iMarketsLive Review – Is It A Legit Forex Or BBB Nightmare?


Company: iMarketsLive


You were probably searching for some information on iMarketsLive and found my review.

This company has been around a few years and has created a lot of buzz, especially in the trading niche.

Whilst iMarketsLive offers financial trading software to help people with their trades, which is not unusual (i.e.) there are plenty of these types of software products in the market place, they also offer a network marketing program (MLM) which is built into the service, that is designed to get you to recruit more people into the organization.

Here’s an excerpt from their compensation plan …

Your financial income in iMarketsLive is directly related to your efforts in sharing the products, and building a sales organization.

So whilst you might be interested in learning the Forex industry, you might not understand that there is also an MLM component. MLMs are not easy to be successful with and you have to plan & set goals in order to make it work.

One of the biggest issues I see with people joining MLMs is that they don’t do very well and then complain about them. In some cases, the complaints are warranted.

Other times, the fault lies in the fact that people do not get the training that they need and join a MLM without doing any research.

Meaning, you may be unprepared.

And whilst the Forex market seems to be incredibly lucrative, especially if you have some magic piece of software, it often doesn’t play out the way you thought.

Most Forex training programs allow you to have a dummy account where you’re not using any of your own money, but play money, however it’s always just a matter of time until you have to lay down your own hard earn cash.

You can also check out the step-by-step training that helps me earn over $10,000+ per month working from home.

An iMarketsLive Overview

A man named Christopher Terry is the CEO of International Markets Live.

Their story goes a little something like this.

A small group of traders was struggling and they decided to create this company in hopes of helping other people to succeed in the financial markets.

Although it sounds like a touching story, I’m sure the opportunity to start an MLM and make millions on people joining the affiliate program had nothing to do with the creation of iMarketsLive.

Terry was also involved in other MLMs and was successful with Amway during the latter half of the 90s.

We now move on to the product and services section of the review.

Products & Services


This is one of the most important sections of any review because a company does not have a legit product or service then we have problems.

As you may have gathered already, iMarketsLive provides live trading and education training programs in the Forex business model.

Sounds great right?

Let’s take a closer look.

You really only have two options to join iMarketLive and take advantage of their membership program.

1. Platinum Package – $195 One Time Fee & $145 Per Month
2. IBO Platinum Package – $200 One Time Fee & $150 Per Month

Here is what you get with the member ship programs:

• FX Signal Live
• Live Training Room
• Harmonic Scanner
• Trading Education

I saved the best for last.

The only way to get the IBO Kit and Compensation plan, you have to purchase the IBO Platinum Package.

This is one of the most frustrating parts of iMarketsLive so far.

You have to spend more money just to try your luck with the recruitment side of the business.

Sigh…I mean come on.

Compensation Plan


Let’s take a look at a few of the ways to earn with iMarketsLive.

Recruitment Commissions Payout

There is a 4 level Fast Start Payou:

• Tier 1: 30% via Personal Recruitments
• Tier2: 10%
• Tier3: 5%
• Tier4: 5%

Here is a breakdown of the recruitment requirements.

1. Unlock 1-4 Tiers of the matrix: Recruit 2 members
2. Unlock 5&6 Tiers of the matrix: Recruit 6 members
3. Unlock Tier 7 of the matrix: Recruit 9 members
4. Unlock Tier 8 of the matrix: Recruit 12 members

Although there are 8 different ways of making money through the compensation plan, there is a lot of recruiting involved and I’m not a big fan.

Compensation plans that revolve around recruiting seem to end up failing miserably; unless of course you have been trained in said skills.

If you have any questions after reading this section you should take a look at the iMarketsLive Compensation Plan pdf.

Things I Liked

• Strong compensation plan if you have been trained in recruitment and lead generating skills.
• Relatively transparent, which usually doesn’t happen with trading niche MLMs.

Things I Didn’t Like

• There are many negative reviews calling Terry the latest Forex scam artist.
• So many stock marketing and trading MLMs have failed in the past or shunned by government authorities.
• There are lots of risks when trying to play the stock market.
• You only make money through recruitment, at least from the MLM side of things.
• Their affiliate program is not very newbie friendly.

RipOff Report Article: The author is claiming scam and to get out now because the business will be shut down by government authorities.

BBB Link: The Better Business Bureau only has an address link to their name and has not provided anything else.

The Final Verdict

Ok, I have to admit that iMarkets Live is not a scam.

It provides a service and there is a membership program as well.

This is not a pyramid or anything of the sort.

With that being said, I cannot recommend it for the simple reason that there is so much risk involved.

I have never been a fan or will be a fan of an MLM that provides trading services.

To be perfectly honest, I feel that you are better off investing in safe ventures that promise returns.

Not only that, there are plenty of MLMs out there that will not charge you $150 a month just to purchase their services.

This means that you will have to make at least $150 a month just to break even.

Believe it or not, the vast majority of people that try out these Forex type companies lose money.

That is why I cannot sit here and tell you to try it out.

Take a look at this review and see for yourself.

Although it is my #1 recommended program, the results speak for themselves.

You can also test it out for FREE!!!

If you have any experience with this company or any MLM like it, go ahead and leave a comment.

If you have any questions or want to join the conversation, feel free to fill out the form below.

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18 thoughts on “iMarketsLive Review – Is It A Legit Forex Or BBB Nightmare?”

    • I’ve joined the IBO for $15/month. I recently canceled my IBO, but the services are legit if you’re interested in learning the FOREX market. If you utilize the service to learn the FOREX market then go off on your own and make trades using the knowledge you’ve learned then you should be good; that’s what my aim is.

  1. I have joined the program. I have lost money doing in the process. I am not going to sign up people and have them lose money to me that’s not right. I decided to cancel my membership. I started my account with $1,500.00 it dwindled down to $200.00 on the auto trader not a clear winner there. So I do not recommend it to anyone at this time. The only way to make money there is to learn how to trade and learn from professionals.

  2. My son is in this and I may be soon as well. If you join thinking you’ll make ass loads of money then stay out. You must use your head and have a good analytical mind to do this thing. My son gets about a 5-10% return on his investments which is not bad considering how volatile the FOREX market is. I feel for Mr. Rodriguez but even when you join the video classes state that you should begin by training for and watching all of the material first. If this is done and you comprehend what’s being taught then you should have little trouble. I you do have trouble you should go back and watch the videos whenever you feel the need. There is also video chats that are live and the folks will ALWAYS help you out. I’m no spokesperson nor am I in this thing yet but I have watched the videos and helped my son with his trading and I’ve got the hang of it. LEARN first, then try the live trading. And NEVER risk more than you can lose….like a casino.

  3. IML is not bad at all, it just depends on how you use it. If you get in to do the Multi Level and not there to learn how to trade, than yes you will probably just be another scam if the company goes belly up. IML if you use it right, can help you learn the basics of Forex all the way to the advance stuff. Using their robots can break your account if you have a small account, so I would never recommend using them. Forex has no guarantees and if you join, is for you to learn how to trade of your own. Their signals are ok and better then a lot of signals out there that cost around the same $145. I would definitely recommend anyone that wants to learn how to trade to get into IML for them to learn the basics and enjoy the signals that can be use as they are, or if you have actually learned to trade as a guide as to what currency Pair to trade that day.

  4. Been looking at this but not sure if its for me, I’m only interested in the trading part of this and not the MLM part,So have been looking at other option safer option so opted to go with bitcoin mining in the end as it seems to be very popular at the moment, So far getting a good return so it might be a NO for IML from me until i get some solid information on it.

    • Hey Nadine. I am already an IML member and I can tell you that I am really grateful being a part of this business. My first 2 weeks I was studying the IML Academy. And I can tell you that they teach you very well. After I had the most basics about the Forex market I went seeing the IML TV. There is professional traders that has a lot of experience and some of them I follow up every week, because they teach you in a great way. The nice thing is while I am still learning the skills I am making profits and profits with the swipetrade. I can just recommend this company it’s the best and will keep being the best. If you are interested for more we can get in touch.

  5. I plan to look at the live videos this summer when I’m free to concentrate
    My granddaughter has been in it & gives seminars. I’m retired & over 65 so have to take it slow & be informed.

  6. am planing to join iml but am kind of afraid with the Scam thing and how people bost of making money over night ….i need ur advise pls

    • It works. The education is amazing, structured and all you have to do is LEARN it like you would do going to school. If the business part isn’t for you, no problem. Stay a customer ONLY. Make money trading and leave when you want.

  7. Don’t know if anybody knows this but you can sign up for a free demo account with let’s say and you will get access to free training. This goes for other brokers as well; like FXCM. They have daily/weekly training webinars and recorded videos from professional traders explain the basics of trading as well as advanced material. Plus there are many great content out there on YouTube that gives awesome information. Look up Sam Sieden (OTA), Nial Fuller, Joseph James – these guys will teach real strategies on trading. Something that you can learn as a foundation. They don’t sell you on copy and pasting trades from some person that you really don’t know about as to how much they know about trading.

  8. This programme sucks leave well alone . Most people involved are dropouts who you would not want to network with !!!there is alot of free education out there anyway better to use cash to pay for proffesional mentor to keep you away from regressive indicators

  9. IML is good only for educational purposes. Honestly they have so many resources, such as the videos and live trading and people to help you out. I think it is good for basic understanding of the forex market. NOW FOR MLM, I do not think it is the best service out there. I have singed up but only for education purposes, and I have found many helpful instructors (i am bilingual so that helps a lot when i do not understand something). Honestly I am learning so much, my goal is to learn about the market so I can operate on my own, I have almost doubled my account in a month. Now you have to understand that it is very RISKY, you have to be willing to lose your money (but that’s what Trading is). Overall, I would recommend joining IML **ONLY*** for educational purposes. And find a mentor or instructor that is focused only on education not MLM (bc they have organizations and leaders and they all focus on either the company’s MLM or FOREX Education).

  10. Avoid!! The education is not worth the money. A lot of the information you can find on Google or YouTube, or just buy a book. They’re are other signal services out there for a fraction of the price. Because of the MLM component there’s a lot of members who have over hyped the service. Don’t be surprised to see lots of videos talking about how this person with no forex experience made 200k in 6 months from 1k. It’s actually really annoying

  11. I am a member of IML and I absolutely love it. The academy goes very in depth from basics to advanced trading and the IML tv is priceless as it is live and they are marking up in REAL TIME and the webinars are saved from the first video the educator posted. I am a part of the MLM movement as well and while I was skeptical at first it is really paying off now. I am learning how to recruit (a very valuable skill to learn) and it creates a residual income. Also, the community for IML is genuine and overall insanely supportive. Everybody wants everybody to earn.


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