Le-Vel Thrive Experience Review – Legit or 8 Week Scam?

Level ReviewsCompany: Le-Vel
Website: https://le-vel.com/
Founder: Paul Gravette and Jason Camper

Welcome to my review of Le-Vel Thrive Experience!

We have a lot to cover in this review but before we get started I want to let you know that you are doing the right thing.

Independent research on MLMs that you are considering is essential to make the right decision for you!!!

So that means you are on the right track and hopefully my review helps you get there.

I consolidate a lot of information in my reviews so that you can see what the company is really like rather than relying on hyped reviews from company affiliates.

I do not have any connection to any of the companies I review and this allows me to take an objective stance.

In this review I will provide a overview of the company which focuses on the leadership of the company.

Then I create a list of products and try to add price points if available.

The compensation plan is a major section but I only provide the nuts and bolts with a link to the PDF version.

If you plan on joining the company, you will want to read it anyway.

The last part of the review is a list of things to be careful of when considering Le-Vel, which will show a number of comments from people that have tried the product.

I hope this review helps you, let’s get started.

Le-Vel Thrive Experience Overview – What is the Company?

In 2013, Le-Vel Thrive was launched by hyping a self proclaimed “premium grade” product line.

What is even more cunning is that they are pushing their brand rather than just the products.

This is a clever way of making it easier for consultants to market the products.

The company was originally founded by Paul Gravette and Jason Camper but added Justin Rouleau after launch.

There seems to be a lot of experience between these 3 guys so that is not a bad thing.

Le-Vel Thrive is a Health & Wellness niche MLM and the entire product line makes some pretty bold claims.

They make claims that promises that the product help you with weight management and accomplishing your fitness needs.

Let’s see if they really do.

Le-Vel Brands, LLC
(888) 557-00059201
Warren Pkwy #200, Frisco, TX 75035

Le-Vel Thrive Experience Product Line

Thrive is a line of health supplements which include Thrive M, Thrive W, Thrive Premium Lifestyle Mix & Thrive DFT.

Thrive M is a supplement for men and Thrive W is a supplement for women.

The Premium Lifestyle Mix is a protein powder and the DFT is a skin patch for weight management.

What is shocking is that Le-Vel is the only major MLM company that sells the DFT patches.

All 4 of these products are the so called Le-Vel Thrive Experience.

Ok, here is what Le-Vel claims their products do:

• Better Cognitive Performance
• Inflammation Support
• Lean Muscle Support
• Weight Management
• Joint Support
• Anti-aging And Antioxidant Blend

With all of that being said, this is the disclaimer directly from their website: “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to cure or prevent any disease. Keep of out reach of children. Not suitable for individuals under 18 years of age. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding consult a doctor before using this product. If you are taking any medication, or have any type of medical issue, consult with a doctor before using this product.”

Wow, that is the most extensive disclaimer I have read for any MLM and I’ve done over 100 reviews.

If you break down their disclaimer I notice a really odd mistake for such a self proclaimed top notch company.

One sentence says, “Keep of out reach of children.”

That is verbatim and it is clearly a typo.

Maybe the person that put the disclaimer in, missed their daily dose of “better cognitive performance” juice for the day?

Sorry for the poor attempt at humor but I am already seeing the writing on the wall.

Let’s take a look at a few comments I found from customers or furious affiliates.

Is Level Legit?

This poor customer is having issues in regards to withdrawal symptoms.

What the heck?

The product also makes her experience a “wired SPEED feeling.” I just don’t get it to be honest.

Why take stuff like this if you are going to experience something this substantial.

If you think this women is just spewing conjecture, she is simply stating her personal experience which is much more credible than a company trying to hype up a product.


The next image is a bit more alarming because it why you need to see a doctor before using these products.

Follow this link to an article from the University of Maryland Medical Center.

This is a viable question to ask because aspirin is not good for some people.

With that being said, the article specifically mentions back pain, which is exactly what this person is talking about.

I wish there was something good to say but the only positive comments I can find online are from actual affiliates, which are meaningless in regards to finding the truth.

Sorry but the “trust me, take this product and I’ll take your money” trick is starting to lose its popularity.

The Compensation Plan

This section will be a lot shorter than usual because all I do is list the number of ways to make money through the Le-Vel Compensation Plan.


1. Retail Sales
2. Vanishing Autoship – 2 For Free
3. Infinity Fast Start
4. Infinity Fast Start Match
5. Fast Start Match Accelerator
6. GO VIP Bonus
7. iPad mini TM Bonus
8. Uni-Level Team Commissions
9. Team Commissions Matching Bonus
10. VIP Auto Bonus
11. Lifestyle Getaways

Now this looks like a massive numbers of ways to make money but only a few translate to actual money where the rest are cars and getaways.

There is nothing here that I have not seen before so there is nothing unique to report here.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)


As you can see, BBB has given Le-Vel a fantastic grade but that does not necessarily mean that they are legit.

It simply means that they take care of customer complaints in a timely manner.

The next image shows me a troubling trend with Le-Vel; I have never seen so many complaints with a company.

In fairness of objectivity, I will include a few positive comments/reviews.

I mean, I have to at least have show you what some affiliates are saying about the product they push.


This first review is positive saying that they are happy with the energy increase and other health benefits.


The customer even lost a few pounds, which is a good thing but so can walking or eating properly.

Not really convinced at this point.

Let’s take a look at a negative review of the product.


This second review is a much different beast.

As you can see, the customer had to return the product because of health reasons.

What we don’t know is if the recommendation came from a doctor or because there was some sort of adverse effect that the product created.

Either way, this is not a good look for Le-Vel.

Things I Don’t Like About Le-Vel Thrive Experience


This first comment is a bit scathing but it hits on an important issue.

We have seen other comments from people saying they feel racy after using the product.

The blame is put on the caffeine content.

This customer is also saying that it made her blood pressure higher.

This information ties into another comment I found.


Since I am not a doctor I cannot verify this information but this is a common complaint that I see with almost every Health and Wellness niche MLM.

Take it for what it is worth.

I have a few questions for the leadership of Le-Vel or Top Earners:

Do you have a yearly Income Disclosure Statements available?

Can you provide any scientific evidence other than from companies that you pay to conduct “research?”

Why go through all of the issues I have raised when you could simply eat properly and exercise?

A proper diet and exercise have been proven time and time again as the answer to many of human health issues.

I am starting to wonder if Le-Vel wants us to work hard at selling their product but put no effort into guaranteed health through diet and exercise.

Is this a money first type policy; you decide?

The Final Verdict

One this I would like to deal with before I make any sort of comments as to whether or not Le-Vel Thrive Experience is a scam or not has to do with a legal matter. During my research I found this disclaimer in another 3rd party review.


I can only speculate as to why Le-Vel is taking the author to court but it is most likely something to do with Libel or Defamation.

At this time I would like to invoke the 1st Amendment and say that I have done nothing in this review to tarnish your reputation.

You are doing a fine job of that yourself.

If you want to start a business, why not start your own online business.

There are plenty of opportunities and all you need is a bit of training.

Some training programs are really expensive but there are some reputable programs that are free to try out. One of those companies is a company called Wealthy Affiliate, check out the review.

As with all of my review of Health & Wellness niche MLMs, I do not think the companies themselves are a scam.

I think the products are nothing but hyped concoctions otherwise known as “snake oil.”

I hope this review helped you in some fashion.

If you have any experience with Le-Vel, would like to ask a question or leave a comment, fill out the form below.

9 thoughts on “Le-Vel Thrive Experience Review – Legit or 8 Week Scam?

  1. I was told by a THRIVER who is a Big promoter that Thrive was perfectly SAFE to take with the medications I’m on! A)She isn’t A Dr or pharmacist & isn’t qualified to make such claims B) SHE’S WRONG!! I work in pharmacy and The White Willow Bark ABSOLUTELY HAS AN INTERACTION with 1 of my Meds. I’m also on ADDERALL XR, THRIVE IS A NO NO WITH THAT ALSO!!! People Need to be EDUCATED but instead All they see are $$$$ Signs. GreeD plain Greed

  2. Thrive did nothing but as to my panic disorder and push me over the edge. I was bugged eyed and wired the whole time. It took my boss pulling me in his office and asking me if I was on drugs. I finally went to the doctor and my blood pressure was threw the roof. It was actually conflicting? with my medications for my panic. My doctor says no to thrive.

  3. It shouldn’t come as surprise that ANY of the “miracle weight loss products” have a stimulant. It has ALWAYS been that way. The whole point of these is to boost metabolism (STIMULANT). While some people can benefit from the add boost, there will always be with drawls and issues even with coffee.

  4. I did some research on thrive a while back as some friends of mine were pushing it on my friends and family. They were also promoting it to children.
    I posted on Facebook about some troubling findings and was quickly removed as a friend by all the thrive pushers who refuse to accept there could be anything wrong with a product and all feel more qualified than doctors on health matters now, cause they thrive. My sister in law was taking thrive premium ultra mega patch deluxe for about a year and stopped a month ago. She’s now in the hospital and is suffering severe vertigo like symptoms and hasn’t been able to walk for a week. I’m trying to find if any ppl who took thrive have experienced similar like things. I’m concerned it may have led to this, or at least masked the symptoms she was having and prevented her from dealing or noticing them, till she stopped taking it.

    • I seriously used thrive for my first time this morning and got this weird feeling in my whole body where I went numb and my legs didn’t work for a short period of time. Scared me so bad. Then when I could move I was weak and shaky! Will never try this stuff again!

  5. I took Thrive for 1 day. Yes, 1 Day and ended up in the ER. BP was 180/120 and I thought I was going to explode. 2 shots of Adavan to counteract my heart feeling like it was going to come out of me, chest xrays, heart monitors, IV bags and a $600 copay and I’m good. The ER Dr couldn’t believe the ingredients and that people were actually taking it. He said he had someone else come in with liver failure from Thrive. DON’T DO IT! IT’S NOT SAFE!

  6. Canceled a promoters subscription set up for me as it gave me rashes. This was over a year ago. My bank investigated and refunded monies taken without my permission. Today oct 1 I received I got a letter from level thrive mlm collections department.

  7. I have been using Thrive for about 10 days now. Not everyone’s bodies are the same, if you do have medical issues it says to talk with doctor first. If you try it and it’s not a good fit move on, it doesn’t mean you are required to keep going. I have had good results from it so far, my focus is better, energy is good where before I was dragging everyday, I sleep good and my hunger has been suppressed. Yes diet and exercise play a part as well, not everyone has the time to exercise for an hour a day. Use it at your descretion, again we are not all made the same.

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