if Clixten is active and paying, I won’t recommend this site.

Like any other PTC site, I find Clixten a waste of time as an earning opportunity. Being a free member won’t really make you any money here, as the earnings you will get for clicking ads or completing other tasks on the website is low.

To really earn, you will need to spend money to rent referrals, become a paid member, or do both. I believe spending money to make money defeats your purpose of trying to earn money online.

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