DaDaABC Review: Scam Or Legit Teaching Job?

One of the opportunities that is growing in popularity is online English teaching. There are now a lot of companies out there that are looking to hire people to become one of their teachers.

The beauty of this opportunity compared to others is that it’s basically a job, which means it is more secure than other online opportunities.

But, it also provides some flexibility, allowing you to use it as a side income or second job. For this review, we’ll look at a company that offers this kind of opportunity, and it’s called DaDaABC.

It’s an online English teaching platform that is based in China that is looking for people to be their English teachers.

The payment is per hour and the company says they pay about $15 to $25. But is this opportunity really legitimate and will it really be worth your while to apply or is just a scam?

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DaDaABC is a Legit Opportunity To Make Money

DaDaABC is an online English teaching platform that is based in China. It provides you with an opportunity to make money online by being one of its online English teachers.

The pay rate per hour is about $15 to $25 but that is still dependent on several factors. Payments are given monthly via direct bank transfer.

From what I’ve seen so far I can say that DaDaABC provides a legitimate opportunity. They really provide an opportunity for you to make money teaching English online.

The company is reputable, and there have been little to no complaints at all when it comes to getting paid.

Of course, there are still some issues with DaDaABC, one being that you are an independent contractor instead of an actual employee.

There are also complaints that the company only allows 2-minute breaks inbetween classes. and also complaints about the early morning or late night shifts of the available classes.

I’ll discuss these issues in more detail as we progress further in this review of DaDaABC.

Who Uses DaDaABC?

DaDaABC is designed for two types of people with one being children in China who are looking to improve their proficiency in the English language.

The other type are people who are fluent and proficient in speaking and writing in the English language and are also looking for opportunities to make money online.

For kids, the company provides them an opportunity to increase their proficiency in English. DaDaABC has a lot of English speaking tutors that can help them learn and improve.

The class schedules are made in the afternoon until evening during weekdays so it won’t interfere with students’ schedule with their school. There are also morning, mid-afternoon, and late afternoon schedules during the weekends.

For people like you, DaDaABC offers them an opportunity to make money online by becoming an online English teacher.

You will be required to meet a certain number of hours in a month and the pay rate is about $15 to $25 per hour (subject to several factors). Pay is given once a month via bank transfer.

It’s free to apply to be an online English teacher. You just have to meet certain requirements. In the next section, I’ll discuss more the registration process as well as how you make money with this opportunity.

How Do You Make Money with DaDaABC?

DaDaABC is an online English teaching company that provides opportunities for people to make money online.

You can be one of their online English teachers where you will be paid per hour of work. The money you earn will be sent via bank transfer once a month.

To be an English teacher, you need to apply to the company. Now, DaDaABC has some requirements for all their applicants, starting with a Bachelor’s degree.

Applicants should also show a certificate coming from institutions like TESOL, TEFL, CELTA, etc. Teaching experience is also required, which you should include in your resume or CV.

You also need supporting documents that prove you don’t have a criminal background. For the equipment, you’ll need a computer with a webcam with a preference for HD webcam.

A microphone and internet connection is needed (a wired connection is preferred). You also need Google Chrome browser data or the DaDa software.

It’s also important you have a quiet area in your house to work.

After applying to the company and submitting your CV, they’ll contact you in 3 to 5 days if they’re interested.

If you pass the initial assessment, an interview,  which will be done via Skype, will be scheduled. The next step after that is technical and system training. And then, finally, a probationary performance review.

If you pass everything, you will be given a 1-year contract. Contracts are renewable if the company likes your performance. A raise is also possible during contract renewal

DaDaABC provides three types of classes. There’s the Trial class where students who are just starting are placed. It usually lasts for 14 minutes per session.

There’s also the Elective class, for students looking for extra curriculum. And the Major class, where regular students with fixed schedules are placed. Each session for both classes is 30 minutes long.

DaDaABC will be the one to assign you your class schedule. You just have to let them know your availability.

Available schedules are geared towards the availability of Chinese children and classes will be 1-on-1. The schedule for Monday to Friday is 6 pm to 9:10 pm Shanghai time.

Class schedules for Saturday and Sunday are 10 am to 12:06 noon, 2 pm to 4:06 pm, and 6: pm to 9:10 pm.

Teachers are required to render at least 10 hours of work per month. You will be given a 2-minute break after each class session. Leave is allowed, as long as you file it 24 hours before.

If you’ll be gone for an extended period, you need to file it 15 days before. You will be fined if you take leave without the proper process.

As for the pay, a lot of reviews say that the company pays about $15 to $25 per hour. But the actual figures will fluctuate.

This is because DaDaABC pays in renminbi or RMB, China’s currency. This means the actual amount you get will depend on the RMB’s conversion to your local currency.

Payments are given every 15th of the month via bank transfer or other transfer methods. Expect to get your pay within 3 to 5 days.

There are also bonuses like a 30% increase in base pay if you become a teacher to regular students. Converting students from trial class to regular class will also earn you $7 per student.

There’s also a $1 incentive bonus per finished class, substitute bonus, and cancellation subsidy.

You can also earn about $100 to $130 if you refer a person that becomes an online teacher at DadaABC. He or she just needs to get hired and be a teacher for 30 days for you to get your referral bonus.

What People are Saying about DaDaABC?

The teachers are generally happy and satisfied with DaDaABC. They are happy with the opportunity that they are getting, as well as the pay that the company offers.

But, like with any opportunity, there are also complaints. One of the main complaints is that you are basically hired as an independent contractor. This means that you don’t really get any benefits, paid leave, and other perks that employees would usually get.

Now, the opportunity is basically still a job, albeit a part-time one, since you still have a fixed schedule that you need to follow. It’s not really that flexible as you cannot work on any schedule you want.

You still have to report to a boss. So if you are looking for online work that also offers other benefits and flexibility, then the opportunity DaDaABC offers might not be what you are looking for.

Another common complaint with DaDaABC is that they only provide their online English teachers a 2-minute break in between classes.

This is a very short break time. It’s actually not even enough time for a bathroom break. This basically means the company wants you to focus and concentrate on your classes during your work schedule.

Speaking of schedules, the early morning and late night shifts are also a problem for some teachers. But since clients are based in China, the schedules have to suit them.

What I Like about DaDaABC

Now that we know what DaDaABC is and what it offers, it’s time to discuss what I like about this opportunity.

  • The first thing that I like about DaDaABC is that it is available worldwide. A lot of online teaching opportunities are only available to the U.S, or Canadian residents. So it’s great that this company makes it available worldwide as long as their requirements are met.
  • I also like that DaDaABC is one of the best paying online English teaching opportunities. Though they pay in RMB and the actual amount will likely fluctuate, you can’t dispute that what they offer is higher than a lot of online teaching opportunities out there.
  • I also like that DaDaABC won’t require you to create your own teaching material as they will provide this for you. You just need to concentrate on properly utilizing the material during classes.

What I Dislike about DaDaABC

Of course, not everything about DaDaABC is perfect, as there are also things I dislike about this opportunity.

  • The first thing that I don’t like about DaDaABC is that their available schedules are mostly early in the morning or late at night. I understand that these are the hours that students are available, but it would be great if there were other available schedules.
  • I also don’t like that the break they schedule teachers between classes is only 2 minutes This is not even enough for a bathroom break, making this longer would be helpful.
  • I also don’t like that DaDaABC hires teachers as independent contractors. This means that they don’t need to provide any benefits other than their monthly pay.

Do I Recommend DaDaABC?

After learning more about DaDaABC and what they really offer, I can say that they are an opportunity that is worth checking out, provided you meet their requirements.

They probably have one of the best online English teaching opportunities available, considering their pay is higher than a lot of similar opportunities.

The company also makes it easier to teach since you don’t have to create your own teaching materials. You just have to contend with their 2-minute break per session and the early morning and late night shifts.

If you’re not okay with the schedule or the lack of a decent break, then this opportunity might not be for you. If you don’t mind and have the right qualifications then you could check out what DaDaABC has to offer.

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