Life Matters (Life Shotz) Review – Legit Ingredients or Pyramid Scheme?

Lifematters Reviews

Company: Life Shotz / Life Matters
Founders/Owners: Richard & Kimmy Brooke

Welcome to my review of Life Matters!

I am really happy you ended up at my review out of all the others ones out there.

I always recommend that people considering an MLM should do plenty of research about companies before jumping in head first.

There is no excuse to be honest with you.

There are thousands of MLMs and I have yet to see one that doesn’t appear to be a pyramid scheme.

Some are more legit than others for reasons to be revealed later in the review but you have the right to know the truth.

During my research I have seen so many reviews done by Life Matters affiliates that are just shoving product down your throat and telling you that it is the best product and a miracle.

OK, I get it, they are trying to make a buck; but at the expense of your wallet getting smaller.

Spoiler alert; I will never recommend a MLM to anyone but I will tell people if there is a way to make a decent living.

Here is what I do in all of my reviews.

I start out with a background check of the company and its owners/founders.

Then I provide an analysis of their products and compensation plan.

Then I turn to the professionals and look at the Better Business Bureau for some help.

Finally, I make a list of things to worry about which are not meant to scare you but to warn you of any red flags.

You can also check out the step-by-step training that helps me earn over $10,000+ per month working from home.

Life Matters Overview – What is the Company?

First of all, the Company started out as Life Shotz but changed to Life Matters shortly after.

Now Life Shotz is simply part of the product line of Life Matters.

The company is owned by Richard and Kimmy Brooke and Richard is one of the board of directors of the DSA, Direct Selling Association.

This says something about the company at least from the respect that the DSA is a very powerful and respected association.

Life Matters is HQ’d in Idaho that provides a very few but wide range of nutritional drinks with a MLM attached to it.

The rest of the information about the company is rather difficult to uncover because of name changes and the fact that the prices are really high in comparison to other companies.

One this is for sure though, there is no scientific evidence that Life Matters products are more effective or better than their competitors.

They are overpriced and are difficult to sell on a retail level.

The MLM side is nothing unique or special and that can make it more difficult to recruit people.

I will get more in depth with these talking points but they are real and you should know about them.

Let’s get into the product line.

Life Matters Products

Lifematters Products Review

Ok, with this section of the review I will not go over every single product but I will post the categories and what they claim to help.

I want to point out that no matter what the “science” says about these products, they are no legit in any way and it is only meant as a selling point.

Many people that sell products will claim that there are so many ailments that can be cured by products and this has happened since the founding of MLM companies.

Please, if you are going to join an MLM, at least have some decency and don’t lie about the medicinal benefits of products because it is deplorable.

LIFE SHOTZ – No Sugar, Original, No Sugar Capsules
• Revitalize Your Mood
• Boost Your Immune System
• Fight Oxidative Stress
• Unlock Your Natural Energy

VIBE – Chocolate, Vanilla, Single Serving for both Choco & Vanilla
• Perfect Whole Meal
• Patented Probiotic
• Low Glycemic Load
• Full Serving of Greens
• Faster Workout Recovery
• Reduce Hunger Cravings

MIND – Cognitive Nutrient Capsules
• Stay Sharp
• Quicker & Better Memory
• Cognizin
• FloraGLO Lutein for eye health

MOTION – Body and joint Nutrient Capsules
• Restore Mobility & Flexibility
• Protects & Rebuilds Your Body’s Tissue
• Fast-Acting Formula

• Better Mood
• More Focused
• Amazing Sleep
• Lose Some Weight
• Support Digestive Health

There is a wide variety of ingredients and Life Matters claims that everything is fresh and natural and most importantly, everything you need is in the formula.

My question to Life Matters is why do you need a formula when you can go to the market for the fraction of the price and get the same exact nutrients?

It is really that easy.

A balanced diet and is the way to go and you don’t need to trust some quack doctor endorsing the products for a paycheck.

If you think I’m wrong please let me know how you can beat good ole fashioned veggies and fruits.

Compensation Plan

Lifematters Compensation Plan Review

I always link the compensation plan if it is available so I highly encourage you to look at and get familiar with it.

You will need to know it in and out if you are even considering Life Matters for a business.

So here it is; Life Matters Compensation Plan.

I will only provide the ways to get paid so that you can see for yourself.

Providing the nuts and bolts of the plan is not the whole picture but let’s face it, you want to know if you can make money with Life Matters.

That is the main reason you are here.

1. Retail Profit
2. Retails Outlet Bonus
3. Get 3 Yours is Free
4. Star Bonuses
5. Life Matters Leadership Bonuses
6. Unilevel Bonus
7. Oxyfresh Affiliate Program
8. Business in a Box Bonuses

Ok, at a quick glance that looks like a lot of ways to get paid.

To be perfectly honest it is not anything special and it is tough to tell this company from any other Health & Wellness niche MLM.

Here is the deal, a legitimate business takes money from customers, people outside of business.

When you start requiring affiliates and employees to spend money on product to stay active, that is classic pyramid scheme.

Here is the requirements to say active so you can make money: “A Brand Rep who maintains a $100 Auto Order or $185 Individual Sales within the calendar month. Customer Sales DO NOT count
toward your Active requirements.”

This means that not only can you not count retails sales toward your active requirement, you are forced to recruit in order to make money.

That is the only way to do it. To make a long story short, affiliates account for the vast majority of revenue to this company…RED FLAGS!!!

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Unfortunately, I cannot find a BBB analysis on the company but I am not surprised.

I’m not so sure BBB would give it the kind of press they want.

Let’s take a look at some other things to be wary about and try and put this review to rest.

Things I Do Not Like About Life Matters

The first thing I have to comment on is the auto ship mechanism that has cost many people around the world a headache.

Many MLMs are now adopting this abomination and it is said to save you money on the products but it is a joke.

Thousands of MLMs have made a big mistake making it a part of their business.

At a quick glance, it might look like auto ship is a good thing, but read some reviews and testimonies from people that have had bad experiences.

Most of the time, an MLM will not stop your auto ships if you quit, become inactive or any other reason.

All they care about is making the sale.

I have already mentioned the fact that the ingredients are supposedly all natural and filled with great stuff.

The problem with that is that you don’t need to spend that kind of money when they can grow their own garden and eat healthier to get the same results.

Guys, I am a former fatty and I tried everything under the sun to lose weight.

The only thing that worked was changing my diet completely and exercising on a regular basis.

When a company says that their products help with all of the benefits I listed in the product section and then have disclaimers at the bottom on the page, you should start to question their legitimacy.

Look, the decision is your call but you have to call it like you see it.

The Final Verdict

I have never recommended an MLM because I feel that there are better ways to make money online.

Does this mean that all MLMs are scams, NO but it makes me question the vast majority of them.

If you want to make a living online, the best thing you can do is get some training.

There are great programs out there and you should take advantage of them.

If you want an example of what I’m talking about, check out this review.

The program is free to try out so there is no risk involved.

The other great thing about it is the fact that you get a chance to improve your skills.

I hope this review helped you out in some way.

If you have experience with this company, want to ask a question or leave a comment, feel free to fill out the form below.

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