Video Evolution Elite 2.0 Product Review: This is What You Will Get…

Today I purchased a product called Video Evolution Elite 2.0 by Ryan Phillips and I thought you would enjoy a detailed review.

It is a video course that teaches you how to create niche specific videos to use to drive traffic to your website where you can sell affiliate products.

Is Video Evolution 2.0 a scam? Is it worth it?

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  • Price: $9.95
  • Up-sells: Video Flare ($17)  and Re-Seller Rights ($47)
  • Vendor: Ryan Phillips
  • Topic: Video Marketing
  • Content: 9 Video Modules
Video Evolution Elite Members Area

Video Evolution Elite is a compilation of in-depth videos that teach you how to get started with video marketing. As we all know, Google ranks videos higher than articles in search engine results, and YouTube features like annotations make it easy to include links to external websites in videos.

This product costs $9.95 and once the payment is confirmed you are hit with two up-sells, one after another.

The first up-sell is for a product called Traffic Flare ($17) and the next up-sell is for total re-seller rights to Video Evolution 2.0 ($47).

(If you buy the re-seller rights you will be able to promote this product to your list and earn a 100% commission on sales.)

Skipping the up-sells, I was finally able to use my account and password to access the member’s area, the account details are emailed to you.

There is a link to a Facebook group that you can join and another link to a webinar that has expired, I guess I was too late, I joined the Facebook group.

Browsing through the recent posts in the Facebook group, I noticed someone complaining about a aspect of this product that I also thought was a let-down.

But we will talk about the cons later on in this review.

Below is a screenshot of the core training videos.

Video Evolution 2.0 Training Videos
Video Evolution 2.0 Training Videos

This is the “meat” of the product.

There are a total of 9 training videos that are dedicated to a specific topic. The first video introduces the system and shows you how to find a niche, the idea is to find a profitable niche and then fill it up with videos that promote an affiliate product or your own product.

(It’s also important to note that not all these videos are from the same person, the majority of them are from Ryan Philips but there are several that are from other speakers.)

The video shows you how to analyze popular magazines to find a profitable niche. This a niche finding strategy that has been around for a long-time so there’s really nothing new or groundbreaking in this video. It also covers some tips on how to interview people to find their pain points, so you can create a video that solves their problems.

You’re told to make a list of your demographics pain points, desires, income, and other details. I thought that was refreshing – not exactly brand-new information – but useful nevertheless. It is always important to know your target audience.

The first module is 50 minutes long, the longest video in the training area. 

List of Videos and Video Length:

  • Pre-Video Essentials – 50 minutes
  • Killer VSL Scripts – 40 minutes
  • Video Engagement, Influence, and Persuasion – 44 minutes
  • Professional Presentation Creation – 10 minutes
  • Swipe and Deploy Presentation – 30 seconds
  • Professional Video Creation on a Budget – 10 minutes
  • NLP For Video Presenter’s – 17 minutes

  • EVE Green Screen – 45 minutes
  • Google Hangout Traffic – 18 minutes

So as you can see you will need a lot of time to go through all of the videos!

I went ahead and did the math, that’s 234 minutes or 3.9 hours! 

What I Liked:

I like the over-the-shoulder view of what the speaker is doing on his computer, it makes it easy to understand copy for your own projects.

It is also one of the first products I reviewed where they teach NLP (to make it easier for you to speak on camera) and Green Screen tips.

I also thought it was cool that there is a download section below each module that let’s you download a PDF file, the audio file, and the video file. This makes it easier to watch the videos later when you have more time (which you will have to do because nobody wants to watch training videos for 4 hours straight).

There is definitely a lot of information in the video course, the videos are really drawn-out, each one is a full-length video near the one hour mark, so it is difficult to summarize all the information. I noticed that most of the information is nothing new but it can be helpful to beginners.

The NLP videos are not from Ryan Phillips, these videos are from someone called David Orchard, where he gives some tips on how to create the right state of mind to create fast videos where you are the speaker. He recommends some visualization tips to prepare yourself mentally for the task at hand. This is a cool tip because it helps people gain confidence and look good on camera (nobody wants to see someone who is insecure speak on camera).

There are some other things that I liked about this video course but I don’t have time to go through all of them right here.

I also like the video creation tips, like speak slowly, speak with authority, look at the camera, and other editing tips to make your video more powerful and convert at a higher rate.

Let’s mention some cons.

What I Didn’t Like:

Do the videos really have to be so long?

Most of the videos are very drawn out and slow-paced. I understand that a slow pace is great for people who are totally new to working online but a lot of the explanations could be sped up a bit to save on video time. I think the videos would be more effective if they were compressed instead of spreading the tips out for hours.

It can be a little overwhelming at times, there’s so much information thrown in your face, it’s hard to cut a clear path through it all and organize everything so that you actually have a plan to follow. The videos are not really organized in a step to step manner, it’s more like a bunch of videos on different topics related to video marketing that’s a little disorganized.

I thought the videos would walk me through each process, like finding a niche, creating the video, uploading the video, and all that – but that’s not the case, which was a disappointment.

Final Word:

So Video Evolution 2.0 was surprisingly better than I thought it would be but it could still use some improvement.

Video Evolution 2.0 is not as scam, there’s a lot of helpful information in these videos, but the problem is that it takes so long to find the information because the videos are lengthy!

All in all, I think this is a decent product, not the absolute best, but it will provide you with a good foundation for future projects.

It still doesn’t beat my favorite product, Wealthy Affiliate, check out my Wealthy Affiliate review. 

Thanks for reading my Video Evolution Elite 2.0 review!

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