INFINii MLM Review – Compensation Plan Legit Or Is It A Scam?


Company: INFINii
Founders: Hitesh Juneja – CEO/CTO, Kevin Hokoana – CMO, Jason Rose – CFO

Welcome to my INFINii review.

There is perfectly good reason why you ended up clicking on my review.

You are doing research on INFINii because you want to know if it is a legitimate online business opportunity.

You are in luck because I write these reviews to make sure you are as informed as possible.

The best part about it is that I am not involved in the companies I review at all so you can trust my 3rd party status.

During the research process I always read dozens of reviews written from other bloggers to make sure that I get much broader scope of the situation.

During my research I came across a startling realization.

The positive article reviews on INFINii were always written by affiliates.

This means that most of the article writers had a vested interest in writing good things about the company.

Their reviews were more like advertisements than reviews.

Now this isn’t to say that some of the information they provided isn’t true, it just means that they have an agenda, and it interferes with the purpose of writing a review.

In this review, you will be provided with all of the necessary information to make an educated decision.

Most of the information will be about the product & services, and the compensation plan.

I will also show you the major difference between standard drop shippers and pop-up quasi retail arbitrage companies with no revenue generation other than recruitment membership sales.

Please read this entire review because it could save you from making a big mistake.

You can also check out the step-by-step training that helps me earn over $10,000+ per month working from home.

A INFINii Overview

INFINii was recently founded by Hitesh Juneja – CEO/CTO, Kevin Hokoana – CMO, Jason Rose – CFO.

The company is headquartered in Cypress, Texas USA.

These are some big names in the MLM community and it is well funded by major players.

All of these founders have had a lot of success with online businesses and this is their latest.

This company is under the online training platform niche.

Product & Services


I want to be upfront about this section of the review.

I think that there are some legit drop-shipping companies out there but I am a little confused as to what INFINii really stands for.

Plus, their membership packages are way overpriced considering you can get better training for free on YouTube.

Here is all of the information you really need:

• Find a popular product other than electronics on Amazon
• Repost the same product on eBay for a higher price

This is literally the training most drop shippers provide and I did it for FREE & in two sentences.

PRIME – $49.95 Per Month

• With the purchase of the Prime Platform, you get access to their video library and other training opportunities to improve your chances of success.
• You learn how to leverage eCommerce companies like eBay, Amazon and Google.
• Teaches you how to generate leads, accept payments from customers and other support based services.

Surge – $149.95 Per Month

• Learn how to be at the top of eBay Search
• How to use eBay Social Signals to your advantage
• Expert eBay strategies
• Increase your profits by using certain keywords

Excel – $399.95 Per Month

• Leveraging other sellers
• Importing products
• Create an Amazon brand

There is also a $9.95 monthly fee for being an active partner which allows you to recruit people and participate in the INFINii Compensation Plan.

Here are a few quick observations that I noticed about what the products really offer.

The surge plan teaches you how to “Learn How to Get to Top of eBay Search.”

Then, the Excel membership teaches you how to “leverage other sellers.”

If you haven’t realized this already, these two tactics are actually counterproductive.

There are thousands on top of thousands of and many of them are your fellow INFINii affiliates.

So how can INFINii claim to get you to the top of eBay searches when there is only limited spaces “at the top.”

On the same note, the training that involves leveraging against other sellers is leveraging against your fellow INFINii members.

So it seems like the INFINii team is sending mixed messages.

They pay you to recruit members in exchange for this so called expert training but then as soon as you join, it turns into an “every man for themselves” atmosphere.

Source for all price points and services are from INFINii Products Page.

Compensation Plan


In this section your should expect to see the meat and potatoes of the companies compensation plan.

At the end of this section take a look at the link provided to provide more information.

INFINITY Reward Plan:

Jump Start – 25% On All Personally Sponsored Customers

MileStones – 20% On Level 1 & 10% On Level 2

Infinity – 10% Paid On All Growth To Infinity

Infinity Match (By Rank):

1. Regional Manager 5%
2. National Manager 10%
3. Global Manager 15%
4. Director 30%
5. Senior Director 35%
6. Executive Director 40%
7. Presidential Director 45%
8. Ambassador 60%
9. Diamond Ambassador 70%
10. Crown Ambassador 80%
11. Global Ambassador 100%

I encourage all of my readers to look at the entire compensation plan via links below.

Here is the direct link to the INFINii Compensation Plan so that you can take a look for yourself.

Now take a look at this link from MLM Truth to see how INFINii’s compensation plan enriches the top tier members and cripples the newly registered affiliates.

Things I Like About INFINii

• Several training programs.

Although I feel that the membership prices are outrageous, at least you have more than one choice.

• Fantastic compensation plan if you have a tremendous amount of expertise in recruiting and generating leads.

It pays very well, but I am not a big fan of recruitment based businesses.

Things I Don’t Like About INFINii

• It is often compared to DS Domination which is a drop shipping affiliate business.

Go ahead and google INFINii and take a look at the search results.

You will see that more than half of the links are negative or suggest that the company is a sham or is just a slightly remodeled version of DS Domination.

This is not good news for you or the lower level affiliates because the real money makers at the top have already made a lot of money and will jump ship at the first sign of collapse.

Get ready for it!

• The training program is lackluster according to many affiliates.

You can get the same training on YouTube for FREE.

• The real money comes from the affiliate program and not the actual business training.

There product is the affiliate membership fees.

• The only products that INFINii offers are the memberships.

See the Product & Services section of the review for a recap.

INFINii has a horrible return policy:

“RETURNS: INFINii offers a fourteen-day, money back guarantee on the initial subscription fee. All subsequent subscription fees are nonrefundable as the benefits of the service are realized immediately upon payment.” – Source, INFINii Terms and Conditions

During my research, I read at least 8 other reviews to make sure my facts were straight.

In all of the ones I read, the return policy said “30 day money back guarantee.”

Now, the INFINii website has been changed to 14 days.

I suspect that many people have asked for a return and INFINii has realized that if they alter the return policy, they can keep millions.

This is a tell tale sign that the business is not set up for the long term.

If you look at other shady retail arbitrage, they don’t last very long and if they make it past a few years, the founders will jump ship and create another company with the same scam.

Now, the future of INFINii is unclear at this point but all signs seem to point toward a bleak future.

The Final Verdict

To be perfectly honest, INFINii is just a rehash of DS Domination, which is another company I could never justify recommending to others.

This is just another company that generates absolutely ZERO revenue other than on the sales of memberships and recruitment packages.

The entire premise is to utilize their “special training,” and recruit new member that in turn recruit others.

What many people do not realize is that the “special training” is nothing more than reselling items that are already posted on eBay or Amazon at a higher price.

You can do this on your own without any training at all.

The concept is easy and has been around for a few decades.

Another thing that bothers me is the price of the training.

If you are paying $399.95 a month for training, which never changes, then you have to sell a dozen products just to cover that fee.

Which means that your first dozen or so sales that you do is really INFINii’s money.

This sounding more and more like a lost cause more than anything.

Especially since there are training programs out there which are affordable and in some cases FREE.

Take a look at this review so that you get an idea of what a legitimate company looks like.

The best part about Wealthy Affiliate is that it is not an MLM.

It’s a training program that teaches you how to make money online.

It is affordable and you get to try it out for FREE.

I hope you enjoyed my review of INFINii and that it shed some light on the legitimacy of the company.

If you have any experience with INFINii or simply want to leave a comment, go ahead and fill out the form below.

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