An IQ Life Review – Legit Or Another Risky Investment?


Company: iQ Life

Website: Not Launched

You may be asking what is IQ Life and what is it all about?

Facebook and other social media platforms have been going crazy with promotions on this because the many people are getting in on the ground level.

This means that the company hasn’t even launched yet and they are trying to lure in as many people as possible.

The most common phrases I hear about IQ Life are, you can get in by “invitation only” or “limited time only.”

Ok, as a quick side note, when a company says this, it is used as a ploy to get you interested and nothing more.

Please keep that in mind for the future.

What I’m trying to say is that all of these kinds of comments are used by scammers, typically from MLMS scams or pyramid schemes.

This is a great opportunity to tell you that I am not writing this review to bash MLMs in particular.

There are many MLMs that have been successful and run legitimate business models.

What I’m saying is that there is an issue with reputation that these legit MLMs suffer from because of pop-up scams.

I cannot officially call IQ Life a scam yet because there is no set launch date, but the second it launches, I can.

Until that day, IQ Life is simply a waste of your time and money.

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An IQ Life Overview

Another part of the mystery that is IQ Life is that there is a confusing and hidden history with IQ Life.

This is just another nail in the coffin for this company that has not even gotten off the ground yet.

In August of 2013, the Level 9 Website was purchased by a few investors.

Three months later, those investors re-launched as a company named IQ Life.

The Level 9 App was scratched so they could bring you an affiliate program.

At this point, IQ Life is the parent company and offering a new social platform called IQ Konnect.

This is the type of confusing history that makes me frustrated to say the least.

I want companies to start providing major background information about the investors and owners/founders.

This is all technically public information but they refuse to be open about this kind of stuff.

This company feels that it is better to hide all of this information so you are unaware of two things: one, the past failures and two, imminent doom from a business perspective.

Products & Services


First of all, let’s take a look at the services that are provided in each service pack.

There are 7 services provided:
1. iQ Ucast
2. iQ TechSupport
3. iQ CreditWatch
4. iQ IDLock
5. iQ BlackBox
6. iQ Unify
7. iQ Defender

Now let’s look at the 5 Smart Packs
iQ1: $24.95 IDLock & Defender
iQ2: $49.95 CreditWatch, IDLock & Defender
iQ3:$49.95 TechSupport, BlackBox & Defender
iQ4:$99.95 All Services Except TechSupport and BlackBox
iQ5: $99.95 All Services Except CreditWatch and IDLock

In order for anyone to get behind a company they have to have a great product but unfortunately, the company doesn’t really market the actual packages and explain more about the products.

This leaves a lot up to the imagination of the consumer and could be a turnoff for perspective buyers.


This is all you will see from this company; “Coming Soon.”

Thanks, but no thanks.

Compensation Plan

Ok, here it goes.

This is a relatively complex compensation plan but can be explained in a way so everyone understands it.

If you have any questions at the end of this section, there is a pdf version of the plan, just follow the link provided.


SOCIALITE: This is a rank for those that have not purchased the services but paid for the only on the initial Smart Pack.
• Personal Enroller – 30%
• An additional 3% is for the Social Grid aspect

AFFLIATE: Paid Minimum $9.95 DPS, Enrolled 0-2 people and has 3 levels in the Social Grid
• Personal Enroller – 30%
• 2nd Gen. – 10%
• 3rd Gen. – 5%
• Plus an extra 3% for each Social Grid Level

LEAD AFFILIATE: Paid $9.95 DSP, Enrolled 3-5 people and has 9 levels in the Social Grid
• Personal Enroller – 30%
• 2nd Gen. – 10%
• 3rd Gen. – 5%
• Plus an extra 3% for each Social Grid Level

PREMIER AFFILIATE: Paid $9.95 DSP, Enrolled 6-11 people and 12 Social Grid levels
• Personal Enroller – 30%
• 2nd Gen. – 10%
• 3rd Gen. – 5%
• Plus an extra 3% for each Social Grid Level

ELITE AFFILIATE: $9.95 DSP, enrolled at least 12 people and access to 15 levels of the Social Grid
• Personal Enroller – 30%
• 2nd Gen. – 10%
• 3rd Gen. – 5%
• Plus an extra 3% for each Social Grid Level

Take a look at this link of the iQLife Compensation Plan that has the entire thing rolled out into really nice looking charts and diagrams.

This is nice and all but does it really mean you will make money.

I guess we will have to wait until the company actually launches but I think the damage has already been done.

So many people have a bad taste left in their mouths after having to wait for almost 2 years.

I mean, seriously, you can only promise so much before even the most naïve person wakes up.


Things I Liked About IQ Life

I really like the fact that people have a chance to get in at the ground level with a company.

People have made a lot of money by getting involved in the first stage of a company, but most MLMers fail miserably, in fact the vast majority do.

This is kind of a rare opportunity, but there are too many warning signs that you may be wasting your time and money.

The next section of the review will scare you more than a horror film.

Look, if you want to take a risk, you can do whatever you want with your money.

However, there are so many better and safer choices out there.

There is no reason to play the fool and end up losing your hard earned money.

If you are wealthy and have the money to spare, sure it might pay out when they finally launch the business, but why take that risk.

At this point, it is only a matter of principle and that means you should turn around and walk the other way.

Things I Didn’t Like About IQ Life

I cannot even access their main website which still should be available for browsing purposes.

I got a strange message when I tried to enter the site and my computer warned me that it was a malicious site.

Check out the picture. Who knows, it could be because I’m currently living in the Philippines, but I doubt that is the reason.

What makes this extremely troubling is that I found a comment posted on another IQ Life review that has no idea how the company got his banking information and was wondering how to stop the payments.

I mean come on, the company hasn’t even launched yet and there are things like this happening.

At this point, I feel compelled to see what the Better Business Bureau has on them.

When I checked their site though, since the company hasn’t officially launched, there is no rating or complaints available.

This is too bad because the company has been promising a launch for more than a year and nothing has come of it.

This is really scary if authorities are allowing this kind of company to exist.

For months, people have been paying a monthly fee and literally had nothing to show for except more credit card debt.

Final Verdict

There are too many things wrong with this company even before the launch.

The first issue I see right away is that it is an MLM.

Look, some MLMs are great, but the vast majority are failures.

This makes me nervous.

The second issue is that there is still not a scheduled launch date, even after a 2 year wait already.

This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen and I have written a lot of reviews.

I am wondering why the authorities haven’t stepped in.

The 3rd issue I have is that we know very little about the company and very little about the product.

This is inexcusable at this point, especially with all of the marketing platforms available at their disposable.

This leads me to my next complaint; can they guarantee that they will succeed or will it be a giant failure.

With such little information out there, I am willing to bet that for those that have invested, will regret it soon.

The next thing that I want to mention is that this product and service is simply a FaceBook with a money making tool attached to it, which seems impossible to catch on.

No one will leave Facebook to join this.

Ok, you have read what my opinion is on this company and I simply cannot recommend this to anyone because it is a lost cause.

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If you have enrolled in iQ Life or simply want to ask questions or leave a comment, feel free to fill out the form below.

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