Snapwire Review: Legit Photo Site Or Scam?

Before cellphones started coming out with cameras, becoming a photographer was usually reserved for those who were really passionate about photography.

And why not? Considering you really need to invest time and money to become a professional photographer, buying proper equipment and properly honing your skill set.

There were affordable cameras available before, but they were extremely inferior if you compare them to the cameras that professionals used.

But with the advancement in technology and the rise of smartphones with almost professional level cameras, almost anyone can now become a photographer.

With the use of technology in digital cameras and smartphones, almost anyone can now take good pictures. The only thing that differentiates the professionals from the novices is the money.

Professionals get paid for taking photos, while the novices will usually only just get praise. But there are now several apps that are trying to change that.

These apps provide regular people with an opportunity to make money from the photos that they have taken, similar to what the professionals are doing.

Now, one of these apps is called Snapwire. It’s an app that provides people with an opportunity to make money from the photos that they have taken.

You get paid in cash when a photo you take gets bought by a client. To withdraw your money, you just need to reach the minimum withdrawal amount so the site can process your request.

The amount of money you can earn here will depend greatly on the time and effort you are willing to spend on this app and on perfecting your photography skills.

From the looks of it, it is possible for you to earn about $500 to $1,000 a year from this opportunity. But is Snapwire really a legit opportunity or is it just another scam to avoid?

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Snapwire is a Legit Opportunity that Really Pays

Snapwire is a photography app that connects photographers to people who are looking to purchase certain pictures.

You will be paid in cash when there’s a client who purchases the picture you took or if you participated in a challenge or contest and won.

The money you earn can be withdrawn once you have reached the minimum cash out threshold. Based on what I’ve seen about the app, I can say that it is a legitimate opportunity.

The app does provide its members with an opportunity to make money through the photos that they have taken and uploaded on the app.

However, there are some issues with this opportunity, particularly with the income potential. The app also doesn’t seem like it is designed for the casual photographer.

I’ll be discussing these issues in more detail as we progress further in this review of the Snapwire app.

Who Uses the Snapwire App?

The Snapwire app is designed for two types of people with one being brands, businesses, and individuals who are looking for quality photos they can purchase and use.

The other type are people like you who are looking to make money as a photographer. For brands and businesses, the app provides an opportunity to get quality and affordable photos.

The beauty of this app is that brands have the option to look at the available photos that the creators have already uploaded or they can request the photo they want.

The app has a lot of talented and great photographers since they are a bit meticulous with their requirements for the photos that members can upload.

For people like you, the app provides an opportunity to make money taking photos. You can choose to upload your photos and build a portfolio. You earn money there when someone buys the pics you uploaded.

You can also choose to participate in the contest or challenges that the app provides to earn money as a photographer. Becoming a member is simple and free to do so.

The app can be downloaded at the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. In the next section, I’ll discuss the registration process in more detail, as well as how you make money.

How Do You Make Money with Snapwire?

The Snapwire app provides two options when it comes to making money and both of them involves taking photos.

The first option is by uploading good quality photos on the app to add to your portfolio. You earn money when someone purchases a picture that you uploaded.

The other option is by participating in the contest or challenge that clients put up. You just need to follow the requirement of the challenge and submit your entry.

If the client chooses your entry, you win and you get paid. To begin earning, you need to become a member of Snapwire first. You can download the app at the Play Store or App Store for free.

After you have downloaded it, you just need to register by providing the required details. You can also register using your Facebook account.

You also just need to complete your profile or leave it blank if it doesn’t apply to you. After completing your profile, the next step is to select the style of the images that you will be taking.

Snapwire allows you to choose up to 10 styles and the available ones include animals, babies, aerial shots, and more.

After selecting the styles, you can start uploading the different images you’ve taken to your profile and add it to your portfolio on the app.

You need to put captions and keywords on the photos you have uploaded, as this will make it easier for potential buyers to find them. The pictures should also be in the highest size possible.

The pictures, though, would have to be high quality. This means that you will likely need to use DSLR cameras instead of just your smartphone’s camera to be able to really attract buyers to your photos.

The price that you can sell your photo will range greatly and depends on whether they will be labeled premium or not.

But regardless of how much you are selling them for, the app will only provide 50% of it. So if you sell a photo for $20, you will only get $10.

The other way that you can earn is by participating in Challenges or Requests. The Challenges or Requests are basically a particular photo that the client needs.

You just need to follow the description and submit your entry. You have a limited number of entries to submit, so make sure you submit only your best work.

The amount of money you can win will depend on the request, but it’s usually around $25, $50, $75, and $100, and $125.

Unlike in the marketplace, you get to keep 100% of the payment for Challenges or Requests. But winning here is even more difficult because you will be competing against other photographers.

If it’s a challenge, the creative editors of the app will nominate photos that fits the clients brief. If it is a competition, it is the collective buyers who decide the photo that they will nominate.

Snapwire also has a point system, where you can earn points to help you level up. Earnings points will contribute greatly to increasing your visibility on the site and attracting buyers.

The points will also help you achieve a higher level to open new doors or possibilities for selling your photos. The site has 7 levels to achieve, Explore, Shooter, Advanced, Expert, Elite, Pro, and Master.

When you level up, the photos you have submitted must be at least nominated or purchased. As for getting your money, Snapwire pays via PayPal or Stripe.

You just need a minimum of $25 to be able to withdraw. The site pays every 1st of the following month. Now, as mentioned above, there are some issues with the app’s income potential.

It’s really not as easy as it looks to earn money from Snapwire. Even if you upload good quality pictures, you still have to compete against hundreds of other members who also uploaded good quality pictures.

So you really have to be patient and dedicated here, and should be willing to improve your craft. In relation to this, the app is also clearly not made for casual photographers.

Uploading good pictures taken from smartphones will still pale in comparison to the ones taken with DSLR camera, which is what some of the members are doing.

So you really need to be at least a serious photographer with the right equipment to be able to make money with Snapwire.

What I Like about Snapwire

Now that we know more about Snapwire and what they bring, it’s time to discuss what I like about this opportunity.

  • The first thing that I liked about Snapwire is that it provides you an opportunity to make money just from taking photos. That in itself is already a good thing, especially in this day and age, where almost anyone has the potential to be a good photographer.
  • I also like that Snapwire pays in cash instead of gift cards or any other forms of rewards, Though there is nothing wrong with gift cards, I just prefer to get paid in cash since it offers more flexibility when it comes to spending it.
  • I also like that Snapwire is available worldwide and becoming a member is free and simple to do so. In this way, you don’t have to worry about paying for anything when you join or filling out long application forms.

What I Disliked about Snapwire

As appealing as this opportunity sounds, there are also things about Snapwire that I didn’t really like, which I’ll discuss here.

  • The first thing I disliked about Snapwire is that the earning potential of this app is not that high. Despite being able to decently price the photos you upload, it’s really hard to make a sale. This is because there are a lot of photographers on the app that also have good quality photos. So you really have to bring your A-game when it comes taking good quality photos just so you can compete.
  • Another thing that I disliked about Snapwire is that the app is basically made for skilled and serious photographers. Unless you are serious and passionate about being a photographer, you really won’t stand a chance to earn money with this app. The photos you need to upload need to be high quality, which means you need to be using quality equipment like DSLR cameras.

Do I Recommend Snapwire?

After learning more about the Snapwire app and what it brings to the table, I can say that it is an opportunity that I only recommend for certain groups of people.

If you are someone who only thinks of photography as a hobby and is looking to try and monetize that hobby, then this app might not be a good opportunity for you.

To make money with the Snapwire app, you need to be serious and passionate about photography. You need to invest in equipment and time to hone your skills.

Though the site just requires good quality photos, you need to provide the best quality photo in order to make a sale. This is because the site has a lot of serious and passionate photographers.

So it will be hard to compete with them if you are just a casual photographer who takes pictures casually and as a hobby. If this is you, you are probably better off looking at other opportunities

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