A Global Trust One Review – It Is A Scam And Is No Longer In Business


Company: Global Trust One
Website: Shut Down
Social Media: Accounts still active

Ok guys, although this review is going to be a little different than most of my reviews.

This company has been confirmed a scam and shut down.

However, their social media sites are still semi active and they are still scamming people.

I want to use this company as a lesson to everyone that is searching for an online business opportunity.

Although Global Trust One(GTO) is a scam, there are credible and amazing MLMs that exist.

After showing you how the GTO scam works, I will provide you with an example of an MLM that has a proven track record of excellence.

Stay tuned at the end of the review.

The reason I want to use this company as an example is because it is a perfect opportunity to showcase all of the false claims that scammers use in order to trap victims.

I will break down their product, or lack thereof, their compensation plan & and then provide you with BBB reports and quotes from testimonies.

All of this will culminate into a lesson plan that will show you how this scam and thousands of other scam work.

The purpose of this review is to prevent people from falling victim to scams.

It pains me to see honest, hardworking people lose their money with promises of high ROI with no actual product to back it up with.

You can also check out the step-by-step training that helps me earn over $10,000+ per month working from home.

A Global Trust One Overview

Here is what GTO claims:

It claims that it is “founded and supervised by a group of professional traders association…”

We will never know if this is factual because the domain is registered as private and you can’t get that information let alone try to confirm it.

GTO also claims to “provide our global clients with genuine investment and trading in the stock and index market in the recognized International Stock Exchange…”

This is not true according to the Better Business Bureau(BBB).

Take a look at the picture below and also the link provided for confirmation.


If you are wondering where I am getting the direct quotes from, take a look at their FaceBook page, which is still active by the way.

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Compensation Plan


The following is an overview of everything they offered.

The reason I am putting it in the review is so that you can see what kind of plan they have and stay clear of companies that offer the same things.

You see, most of these scam pop-up companies use the same scheme and you can start to see a pattern.

Once you see the pattern, you can simply move on and avoid any financial mishaps.


Profit Sharing

They offered what is called profit return of 3% daily for all of the packages sold during a 100 day period.

This profit sharing benefit is stated to start after the third day of becoming a registering your account.

Direct Sponsor Bonus

GTO said they would pay up to 16% direct sponsoring bonus on all of the deposits done by your personally recruited affiliates.

These benefits were said to be paid after the customer makes the deposit.

Binary Bonus

There was a 10% “binary pairing bonus” for all sales made on a daily basis.

The “weaker leg” matched the “stronger leg”.

What this part did was fuel the scam.

In order to get full matching, members were forced to pair.

This is how the scam works; recruit and get more people hooked in the scam and then cut and run when they have your money.

Matching Bonus

They said that they paid 2.5% in a 7 multi tier pyramid.

Here is a quote that I want you to pay attention to and then I’ll point out the issue with it: “if your downline have a binary pairing bonus you will automaticaly get 2.5%.”

Look at that sentence carefully and you can see what the issue is.

The sentence should read “has” not “have.” Secondly they misspelled automatically.

This may not seem like a big deal but a company that is trying to succeed and become world renowned is most likely not going to make these mistakes.

If you are reading a company website, pay attention to minor details like this because if it looks like a 5th grader wrote it, turn around and run as fast as you can.

What I Liked About Global Trust One

There is nothing to really stay here, other than the best thing about Global Trust One is that they got shut down and are no longer in business.

What makes me furious is that the same creators of this company will most likely start up another company with the same scam soon.

At least if you read this review, you might be able to recognize it.

What I Didn’t Like About Global Trust One

By this point you should be able to point out everything I dislike about this company and all other companies like it.
This is kind of “MLM” that tarnishes the reputation of all MLMs.

Look, there are plenty of them out there that run fantastic companies.

Don’t get discouraged if it takes you a while to find one that feels right to you.

In fact, at the very end of this review I’m going to show you a company that you can trust and has a wonderful record.

One thing to add about this company is that also bothers me is that they are in Bloomberg’s database but, ‘Global Trust One does not have any Key Executives recorded.”

I understand that there are laws that allow thing like this to happen.

However, I hope that these types of loopholes get rectified ASAP.

This allows anybody to start a business and scam people and there is little that can be done by the authorities.

I mean, come on, who is going to get arrested if no one is registered with the company?

This is why I recommend starting with a company that has leadership that stands behind its product and is open to the public.


The Final Verdict

GTO is without doubt a scam.

It does not sell or market anything.

The only revenue that it actually makes is through its affiliate program.

This is a tell tale sign that a company is just a front for fraud.

Not only that, but this exact scam model has become very popular and the same people rinse and repeat the process.

They start a business, scam people, bail on their customers when they feel like they have made enough money and then the shutdown operations before the authorities can track them down.

Then they wait for while and start a new scam.

These scammers have gotten good at their trade and will make you feel comfortable so be wary.

I want you to take a look at a company that I feel is one of the, if not the, best MLM around.

But I don’t want to you to go to a website, I want you to read a review so that you get an idea of what the company offers first.

It is called Wealthy Affiliate and here’s my review.

If you have any experience with Global Trust One or any company like it, then please share your story with us.

We are eager to gather as much information as possible so that we can see these scams before they gain traction.

Let’s help each other out, we are in this together.

Go ahead and leave a comment by filling out the form below.

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