VIP Voice Review: Is It A Legit Or A Scam?

Answering a survey is one of the most common earning opportunities that you’ll come across online. One such opportunity is being offered by the VIP Voice website.

The website will be paying you for completely answering surveys. But is it a legitimate opportunity that really pays or is it just another scam like some of the other websites?

We’ll find out in this review. Before we begin, let us first discuss what VIP Voice is and how it works.

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What is VIP Voice?

Did you know that you can earn $25 simply by becoming a part of an online survey company called Vip Voice? You can get paid to fill in online surveys. It's an easy way to make money, but may require a bit of time.VIP Voice is a website that is designed to provide people like you a way to earn money by sharing your voice and opinions in the form of a survey.

You will be paid in VIP points, which you can use to enter into a sweepstake or an auction. The company is part of the NDP Group, which provides market information and advisory services.

They help big companies to make a better business decision with the services they provide. VIP Voice conducts 12 million surveys a year and covers a wide range of industries, including Apparel, Footwear, Information Technology, Automotive, Beauty, Sports, and more.

As a member of VIP Voice, you will get to answer surveys about the products that you buy, the services that you use, where you shop and so much more.

The company merges your answers together with other members and come up with reports that brands and businesses use to help make business decisions.

It is free to join VIP Voice, you just need to fill out the application form in their website and complete your profile to start answering a survey. The website only accepts people who live in the U.S. or Canada.

Who Uses VIP Voice?

The VIP Voice website is used by two groups. The first ones are people like you and me who are looking for opportunities to make some money online.

The other groups are businesses who are looking for more information regarding the market they are serving to help them make better decisions.

For businesses, VIP Voice presents them with an opportunity to get good results and information with their market research needs.

The company ensures that surveys are going to the right person and they do this based on the profile and buying behavior of their members.

Businesses are also assured that their surveys will really be answered and by real people. The company provides incentives to its members to answer surveys, so surveys will really be answered once they are available.

For people like you and me, VIP Voice provides a good opportunity to earn something just for answering a survey. It won’t take much of your time, and you get paid 2 weeks after you complete the survey.

The number of points will be determined by a lot of factors, like your current reward level, how many surveys you’ve already completed, and if you qualify for the actual survey.

How Do You Earn From VIP Voice?

As mentioned above, you are able to earn on the VIP Voice website by completing surveys. You won’t be paid in cash, however, as what you will earn are VIP Points.

The VIP Points can then be used in exchange for one entry into the company’s SweepLand sweepstakes or one bid into the BidLand auction.

The number of points you can earn for completing a survey will depend on your reward level and whether or not you qualify for the survey.

VIP Voice features a tiered- rewards program, where the higher your level you are the more points you will earn for completing a survey. The company currently has 5 levels in their reward program.

The first level will earn you 25 VIP Points for participating in the survey and another 50 VIP Points if you are able to qualify. To qualify for a survey, you will need to meet certain requirements.

A sample of a requirement that you must meet is that you should have purchased one or more items that will be asked about in the survey.

The requirements per survey will vary, so you may not qualify for one, but there’s a possibility you qualify for another. The points you earn will increase as your reward level also goes up.

Your reward level will be based on the number of surveys that you have already completed. The highest number of points you can earn for completing a survey is 200 VIP Points for participating, and 550 VIP Points for qualifying.

This is the level 5 of the program, and by this time, it requires that you have already completed 20 or more surveys.

The surveys you receive are not guaranteed, as it will be determined by the number of surveys the company has and your profile or demographic information.

You also have a chance to participate in surveys that are conducted by VIP Voice’s partner researchers. This will also be determined by your demographic information.

You will receive an email notification if there are available surveys for you or you can check it out on the website.

Joining VIP Voice is free to do, you will just need to fill up an application form and complete your profile. Once done, you can start answering available surveys.

The points you earn can be used in SweepLand or BidLand. SweepLand is VIP Voice’s sweepstakes program, where you have a chance to win prizes. One point is equivalent to one entry.

The company has various sweepstakes that you can participate in and winners are chosen at random. The other way you can use your points is through the company’s auction program called BidLand.

You can bid on various prizes and 1 point is equivalent to one bid. The one with the highest bid will be the one to take home the prize.

What is Good about VIP Voice

Now that we have an idea of what VIP Voice is and how it works, it is time to talk discuss the good things about the website.

  • Probably one of the best things that I liked about VIP Voice is that it is free and easy to register on the website. There’s no need to pay for registration fees or worry about monthly membership fees to remain a member.
  • I also like the fact that the company will still pay you for participating in a survey even if you are not qualified for it. A lot of survey companies pay their members only if they qualify. So receiving points, even if you don’t qualify is a big plus.

What is Bad about VIP Voice

Of course, there are also things that I didn’t like about VIP Voice, and I’ll discuss them here.

  • One of the first things that I didn’t like the most about VIP Voice is that it doesn’t pay you in cash. The company will pay you in points for completing surveys and the points you earn cannot even be redeemed for cash or gift cards, but instead used to enter an auction or sweepstakes.
  • I also didn’t like that the VIP Points you earned cannot be redeemed for rewards. It’s bad enough that the company doesn’t pay in cash, but it’s even worse since the points you earned can only be used on a sweepstakes program or auction program. This means that you’re not guaranteed to earn anything with your efforts, which is a big letdown and could be a waste of time on your part.
  • Surveys are also not guaranteed, as this is determined by your demographic information. So there’s a chance that you might not receive an invite for a survey.

Is VIP Voice Legit or A Scam?

Based on what I’ve researched, I can say that VIP Voice is not a scam. The company does what it says it does, and that is to provide you with a way to earn while answering surveys.

The company will really pay you the points that your owed for completing surveys and they will send the rewards if you win the sweepstakes or the auction.

As long as there are also surveys available to your demographic area, you will be invited to participate in one.

Do I Recommend VIP Voice?

From what I’ve seen, I would not recommend VIP Voice to anyone. The main reason for this is that answering a survey for this company could be a complete waste of your time.

Yes, they will pay you in VIP Points for completing surveys, but the points are not redeemable for rewards. What you will get, instead, is an entry to their sweepstakes program or a big in their auction.

This means the rewards you will be getting for completing a survey are not guaranteed. Sweepstakes winners are drawn randomly, so what assurance do you get that you will win enough to make this opportunity worth your time?

Same goes for bidding for rewards. You will be trying to outbid other members for a reward, so there’s also no assurance that you can really get anything with VIP Voice.

You could be answering surveys for months and still not earn anything. Instead of wasting your time here, I suggest you try and look for other ways to earn online.

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