Elite Marketing Alliance Review: Legit Or Scam?


Company: Elite Marketing Alliance

Website: www.elitemarketingalliance.com

I appreciate you taking the time to read my review on Elite Marketing Alliance (EMA).

You may of heard about the company from social media or from a friend or family member.

Either way, you want to know if it is worth your time and money.

Lucky for you, I can help you make an informed decision on whether or not to give Elite Marketing Alliance a shot.

This is what all of my reviews consist of:

  • Company Overview
  • List of Major Products or Services
  • Comprehensive Analysis of Compensation Plans
  • Likes & Dislikes
  • Final Verdict

At this point, it is important to let you know that I am not affiliated with EMA in anyway.

This review will be completely objective and based on fact taken from official websites and compensation plan.

You can also check out the step-by-step training that helps me earn over $10,000+ per month working from home.

An Elite Marketing Overview

EMA was launched in 2010 and provides health and wellness products and services to its customers.

The President of EMA at the time of the launch was Robert Yukes and still is, even though I found several sources that he stepped down for unknown reasons.

I’m assuming it might have something to do with the fact that EMA, Inc. is the parent company of Joy to Live (JTL) and when you visit EMA website provided above, you get redirected to the JTL main page.

Yukes had 8 years experience as a CFO in the MLM industry before becoming the President.

The next bit of information is not meant to raise suspicion about EMA or JTL but the two domains are registers by two completely different companies.

JTL is registered by Quantum Marketing and EMA is registered by Elite Alliance LLC.

I find the fact that there are two companies operating at the same time important.

I say this because this method of operations does not usually work as effectively as a single company operating alone.

I could be wrong here and don’t want to steer anyone away just because of this fact.

I guess we will have to wait to see what happens


Elite Marketing Alliance Products

Since EMA redirects you to JTL’s website, I will have to focus on their products and compensation plan.

So you should keep this into consideration when reading the rest of the review.

There are 3 major types of product that JTL offers; Nutritional, Detoxify & Anti-Aging.

Oh and they also offer International S&H.

Nutritional Products

  1. Aerobia
  2. EliXir Blast
  3. LeJOYva Coffee
  4. LeJOYva5 Coffee

Detoxify Products

  1. Neutra-Cleanse
  2. Optimum
  3. Ionic Silver
  4. Pure Green
  5. ClearJoy
  6. JoySlim


  1. Affinity
  2. Fulvia

There are 4 options in regards to joining Elite Marketing Alliance:

  1. Elite Mini: $22
  2. Elite Gold: $122
  3. Elite Platinum: $222
  4. Elite Titanium: $422


Compensation Plan

Joy to Live’s Compensation Plan Includes The Following:

  • Fast Start Bonuses
  • 3 X 10 Forced Matrix Pay
  • Matching Bonuses
  • Home Bonus
  • Car Bonus

All you have to do to qualify for any of these is to recruit an EBO. JTL claims to pay much faster and better bonuses for even the first purchase that the new EBO makes.

Most other MLMs only compensate affiliates for every sale after the initial EBO sale. This is some food for thought…It’s nice.

Two Tier Fast Start Bonuses

Tier 1: 50% of BV on personally enrolled affiliates

Tier 2: 15% of BV on personally enrolled affiliates

Initial Purchase Fast Start Bonus

$25 Initial Purchases w/ a BV of 20

  • First Level: $10
  • Second Level: $3

These are not huge number and I was hoping for a little bit more for all the efforts that are involved in recruiting but at least JTL give you something.

4 Enrollment Packages

  • 1 Product Package: Choose 1 Product
  • 2 Product Package: Choose 2 Products
  • 3 Product Package: Choose 3 Products
  • 4 Product Package: You see where this is going right?

3 X 10 Forced Matrix Explained

Each EBO needs to buy at least 20PV or one product per month to get a residual commission. You will get your matrix earnings paid instantly to your E-Wallet.

There are 6 JTL Ranks Including: EBO, GB1/EBO2, GB2/Silver, GB3/Gold, GB4/Ruby, GB5/Diamond.

There are 10 Levels of payment: Each level payout %s differ but even an EBO can make 10% on levels 3 & 4.

The Ranks depend on your GV: EBO2=60GV, Silver=300GV, Gold=1000GV, Ruby=4000GV and Diamond=12,500GV.

IMPORTANT: There are no sponsoring requirements for EBOs in order to make money on the first 5 levels of the 3 X 10 matrix.

Matching Bonuses

Matching Bonuses are residual earnings for each and every personally recruited EBO. These bonuses are also paid monthly into your E-Wallet.

  • Silver: 25%/300GV
  • Gold: 50%/1000GV
  • Ruby: 75%/4000GV
  • Diamond: 100%/12500GV

Car & House Bonus

  • For every month you reach the 100,000GV plateau, you get a Car Bonus commission of $822.
  • For every month you reach the 200,000 plateau, you get a House Bonus commission of $2220.

Ok, so now you know what the compensation plan offers.

I understand it is a lot to take in and there are several ways of getting paid and many requirements involved.

If you want to look at the entire thing, follow the JTL Compensation Plan link provided.

This should clarify any questions or concerns you have at this point.

OK, on to the next section.

What I Like About Elite Marketing Alliance

After getting this far into the review, you can see that the compensation plan is pretty extensive and there is a potential to make money.

You can get residual income, bonuses, commissions etc.

This is great news for people that want to either make supplemental income or turn it into a career.

However, you have to look at the big picture here.

There are thousands of companies worldwide that sell the same products.

All of these companies brag about how their products are the best and they magically cure ailments and ensure you are healthy.

What you may not realize is that you can have the same results from a healthy diet and exercise.

I’m not saying that EMA/JTL products do not affect you in any positive way…

But you have to understand that there are no magical pills or products that are going to make you fit, while simultaneously sitting on the couch for 10 hours a day.

I know this may seem like an exaggeration but people should be exercising at least 3 times a week in order to maintain appropriate health standards.

These products can’t fix the fact that the majority of people ignore this fact.

What I Didn’t Like About Elite Marketing Alliance

There are two major deciding factors when it comes to choosing an MLM, for me at least.

The costs just to start with EMA/JTL is on the pricey side especially if you choose the top tier package.

Investing nearly $500 is something that I am not willing to risk unless the returns are astronomical.

The second aspect of the MLM that I don’t like is the fact that you have to recruit and create teams.

Recruiting is difficult and the vast majority of MLMers need improvement on this skill.

No, I’m serious…

The statistical information on recruiting is mind blowing.

95% of MLMers cannot recruit on a consistent basis which means they would fail miserably with this MLM.

There are plenty of free or inexpensive training programs out there that can help you with improving this and many other skills. Check out what I recommend here.

The Final Verdict

I can confirm that this company is NOT a scam but, it feels as if EMA is just the front for the JTL MLM.

This is fine because EMA is the parent company but these kinds of distinctions need to be made clearer.

A potential customer or affiliate should not have to weave their way through information just to understand what the company is all about.

Look if I wanted to join an MLM, I would want to feel comfortable with most, if not all aspects of the company.

After reviewing EMA/JTL, I’m honestly not sure what company is doing what.

The EMA website is in terrible condition and most of the links redirect you to JTL. It’s quite simple really…

I don’t want to be confused before I even start.

If you have any experience with Elite Marketing Alliance or Joy to Live, then please feel free to leave a comment by filling out the form below.

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