ReceiptPal Review: Legit Rewards Site Or Scam?

There are a lot of different ways to make money online. Searching the net will yield thousands of results for money making opportunities.

There’s answering surveys, watching videos, downloading apps, completing offers, shopping, and much more. Answering surveys are likely one of the most common opportunities that you will come across.

There are a lot of market research companies out there that offer surveys and other forms of studies that you can participate in to earn some money or rewards.

For this review, we’ll be looking at a market research app called ReceiptPal. But they don’t offer the typical market research opportunity since the app doesn’t provide surveys or invite you to focus group discussions.

This app provides you an opportunity to earn rewards just for shopping. You get paid in points for every shopping receipt you upload on the app.

The points earned can be redeemed for various gift cards once you have reached the required number to redeem them for rewards.

The value of the gift card you can get in a month will depend on how often you shop. But it seems possible to earn about $1 to $5 worth of gift cards in a month.

But is ReceiptPal really a legit opportunity or is it just a scam to avoid?

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ReceiptPal is a Legitimate Opportunity To Earn Rewards

ReceiptPal is an app that was founded by NPD Group in 2013. It allows people to earn rewards just for uploading shopping receipts on the app.

You get paid for points for every receipt that you upload on the app. The points earned can be redeemed for various gift cards once you reach the number needed to cash out.

From what I’ve seen about the app, I can say that it is a legitimate opportunity. You can really earn rewards just by uploading receipts. You just have to make sure the receipts you upload meet the requirements.

There are, however, several complaints about this opportunity. One of the main complaints is that the app hasn’t been functioning properly lately.

There are also complaints ReceiptPal is adding more requirements on the receipts being uploaded. I’ll discuss these issues in more details as we progress further in this review of this app.

Who Uses ReceiptPal?

ReceiptPal is designed for two groups with one being brands and businesses who are looking to learn more about people’s buying behavior and preference.

The other group are people who are looking for opportunities to earn some rewards just for shopping. For brands and businesses, the app gives them a way to look at what people usually purchase.

The receipts that people upload on the app allow ReceiptPal to collect data about people’s buying preference and behavior. The data can be viewed by the app’s clients.

For people like you, the app offers an opportunity to earn rewards just for shopping. All you need to do is to take a photo of your shopping receipt and upload it on the app.

You are paid in points for the receipts you upload. The points earned can be redeemed for various gift cards, once the minimum redemption requirements are met.

Becoming a member is simple and free to do so, but there’s a catch. I’ll discuss the process in more detail in the next section. I’ll also discuss how the app works and how you can earn rewards.

How Do You Earn Rewards with ReceiptPal?

ReceiptPal offers only one way to earn rewards and that is by taking a photo of your shopping receipts and uploading them on the app.

You get to earn points for doing this and the points earned can be redeemed for gift cards coming from different brands.

To participate in this program, you first need to register and become a member. Now, registering is free and simple to do so. You just need to provide your email address, gender, date of birth, and zip code.

After that, you just need to verify your email address and you are all set. However, before you can actually become a member, ReceiptPal needs to have an open slot first.

Yes, the site has a limit to the number of people they can accept. They’ll put you on a waitlist and just contact you if a slot becomes free.

The site will actually show a message that slots are full even before you register. By registering, you just put your email in their waitlist.

The app is only available in the U.S. and it also doesn’t currently support iPad. But it does support iPhone.

How does this app work? From the app, you will be able to take a photo of your shopping receipt then upload it.

In case you don’t have a physical receipt but an electronic one, you just need to give ReceiptPal permission to access them and it will count as one upload.

You can earn 100 points for every 4 approved uploads. This means that each receipt will earn you 25 points.  The app, though, only allows 20 receipts per week, which means 500 points is the highest you can earn in a week.

So what kind of receipts does the app accept? The app accepts receipts coming from any merchant of consumer goods purchases, including restaurants, gas stations, clothing, convenience stores, and more.

You or any member of your household needs to be the one who made the purchase. Business or company related purchases are not accepted.

The receipt you upload must contain the merchant’s name, the purchase date, the total amount spent, and a phone number or zip code. If the receipt is missing the merchant’s name, purchase date, or total amount, it won’t be accepted.

Receipts for bills like electric, water, gas, cellphone, mortgage payments, loan payments, etc. are also not accepted. Receipts for returns or those with $0 value are also not allowed.

Receipts that come from game purchases like lottery tickets or payment processors like PayPal are also not accepted. Receipts cannot be used multiple times.

Blurry images, handwritten receipts, or screenshots from a computer or cellphone are also not accepted. Lastly, Money Orders, ATM receipts, and Bank Draft/Checks are also not valid.

It should also be in U.S. currency and in the English language. Receipts should also be uploaded within the week or by the third day of the week after the purchase.

So what can you do with the points you have earned? You can redeem them for gift cards, as long as the minimum number of points needed is met. A $1 gift card will cost 100 points.

Uploading accepted receipts also qualifies you automatically to the app’s weekly sweepstakes for a chance to win cash prizes. Points will expire if you are unable to submit a receipt for 90 days.

As mentioned above, there are some issues with this opportunity, starting with people’s complaints about the app becoming glitchy.

ReceiptPal has had a recent update and it has resulted in a lot of members getting error messages either by logging in or when they upload receipts.

The latest update also seemed to make it harder for people to get their receipts approved, as there are also complaints that receipts that used to get approved are no longer accepted.

What I Like about ReceiptPal

Now that we know what ReceiptPal is and what they are offering, it’s time to discuss what I like about this opportunity.

  • The first thing that I like about ReceiptPal is that you are not required to purchase anything out of the ordinary or go to a particular store and make a purchase. The app accepts a lot of consumer purchase receipts coming from different merchants. This means you can just do your regular shopping and upload your receipt there to earn points from it.
  • I also like that ReceiptPal supports both Android and iOS devices (unless your iOS device is an iPad, which the app doesn’t support yet). This means that you’ll be able to use the app regardless of the device you are currently using.
  • I also like that becoming a member is simple and free to do so. No need to worry about paying for anything or filling out long application forms.

What I Dislike about ReceiptPal

Of course, not everything about ReceiptPal is good or appealing, as there are also several things about this opportunity that I don’t really like.

  • The first thing that I don’t like about ReceiptPal is that there have been complaints that the recent update made the app glitchy and made it harder to get your receipts approved. I understand that upgrading is usually necessary to ensure that an app runs smoothly. But if it results in more problems, then that means the upgrade is a bad one.
  • I also don’t like that ReceiptPal has a limit to how many receipts you can upload in a week. The app currently allows only up to 20 receipts uploaded in a week. This means that there is a limit to how many points you can earn with this app. This also means there’s really no way for you to increase your earnings in a month.
  • Another thing that I don’t like about ReceiptPal is that they don’t have options to earn in cash. There’s nothing wrong with getting gift cards, but it would have been better if they had an option to earn cash as some people prefer to get cash instead.
  • It’s also unfortunate that ReceiptPal has limited slots available for new members and that it is not available worldwide. This means that not everyone who wants to give the app a try will be able to join whenever they want.

Do I Recommend ReceiptPal?

After learning more about ReceiptPal and what they are really offering, I can say that it is an opportunity that you could check out.

The site has some upsides, like allowing you to earn some rewards just for doing your usual shopping. There’s no need for you to purchase a particular item or go to a particular store as the app just wants to see your shopping preferences.

But, the app also has its downsides like the limited weekly upload of receipts, no cash rewards, and limited slots available for new members.

This is why I recommend you check them out yourself and see if it’s an opportunity that might interest you. Just don’t expect to earn a lot with this app since there’s a limit to how many receipts you can upload in a week.

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