An It Works Company Review – Is It Legit Or A Scam?


Company: It Works!
Founders: Mark & Cindy Pentecost

Learn how to make money online from home using it works company. Is this a legit way to make money from home? Click here to learn more.There are so many It Works reviews out there so I appreciate you choosing mine.

Most of the reviews are done by affiliates of the company so you never truly know what is going on with the company.

Biased reviews are a real problem because they make it seem so easy with “testimonies” stating that you can make thousands by recruiting other affiliates and selling their product.

The truth of the matter is actually quite different because you have to know what you are doing to make substantial income.

Like any business opportunity you want to make sure if it is legit or not before you join.

Too many people are taken advantage of and you want to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

You can ensure the right decision is made by looking at the products and the compensation plan.

Those are by far the most important things to look at when analyzing a company.

But first we will take a look at the history of It Works to see who we are dealing with…

An It Works Overview


The company launched in 2001 and is headquartered in Florida, USA.

Since then, they have expanded all around the world including Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, France, Spain, Germany, Ireland, UK, New Zealand and Canada.

Their products range from Body Gel, Fat Burners, Probiotics and Weight Loss Formulas.

Although the company started by selling body wraps it is now considered an MLM focusing on Direct Sales.

In fact, It Works is ranked as one of the top 15 most profitable Direct Sale companies in North America.

They made over half a billion dollars which is unreal considering there is a lot of competition for health & wellness products.

This is a pretty interesting past and it is good to see that the man website and the founders are not shy with this kind of information.

The reason I say this is because some MLMs do not disclose information so freely.

At any rate, here is a list of products.

Products & Services


Like any company, if the product is lousy, so are the chances of you succeeding.

There are 7 product categories to choose from.

• Ultimate Body Applicator – $59
• Defining Gel – $45
• Fab Wrap – $5

• It Works! WOW – $46
• Facial – $59
• Toner – $33
• Cleanser – $33
• Repairage – $29
• Stretch Mark – $39
• Preventage – $25
• Hair Skin Nails – $33
• Lip & Eye – $29
• Exploiting Peel – $36

This section has many products so I will only list a few examples
• Greens Blend Orange – $33
• Greens Blend Value Size Orange – $79
• Greens On The Go Blend Orange – $35
• Greens Blend Berry – $33

• It Works! Probiotic – $31
• It Works! Cleanse – $36
• Energy 12- Pack – $29
• Advanced Formula Fat Fighter – $23
• Confianza – $25
• It’s Vital Minerals – $23

• Lavender Essential Oil – $23
• Tea Tree Essential Oil – $19
• Lemon Essential Oil – $18
• Eucalyptus Essential Oil – $15
• Essential Set – $95
• It Works! Essential Oils – $59

• Wrap Pack – $69
• Ultimate Pack(CHOC) – $279
• Ultimate Pack(VAN) – $279
• Skinny Pack – $112
• It Pack Berry – $179
• It Pack Orange – $179
• Fit Pack(CHOC) – $179
• Fit Pack(VAN) – $179

• It Works! System – $147
• It Works! Blender Bottle – $17

As you can see there are a lot of products which is a good thing.

You have a wide variety of products to market and this means your potential customer base is pretty big.

It is also a good time to state that 68% of American adults, take multivitamins or some other health pill on a daily basis, making It Works products viable.

Compensation Plan


It Works is really no different from any other MLM because their affiliates get paid commissions when you recruit new members.

Just like in all of my other reviews, I will provide you with the pdf version of the compensation so you can take a look at it with your own eyes.

This will help answer any questions that you might have and to be honest, the plan is massive.

There are so many sections and there is a lot of information to process, so take your time with it and see if it is really something you want to be a part of.

Click on the It Works Compensation Plan.

What I Like About It Works

The first aspect of the company that I like is that it has been around for 20+ years and it is still going strong.

This is very important because not many MLMs last this long because of the growing popularity of pop-ups.

Pop-up MLMs have plagued the market and it has turned most companies into a “get rich quick” business plan.

After the company reaches its max potential, the owners jump ship and run only to start another MLM.

The second aspect of the company that I liked was the powerful compensation plan.

If you are good at recruiting and can put some quality affiliate teams together, you can make some serious cash.

The only downfall is that the company has been around so long that the newbies will have difficulty catching up to the rest of the field.

This can be frustrating for those that are late to the party.

Ok, now let’s take a look at some of the aspects of the company that I didn’t enjoy.

What I Didn’t Like About It Works

The first thing I noticed when looking at the products is that they are expensive.

I am worried that it will be hard to sell $30 creams and multi vitamins.

The Packs are also expensive and I doubt many people would want to spend that kind of money for a product that is not backed by credible science.

This kind of snake oil sales tactic has been around for a long time.

The World Health Organization has not mentioned anything other than a healthy diet and exercise to do all the things It Works products claim to do.

Besides, with all the health cleanses, it even states that proper exercise is paramount for successful results.

I will leave this link and photo for your viewing pleasure.


Although there are plenty of people suggesting that the products are legit, 189 people complained on this Pissed Consumer forum.

Check it out and see for yourself.

The Final Verdict

OK, here it is, the conclusion of the review.

There is absolutely no way that It Works is a scam because it has products and compensation plan that pays quite well if you have recruitment skills.

With that being said, I cannot recommend this company because of moral obligations.

I know this sounds strange but I refuse to recommend a company that sell products that have no basis in the scientific realm.

These products are no different than other companies yet claim to make you healthier.

I guess it is time to ask a very important question about It Works products; Why spend hundreds of dollars on your products when you can just exercise on a regular basis and get real results?

Since I already went over the recruitment aspect of the MLM, I will end by saying that 95% of MLMs fail because of it.

So I think that you will be better off finding a company that is less expensive that provides you with training.

Take a look at this Review if you want to check out a legit training program.

It is affordable and you can give it a test run for FREE. There is zero risk and you might find it useful.

If you are a member of It Works or would simply like to leave a comment, feel free to fill out the form below.

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