World Global Network Review: Legit Or Scam?

There are a lot of opportunities out there when it comes to making money, whether it is online or offline. There are a lot of companies and websites that provide various ways to earn a living.

One of the most common money-making opportunities that you will likely come across is multilevel marketing (MLM) opportunities.

There are thousands of different MLM companies out there that offer a way for you to make money. Usually, it involves selling products or recruiting people to join the opportunity.

In this review, we’ll be looking at an MLM company that is called World Global Network. It’s a company that sells wearable technology that claims to help improve life and health.

You can make money on the site selling the products that they offer and also by recruiting people to join the MLM program.

The amount of money you can earn here is hard to gauge, considering the many different factors that can affect your earning potential.

But is World Global Network really a legit opportunity to make money or is it just a scam that you should avoid?

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World Global Network is A Legit Company to Make Money From

World Global Network is a company that sells wearable products that can help improve the health and wellness of its wearer.

The products have the technology to provide information about the wearer’s health and what actions could be taken to improve it.

The site also uses MLM methods to sell and market its products, which means it needs independent distributors. As a distributor, you can earn commissions whenever you sell the product.

You can also earn money whenever you recruit people to become part of the program and also sell the products.

Based on what I’ve seen so far, I can say that World Global Network is a legitimate opportunity to make money. The site does provide real products and their compensation plan centers more on product movement.

There are, however, some issues with this opportunity.  One of the issues is that there are complaints that the company is slow to provide refunds.

Another issue is that there are also a lot of complaints about the products not really working.

Then some of the distributors also complained that the MLM’s leaders are overhyping everything to entice people to become members.

I’ll discuss these issues in more detail as we progress further in this review of World Global Network.

Who Uses World Global Network?

World Global Network is designed for two types of people with one being those who are looking for ways to help improve their health and well-being.

The other types of people are those who are looking for opportunities for a side business that can allow them to make money.

For people looking to improve their health, World Global Network claims to help you with that with their wearable products.

They claim that their products have the tech to monitor a wearer’s health and well-being, as well as provide steps to improve it.

For people looking to make money, World Global Network also provides this in the form of their MLM opportunity.

As an independent distributor, you get to earn commissions for selling the company’s products. You can also earn commissions from the sales of people you recruit to the program.

To be a distributor, you’ll need to purchase a starter kit.

I’ll discuss the registration process in the next section, as well as the compensation plan that the World Global Network provides.

How Do You Make Money with World Global Network?

As an MLM company, World Global Network provides you with an opportunity to make money promoting and selling their products.

You get to earn a commission every time you sell the company’s wearable products. You also earn a commission whenever your downlines are able to sell the products as well.

To be an independent distributor, you need to first sign up and purchase a starter kit. When you register, you need to choose to Join the Customer Referral Program.

Registration is free so you won’t have to pay anything here. After filling out all the required details, the next step is to choose the product bundle.

The company has two packs to choose from, the Personal Pack, which is worth $369, and the Builder Pack, which is worth $1,499.

Each pack will come with products and some materials you will need to start your business. The more expensive pack will just come with more products to sell.

Before we proceed to the compensation plan, let’s discuss briefly some of the main products that the World Global Network sells.

The Helo Wellness Band is one of the main products of the company. It’s basically a fitness tracking band, similar to that of Fitbit.

The product tracks your heart rate, heart ECG, fatigue level, mood, sleep patterns/quality, daily steps, and more. Toshiba manufactured this band, providing it with the backing of a well-known company in the tech industry.

Another product they sell is the Biozen, which is a health product that the company says is designed to protect you from electrosmog radiation.

It’s radiation that comes from electrical devices like smartphones and laptops. The radiation from these devices is said to have a negative impact on your DNA and this device will protect you from that.

World Global Network also has its own smartphone product called Infolio. It’s a typical smartphone, except that it has a unique feature that lessens the electrosmog radiation it emits when it is used.

As for the compensation plan, the company will pay you a 10% commission on every product that you sell. You just need to reach the monthly quota to earn commissions.

You can also earn a yearly residual income of 10% if you are able to get people to sign up to the company’s loyalty program.

You can also earn about 10% to 21% commission from your downline’s sales volume. The percentage will depend on what your rank is within the company.

If you are able to reach the rank of President Millionaire, you will also qualify to earn 1% of the company’s revenue.

You will also have a chance to win other incentives like travel, a new car, and so on, if you are able to achieve certain revenue goals or ranks that the company set.

As mentioned above, there are some issues with this MLM opportunity and chief among them is the many complaints that the customers have about the company.

One of the complaints is that the company is slow in providing refunds to customers who are not satisfied with the product they receive.

In relation to that, there have also been a lot of complaints about getting defective products or products that are of low quality.

Both issues seem to come from the fact that the World Global Network is experiencing some financial problems.

The complaints had dragged the company’s Better Business Bureau rating down to F but has now recovered to a D as of this writing.

There have also been a lot of complaints coming from distributors about the company’s leaders trying to hype up the products and the earning opportunity to lure people to join.

This is not a new issue since a lot of MLMs actually apply this tactic. This allows them to hide how hard it is to make money and also to hide other problems the company might have.

What I Like about the World Global Network

Now that we know what World Global Network is and what they are offering, it’s time to discuss what I like about this opportunity.

  • The first thing that I like about World Global Network is that their Halo wristband is created by a reputable tech company, Toshiba, which provides some credibility. People can be assured that, at least, this one product is manufactured by a known company.
  • I also like that the compensation plan of World Global Network is pretty simple and straightforward. It’s not that hard to understand the compensation they offer since there isn’t a lot of complex details.

What I Dislike about World Global Network

Of course, not everything with World Global Network is good and dandy, as there are also several things about this opportunity that I don’t like.

  • The first thing that I don’t like about World Global Network is the fact that there have been a lot of complaints coming from customers about getting products that don’t work or are of low quality. Though there have also been people who are happy with the products they bought, there are more complaints than satisfied customers. It seems the company’s recent financial woes played a major role in this issue.
  • Another thing that I don’t like about World Global Network is that their products are a bit expensive, especially if you compare them to their competitors. This will make it hard for you to market and sell the products to the people since it is a bit pricey.
  • I also don’t like that there are also complaints that some of the leaders of the World Global Network is applying deceiving and misleading tactics to try and get more people to join the MLM program. The company’s financial problems also affected the earnings of some of the leaders, so they resort to deceiving tactics to lure people in.

Do I Recommend World Global Network?

After learning more about the World Global Network and what it can really offer, I would say that this is an opportunity that I don’t really recommend.

Yes, they might be considered as one of the hottest MLM companies around, but the recent issues that are plaguing the company are not doing them any favors.

The complaints about low quality or defective products have increased. Then couple this with the fact that their product is more expensive than its competitors, and it will result in people losing trust with the company.

There are also a lot of independent distributors complaining about the company’s leaders resorting to deceiving tactics to lure more people to join. This results in more disgruntled distributors, which doesn’t help the World Global Network. Making money in MLM is already hard, adding some negative aspects to it will only make it even tougher. So, you are better off to check out other opportunities to make money.

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