A H9 Water Review – Another Hoax Or Legit Medical Claims?


Company: H9 Water
Website: h9water.com
Founder/Owner: Keith Hall and Steven Morse

Welcome to my H9 Water review!

I am glad that you have decided to do some research before diving head first into an online business opportunity.

That is the first step in deciding what MLM is best for you.

So many healthy water MLMs have been coming out of nowhere in the past decade and H9 Water is one of the latest.

Like all of my reviews, you only get the truth and all of my statements are backed up by credible sources.

I get this information from company website, testimonials and in this case, medical journals.

The information from the medical journals will, once and for all, put the controversy of “magical” water claims…hopefully.

Have you ever noticed that the companies that fall under the health and wellness niche of MLMs always have thousands of biased reviews that claim that the product is somehow special.

I will provide an overview of the company to establish some background information.

I will also talk about the products they offer and the compensation plan.

Finally, I will provide you a list of pros & cons to help you put the puzzle pieces together.

Make sure you pay attention to the entire review because it might save you from making a mistake.

You can also check out the step-by-step training that helps me earn over $10,000+ per month working from home.

A H9 Water Overview

To be perfectly honest, there is not a lot of information on H9 Water or their two founders.

This is most likely because it is a fairly new company.

H9 Water was launched in 2013 by Keith Hall and Steven Morse.

It is headquartered in Texas, USA.

If you take a look at the H9 Water website you will see that a company named Earth Products Inc is behind the water company.

However, it doesn’t seem like Earth Products Inc does anything else besides have that connection with H9 Water.

I have to assume at this point that this is both Hall & Morse’s 1st MLM but I cannot confirm this.

Now let’s take a look at the products they offer.

Products & Services


I wish I could tell you that H9 Water provides some sort of unique product, but it doesn’t.

The other things that I don’t quite grasp with the water MLMs is that the supply and demand structure is a bit backward.

I mean, the demand for water is always going to be huge but I doubt the demand for “structured water” will ever come close to bottled and drinking water.

Ok, let’s clarify what H9 Water means by “structured.”

H9 Water Claims the following:
1. Flushes waste and toxins from the body
2. It replicates and converts into energy
3. Long lasting alertness
4. Better hydration
5. Has essential vitamins and minerals
6. Provides hair and skin essentials

You can get a month supply for $99.95, which contains enough water for a few weeks.

Anyway, as I have stated before, I’m not so sure this company will last considering most people can’t afford this kind of money for “special” water.

At any rate, let’s take a brief look at their compensation plan.

Compensation Plan


Since I was unable to find a video produced by H9 Water that explains the compensation plan for us, I will have break down the basics and provide them via PDF.

See here for the H9 Water Compensation Plan.

Right out of the gate, I ran into another reason to question H9 Water and the compensation plan.

You see, before you can even create your own H9 business, you have to purchase one of their Partner Packs.

The 3 H9 Partner Packs:

H9 Premier Partner Pack – $999
• 20 Redeemable Water Coupons
• H9 Marketing Kit
• Welcome to H9 Letter
• H2Go Video
• H9 Guidebook
• Infiniti Brochure
And More…

H9 Partner Pack – $499
• 8 Redeemable Water Coupons
• H9 Marketing Kit

H9 Partner Marketing Pack – $99
• H9 Marketing Kit ( NO Water Included)

Now that you know that you have to invest a decent amount of money to start the business, I encourage you to take a look at the compensation link I provided you with above.

There are many ranks and requirements to take part in this payment system.

What I Like About H9 Water

• H9 Water has a 90 day money back guarantee.
• There are 9 different kinds of bonuses and a large ranking system.

What I Don’t Like About H9 Water

• People have been drinking natural water for millions of years and thrived.
• Natural aquifer bottled water is very inexpensive in comparison to H9 Water products.
• The vast majority of people will laugh at you when you mention $100 water.
• There are heavy recruitment requirements.
• There are many similar MLMs selling the same “snake oil.”
• No legitimate science exists to back up any “special” water claims.

I don’t often do this but here is a link that defines the real problem with all water MLMs. This is a Neurologica Blog article, Another Water Scam.

Here is a quote that you might find interesting:

The Final Verdict

I have done several reviews of MLMs selling water and I am still not sold on the whole concept.

With that being said, I can only recommend that you take advantage of their 90 day money back guarantee if it is still available to you.

At this point, I cannot recommend this company because the product is the scam.

The compensation aspect of the MLM is pretty strong if you have great recruiting and sales skills but the water H9 offers is nothing special.

This isn’t the first MLM claiming to provide health benefits and it certainly won’t be the last.

One of the most overwhelming statistics that MLMers can’t avoid is the fact that recruiting is your worst enemy.

Nobody wants to join a business and become a door-to-door salesman and sell an underwhelming product or service.

This is why 95% of MLMers fail; they have no experience with generating leads and recruiting new affiliates.

There are many training programs out there that provide you with all the lessons you need to become better.

I strongly urge you to take a good look at yourself and see if you are lacking in these skills.

You only have two options here: one, ignore the problem and continue to fail or you can learn from the best and enhance your skill set.

If you are interested in taking a look at the type of company I am talking about, take a look at this review.

They are my #1 recommended company and the results speak for themselves.

I hope you enjoyed my review of H9 Water and that it helped set the record straight.

If you have any questions or would like to leave a comment, feel free to fill out the form below.

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