A Hodo Global Review – Is It Legit Or Another Travel Scam?


Company: Hodo Global
Founder/Owner: John Hammack

Welcome to my review of Hodo Global, which hasn’t been around for a very long time, but has gotten a lot of attention.

This is usually the trend with travel niche MLMs.

When a new business opportunity in this niche pops up, people try to join while the getting is good.

There is a downfall to these companies though, they do not last long and before you know it, another pops up to try and catch you again.

I’m not saying they are a scam, they provide 3rd party discounts to customers at a price.

However, the information that I am about to reveal may guide you to make other travel arrangements.

In this review, you will find nothing but facts.

I only use information provided by the company itself, and testimonies from customers.

I also provide the compensation plan in pdf format when it is available.

This will help you see the company at its core.

Look, if you can make money, I will tell you.

If you are better off looking for a better opportunity, then I will say so and also provide you with some sort of alternative.

You can also check out the step-by-step training that helps me earn over $10,000+ per month working from home.

Hodo Global Overview


A man named John Hammack is the founder and CEO of Hodo Global, which is a travel niche MLM.

The company is headquartered in Texas.

Hammack took part in Rippln which failed miserably but then bounced back with Ambit Energy.

Hammack also participated on a training call for AE members this past June.

This is all of the information I could find about the company.

Next up is the products and services section of the review.

Check it out.


Hodo Global uses TripSpin which is what generates the discounts on travel, vacation etc.

Here is the official rewards list that Hodo Global offers:
• Travel
• Free Trips
• Vacations
• Products

After you pay $308 for access to TripSpin, you also have to pay a $88.88 every month to maintain your membership.

In some countries like the Philippines and Thailand, for example, the monthly fee is $48.88.

I already know what you are thinking.

How and I going to save any money when I have to pay all of these fees?

To be perfectly honest with you, the vast majority of travelers will not save any money.

In fact, if you don’t travel more than 5 times in a years, just use one of the free services like Expedia.

Compensation Plan


How Hodo Global’s compensation plan works is quite simple.

You get paid for recruiting people into the company.

The people then have to buys a subscription.

This cycle continues and after meeting the recruitment requirements, you earn direct and residuals income.

Here is a quick list of ways to get paid by bonuses:
1. Direct Bonus
2. Fast-Start Bonus Pool
3. Team/Cycle Bonuses
4. Differential Overrides
5. Matching Bonuses
6. Lifestyle Bonuses

This is also a ranking system which depends on how many personally sponsored active promoters you get and their total value.
• 1 Star: 2 Personally Sponsored Active Promoters
• 2 Star: 4 Personally Sponsored Active Promoters
• 3 Star: 6 Personally Sponsored Active Promoters
• 4 Star: 8 Personally Sponsored Active Promoters
• 5 Star: 10 Personally Sponsored Active Promoters
• 6 Star: 10 Personally Sponsored Active Promoters
• 7 Star: 10 Personally Sponsored Active Promoters
• Ambassador: 12 Personally Sponsored Active Promoters

Here is a quote from the Hodo Compensation Plan that I thought you should see: “The PV and BV generated from the FIRST sale resides with the Promoter making the sale. It is only the Direct Bonus from the FIRST sale that compresses upline.”

So this is saying that you don’t even get the full benefit of the first sale which means your sponsor does.

Maybe you can start to see why most travel MLMs go out of business after a few years.

What I Like About Hodo Global

• The discounts are nice and can save you a lot of money, if you do a lot of traveling.
• The compensation plan is extensive and if you have great recruiting and lead generating skills, you can make some serious money.

What I Don’t Like About Hodo Global


• There is nothing for free. Both the affiliate and the travelers have to pay a monthly fee outside of all other charges.
• If you only travel a few times a year, you will end up losing money by purchasing their services.
• Only frequent travelers will end up saving money.
• You have to get promoted to at least rank 3 or higher to see any real returns on your investment.
• John Hammack has allowed Lacore to slip into his program and he has been part of several fraud investigations.
• Tracking down tourists that are willing to pay monthly fees to travel will be difficult.
• There are many services that are equal to the task that are completely free. So, why go through the hassle with Hodo Global?

The Final Verdict

After completing my research, I have say that there is no scam here.

With that being said, there are a lot of aspects of travel MLMs, including this one, I don’t agree with.

First of all, they provide no real service and don’t have a product.

The service they do provide is a 3rd party discounts.

Also, the requirements for each rank are too demanding.

No one likes to recruit and trying to find potential travelers.

The whole door-to-door salesman act is archaic and embarrassing at times.

Imagine trying to make a pitch to a friend or family member?

NO, Thanks.

You may not know this by nearly 95% of all MLMs fail for two reasons and recruiting is one of them.

If you have the skillset already, go for it. If you are a newbie, simply get the right training.

Here is a great company that has set the standard for training programs.

Go ahead and check out my #1 recommended training company here.

If you have ever used this program or have any other personal experience, please leave a comment below.

I also encourage anyone that has any questions or simply wants to leave a message, fill out the form below.

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