Emgoldex & Global Intergold Review Is It A Scam?


Company: Emgoldex/Global Intergold

Website: https://globalintergold.com/gold/home.php

Before I even get started I have to let you know that this is not going to be a typical review of Emgoldex & Global Intergold.

This is going to be more of a warning not to get caught up in this scam. That’s right, I’m calling them out as scammers before we compile the evidence.

Don’t worry, I’ll get to the evidence later but I want to let everyone know now in case they choose not to read the rest of the article.

You see, I moved to the Philippines in 2011 and I remember hearing a lot of negative press about them.

It just so happens that in November of 2015, an article about the Securities and Exchange Commission in the Philippines officially sued Emgoldex for fraud.

You would think this means that Global Intergold is off the hook right!!

Not so fast…

I will provide you a quote from a news article I was able to track down:

“SEC said two cases were filed before the Department of Justice (DOJ) against related entities Emgoldex, Global Intergold, and Prosperous Infinite Philippines Holdings Corp.”

If you want to check out the entire article feel free to check out, SEC Sues Emgoldex Over Alleged Investment Scam.

Emgoldex changed their name to Global Intergold once the scam was revealed. So this means that Global Intergold is just a carryover scam from Emgoldex.

I am so happy that the Philippines Government has stepped in because the two companies have scammed in excess of a billion PHP from the country alone.

This is a global company so who knows how many people and how much money was fraudulently taken away from honest and hard working people.

Ok, now that I have at least warned people about the two pseudo companies, I will prove these accusations by showing people how the company got to this point.

This will be done by an overview of the company, what the company does and finally, the compensation plan.

I think it is pretty obvious at this point that I would not recommend this company to anyone but I will still provide a conclusion that will put everything into perspective.

There will be a lot of information because after 2 hours of reading other reviews and testimonies, there was literally nothing good to say about the company.

Not one testimony or review had anything good to say.


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A Emgoldex & Global Intergold Overview

There isn’t a whole lot of information on Emgoldex; Surprise, surprise.

The information I did uncover is either basic biographical information or a news report about its illegal behavior.

At any rate, Emgoldex was founded in 2010.

There are two major companies that finance it, Dubai and Gold & Silver Physical Metals Company, and another trading company from Germany.

Of course this information is no longer indicated on the Emgoldex or Global Intergold websites. At one point, this information was on the Emgoldex main page.

After receiving an abundance of bad press and legal issues, EmGoldex was renamed Global InterGold.

This is why I decided to make a review of both companies simultaneously. Warnings are everywhere and I challenge you to find a positive review on the internet.

The scam lies in the fact that start up costs are nearly $8000 and you aren’t really investing in gold, you are investing in compensation plan.

The money you invest basically pays other people and gold transactions are limited.

You are making money on recruiting people on the premise of cash for gold transactions but what is really happening is quite different.

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Compensation Plan

You initially start the compensation plan by investing 540 EUR and try to get 2 recruits. If enough slots are filled, you end up creating a team and get payouts accordingly.

The difference between EmGoldex and Global InterGold is that the latter company offers a 12 month delay on payment.

This may sound like a completely different arrangement but the figures end up being identical at the end of the 12 month delay.

If you happen to get two recruits during the 12 month delay, you can request for your return of investment rather than a gold reward.

Most of the time, you get nothing in return except a bit of gold hoping that you will be satisfied enough to reinvest with more money.

What strikes me as strange is that the president or founder of the company is not actually disclosed by the company.

Back to the “compensation plan.”

There was a fair bit of research done on the company and Russia is the biggest source of traffic to the GIG website with 15.3% and the Philippines is at 15.1%.

What ends up happening is that people never really buy gold, the only revenue comes from the affiliate program.


Things I Like About Global Intergold


Things I Don’t Like About Global Intergold

To be as blunt as possible, I think it is fair to say that I don’t like anything about EmGoldex or Global Intergold.

They are the same company and push the same scam that has been sued by the SEC in the Philippines.

Even as we speak, the website are still operational which leads me to believe that the Philippines operations will be terminated if the case is successful in court.

As for the rest of the international markets, I have no idea how that will work out.

The Final Verdict

EmGoldex and Global Intergold are without a doubt a scam. It has been well documented and I will provide several articles for proof. The company is going to collapse and operations have been ordered to stop in several countries already.

The Secretary of State in Massachusettes, U.S.A. filed a civil fraud case against EmGoldex stating that it was a pyramid scheme. This is partly due to the fact that the company cannot ship gold to paying customers in the United States.

The Philippines SEC also sent out an advisory stating that “Emgoldex Philippines is not a registered corporation or partnership.” Here is the link so you can read the entire SEC Advisory.

All operations have been suspended in several S. American countries including Columbia.

Here is what the Superintendency Of Corporations had to say about EmGoldex when talking about investments:

“These benefits did not come from growth in the price of the gold but from a pyramid structure that generates income only to the extent that new “investors” are brought into the scheme.”

Here is the link so you can read the entire Columbian EmGoldex article.

What even makes things worse for EmGoldex and GIG is that they are illegally stating they are registered with the DMCC licensing company which is not true.

In fact, here is a quote from the DMCC on this very matter:

“Emgoldex is not a DMCC-licensed company. DMCC has taken steps to prevent further misuse of our name.”

Here is the link for the rest of DMCC statements on these companies.

What it boils down to is this. I really hope people stay clear of these companies and all companies like it.

When there is absolutely no product or service generating revenue and an affiliate program generating all revenue, it is clearly a scam.

I mean, the companies didn’t even bother registering the companies most likely because they knew they would be rejected.

Please spread the work and make sure to invest your hard earned money in a legit MLM.

If you have an experience with EmGoldex or Global Intergold or want to jump into the conversation, please feel free to leave a comment by filling out the form below.

I wanted to take the time to thank you for reading my review.

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13 thoughts on “Emgoldex & Global Intergold Review Is It A Scam?”

  1. I’m from Saipan and stupidly got caught by investing $800,and its been more than a year. So means there’s no other way to get back the money?!

  2. I’ve been reading a few of this kind of website reporting this Emgoldex and gig a scammer and all of it is about Philippine this Philippine that, non of it from any other country AND you ended with the same ending. “Affiliate marketing” ? So my question would be is it the company the scammer? Or is it the Philippine who misused the company is the real scammer? Hmmmm ? If the company is the scammer how in the world does the other people from other country get rewarded ? How did they received? Shouldn’t they have the same problem as your people that is the Philippine? And also for those who have registered under that company shouldn’t you guys contacted the company directly and demand for your money back and asked whyyyyyyyyyyy didn’t you get your reward as promise? I mean that’s the only logical thing to do. Contact Munich HQ demand for real answer. Call them! Email them! You have the right to know the truth! If you have been lied and cheated by someone who imposing as one of the leader / member of that company then the question would be is it the company’s fault or that person fault? Because there’s other countries that are in that company but Philippine are the worse case scenario. So should you blame the company or the Philippine who so called themselves representative of the company? And also my other question would be about this affiliate marketing as you called it with the same “wealthy affiliate” you guys promoting your own links and people will click this link and buy things, you guys get commission hmmm isn’t it kind of the same? Selling products, give links, teaching them 10 course or whatever course seems like recruiting to me via online, click link, and pass link and people buy product you get commission. Kind of the same. No? ??? you can paint however you want it I guess but to me it’s pretty the same just different color ?? cheers! And also you probably won’t post this because i am still waiting for the other people to post mine ? Lol

    • Aliceinawonderland,

      Thank you for replying to my review. You asked many questions but they all seemed to question my suggestion that Emgoldex is a scam. I would love to write another 1500 words debunking your ideas but time is money and your defense of a company leads me to believe that you are part of the scam. Try doing a simple Google search: “Emgoldex scam news.”

      Here are several links that helped me come to my conclusion.





      As you can see, Philippine authorities and authorities around the world are labeling Emgoldex as a scam and they are being shutdown. The owners even renamed it Global Intergold just so they could continue the same scam under a different name. You have to understand, what is legal in one country is not legal in all countries. The biggest aspect of the scam is that Emgoldex thinks they can wash their hands clean of their immoral affiliates. This is irresponsible business and clearly illegal. For you to call out my claim that they are a scam means you are missing the big picture. My claim means very little, but the claim of the FEC from dozens of countries is a clear indication that the company is a scam.

      In regards to me making commissions on Wealthy Affiliate, I wish that was the case but I have no affiliation with the company whatsoever. I am simply providing an example that just so happens to be Wealthy Affiliate. Besides, the company focuses on training rather than recruiting and you can use the services for free. Anyway, I’m done defending my position as you have no legs to stand on in this argument. Global authorities are shutting down a scam that you most likely have invested in. Sorry it didn’t work out for you but you are clearly on the wrong side of moral fortitude.



      • very well said sir Adam, GIG is indeed a scammer, period. Sell the scheme to Henry Sy and if he’s ok with it let me in. 🙂

  3. is there a chance to get back our money? my colleague who once invite me to this scam get 15k dhs 2x. and when its my time we cant invite. i put 3OOO dhs for one account. i really wanted to get my money back and my invites money as well.

  4. I’ve been there. I tested their system. I got my investment back, then i stopped. I think the scam starts when the so called “network leader” or “team leader” collect the investment and fled with the money…when you invest in this “scam”, make sure that your investment is not manipulated by the person “above” you…so many like that in the Phils. But like i said i invested but didn’t stick with them (“team”).after i completed my rows and “exited”, got my money back, then bug off.

  5. I invested to this company too. And I lost almost $1000. In my case it was my fault. I realized two things after giving them my money. That by recruiting somebody I’ll be subjecting my recruit to… 1) Loss money if they can’t recruit anybody. 2) Put them in a situation where they will recruit people who in turn may loss money. So I did not pursue it anymore. And I just treated the cash that I lost as penalty for being greedy.


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