A GNLD MLM Review – Is It Legit Or Is It A Pyramid Scheme Scam?


Company: GNLD
Website: us.gnld.com http://us.gnld.com/en-us/home/5
Founder: Jerry Brassfield

I am writing this review about GNLD for many reasons but none so important than balancing out all of the biased GNLD reviews that flood the internet.

Most of the reviews you see on the internet are nothing but videos from GNLD affiliates telling you how great the products are and that you can make money while consuming the products.

Although this is partly true, there are plenty of issues that exist with the company.

There are a few things you will never see in my reviews, including this one.

I will never tell you to join or not to join. I only provide facts and other articles to read that back up my statements.

I also tell you what I would do and why, at the very end of the review.

I understand that you are fully capable of making an educated decision but I am simply trying to provide you with facts that GNLD affiliates won’t.

I will go over the product and compensation plan after providing some background information on GNLD.

I will also tell you about the pros & cons of the company in great detail. I hope you enjoy the review.

You can also check out the step-by-step training that helps me earn over $10,000+ per month working from home.

A GNLD Overview

Jerry Brassfield founded GNLD in 1958, although it was known as Neo Life then.

It added the G (Golden) and the D (Diamite) later on.

The NL stands for Neo Life, as you can see from the website I linked at the beginning of the review.

Brassfield was obsessed with trying to provide nutritional education to people, and products that back it up.

There is no doubt that GNLD is one of the top MLM companies around.

In fact, health and wellness MLMs dominate the top companies list every year.

This is because the demand for products like this are always in demand due to a massive industry.

It is time to take a look at the products that GNLD has to offer.

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Due to the fact that GNLD has so many products, I will simply provide you a rundown of the 3 main categories.

There is simply no reason to display each product.


1. Core Products
2. Weight Management
3. Targeted Solutions
4. Energy

Personal Care

1. All Skin Types
2. Normal to Dry
3. Combination to Oily
4. Hair Care
5. Body Care

Home Care Products

Compensation Plan


Before we get started on the actual compensation plan, this is what GNLD says about the business opportunity:

1. “Regardless of age, experience, education or race
2. Low overheads and labor costs
3. Local, regional, global
4. No limit, develops value over time
5. Portable wherever you go
6. Wealth, health, happiness, security
7. Low investment; low risk”

OK, to put it mildly, GNLD has a massive compensation plan that provides many ways to make money.

Here is a link to the GNLD Compensation Plan via pdf.

This will allow you to dive in and take a look at it.

Although I won’t provide a point for point tally, I will say that having this many ways to make money is a great thing and the right kind of MLMer can take advantage of it.

With that being said, I wish that the payouts were bigger so it would accommodate the smaller fish.

Making low retail commissions is kind of annoying for such a recruiting dependent compensation plan, but I have seen worse.

What I Liked About GNLD

I love the fact that GNLD has been around since 1958.

Most of the MLMs that start up are of the pop up variety that only last a few years or less.

Not DNLD, there are millions of customers that have been using their products for years.

There are even some comments saying that ‘my grandmother started using the products and now I do.”

Think about this for a minute.

There are 3+ generations using GNLD products.

So it is clear that the products are enjoyed by lots of people and they purchase it because they are satisfied.

This is a good thing if you can take advantage of their recruit heavy compensation plan.

What I Didn’t Like About GNLD

Wasted Money

Although GNLD has been around forever, there are some problems I have with the company.

Yes you have to push recruiting to the point of insanity but my research has made me realize that vitamin supplements are a waste of money.

If you don’t believe me, check out this article from 3 Johns Hopkins University professors.

They claim that “supplements provide no clear benefit and might even be harmful.”

Here is the thing, Johns Hopkins is second to none in regards to medical research.

It would be safe to say that the professors know what they are talking about.
I know I might be leaving out everyone that does not have medical insurance with my next few comments but here it goes…

Instead of wasting your money on vitamin supplements that just provide 100%+ of your daily requirement, just go to the doctor and get a yearly vitamins deficiency exam.

Then you can change your diet according to what deficiencies you have.

I know I am simplifying the process and making it seem really easy but you can get all of the vitamins you need through eating a balanced diet.

Take it from me; I lost 40 pounds just from walking a mile a day and eating more veggies and fruits.

No vitamins, no gimmicks.

Blood Tests

Check out this link that will show you how many tests are available to you with just a one-time blood test.

Here is a quote from the link I provided: “Don’t just take supplements, know how much and which ones you should be taking.”


This would be a great time to tell you that I think that GNLD is a great MLM in regards to the overall picture.

But the next issue I have is a personal pet peeve because it is the reason that 95% of MLMers fail.

No, I’m being serious; the need to recruit a massive number of affiliates is not as simple as knocking on doors.

You have to be in recruiter mode 24/7 and you have to have experience.

I have a question for you.

Why would you join an MLM that you will most likely fail in without the proper training?

There are plenty of training programs out there that are cheap and provided top notch recruiting tips.

I will discuss a company that I always tell people about in the next section.

The Final Verdict

OK, I hope you get the picture at this point.

There is absolutely no way that GNLD is a scam because they have been around since 1958, well at least NeoLife has.

However, the company isn’t as perfect as all of their members say it is.

There are still plenty of issues that need to be worked out but I doubt that anything new is coming down the pipe for such a long standing company.

Some of the complaints are completely preventable, like the fact that the products are expensive.

Today, there are plenty of supplement and health products available at such rock bottom prices and they all provide the same thing.

Ladies and Gentlemen, there is no such thing as a magic pill or product.

This snake oil type advertisement has been around for centuries.

This doesn’t mean that their products do not help some people but the claims that is makes people feel great are most likely just the placebo effect.

This means that I am OUT when it comes to joining GNLD.

If I had the option of joining the company back in 1958, it would be a different story but you have to be at the top of the pyramid to make any significant money.

Unless you have outstanding recruiting experience.

If you are looking for this kind of training and then some, take a look at my #1 recommended training program.

It is affordable and you can try it out for free.

The training program speaks for itself and is one of the top programs in the world.

If you are interested in leaving a comment or asking a question, feel free to fill out the form below.

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2 thoughts on “A GNLD MLM Review – Is It Legit Or Is It A Pyramid Scheme Scam?”

  1. I’ll call Neo life a scam because I was tricked into it and made to part with almost 40,000 Nigerian naira. I actually saw a job advert as a school secretary, I applied and during the interview I was told I would learn a skill for free in addition to the job, but that I’ll only pay the said amount in 2 installments, which I did. I went to’work’ from Monday to Saturday, and was not allowed to ask any questions. After two months of ‘working’ without payment, I resigned, or rather, stopped working. I’ve regretted my stupidity to fall too cheaply to their dubious offers each passing day of my life. It shall not be well with them for stealing from poor job seekers as a result of our vulnerability.

  2. Talking about GNLD, I am a fresh victim. I saw a job advert which I called the number, and was directed to a place-even though it was far from where I was, I risked my life and transport fare to go for it. On reaching there, they started teaching us (many of us were there for job) that education no longer pay, job has no value on our lives, small scale business too, would not. I was convinced in…..I spent about N20,000 Nigerian money in addition to living abnormal life of begging for rides by drivers on the high way, and trekking long distances with hunger and thirst….all in the name of working for my future.
    I am indeed interested in network marketing. But I think I haven’t found the rightful one.


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