Vipon Review: Discounted Amazon Products Or Scam?

When it comes to shopping people are always looking for the best deals and bargains to help them save money on their purchases. Now, there is actually a website that offers all of these and more.

This website is, where shoppers can buy the best deals and bargains for items sold on Amazon. The best thing about this site is that shoppers can even get discounts for up to 100%.

But is this really true? Does Vipon really offer discounted and free Amazon products or is it just a scam to get people to sign up? That’s what we’re here to find out, as we’ll be reviewing this website.

But before proceeding, let’s first discuss what Vipon is. 

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What is Vipon? 

Vipon is a website that offers great deals and bargains on Amazon products to its members. People can shop for products with discounts for as low as to 20% to as high as more than 90%.

There are even some products that offer 100% discount, which means they are free for shoppers and will only need to pay the shipping fee for the product.

Members would just need to choose from the available deals and bargains they like, click it to get the coupon code. Then Vipon can take them directly to the product page on the Amazon website, where they can make the purchase.

They would just need to input the code when they’re already checking out the item to apply the discount. Members would just have to cover the discounted rate plus the shipping fee, allowing them to save more money.

It used to be known as the AMZ Review Trader before being changed to Vipon in 2016, with the main difference being that shoppers are no longer needed to write a review about the product they purchased in Amazon.

This is in large part due to the changes Amazon had with is policies regarding product reviews.

The discounts are coming from the actual sellers of the products, in hopes of enticing people to purchase the product and leave favorable reviews.

The site basically offers deals and discounts for products in exchange for good reviews. But with Amazon’s latest changes, reviews now become optional instead of required.

Signing up for Vipon is also easy and it is free, so people won’t have to worry about paying for anything if they decide to register. 

Who Uses Vipon? 

The Vipon website is used by two groups, the shoppers, and the sellers. The sellers are the merchants who have products being sold on the Amazon website.

They are the ones who provide the great deals and discounts that shoppers are enjoying. For sellers, the site that they will be using is not actually Vipon, but the AMZ Tracker.

It is designed to help grow the rankings of sellers and maintain them. AMZ Tracker basically provides sellers with the ability to keep track of how their products are performing when it comes to keyword searches.

It also allows sellers to see how to increase their conversion rate, and how to avoid negative reviews. Sellers are also given the opportunity to be able to advertise their products to millions of shoppers through the deals and bargains they can offer on Vipon.

The other group who uses Vipon are the shoppers. Being a member of the website allows shoppers to enjoy great discounts and deals for products that they are usually buying on Amazon.

They would just need to go to Vipon, choose the product they like, get the discount code, then click the button on Vipon to take them to the product page in Amazon.

They would just need to input the coupon code when they are already checking out the product from the Amazon website. Members can enjoy discounts of up to 100%, which means they will only pay for the shipping.

Before the changes, members will need to leave a review of the product they got, which can help increase the ratings of the product in Amazon, but due to the changes on the e-commerce website, leaving reviews is now optional. 

How the Vipon Website Benefits People? 

The Vipon website doesn’t technically help people earn more money, but it does help them save money when they are purchasing items on Amazon.

It started out as getting discount or freebies in exchange for providing reviews about the product. But after Amazon changed their policies with regards to incentivized reviews, it is no longer required to leave a review.

People can still provide a review, but they don’t need to disclose it anymore. The lowest discount that members can get in Vipon is at 20%, while the highest they can get is 100%, which means the product is already free.

Vipon also offers discounts and bargains on a wide array of products that are being offered on Amazon. This gives members a lot of items to choose from, almost ensuring that what they will buy on Amazon can be found in Vipon.

This is actually a great way for people to do their online shopping, especially those who love buying things on Amazon. Since they will be purchasing the items anyway, they might as well check it out first in Vipon to get discount.

In this way, they will be getting the item that they will be purchasing, but at low prices, and could possibly even be free.

Members are able to request up to 150 deal vouchers per month and they have a limit of 20 vouchers within a 24-hour period. It is also important that members provide feedback about the deals they requested.

In the My Deal Request tab found at the top right of the webpage, members can see how many deals they have already requested. If there are more than 20 already without feedback, the won’t be able to apply for more coupons.

They would need to first click either of the buttons found below each request, “I have already purchased this”, “Report a problem” or “I don’t want this product anymore”.

It is easy to become a member, as registering is easy and free to do. People will just need to provide an email address and a password.

They will just need to verify the email address, and then they can already start using Vipon. They can also opt to register through their Facebook or Google Plus accounts.

For sellers, Vipon presents them with a great opportunity for increasing their sales and the number of repeat customers they get. The website can also act as a great way to test out new products and start gaining traction.

Vipon also helps sellers to improve their rankings on Amazon, since there will be more people purchasing and using their product. 

What is Good with Vipon 

Now that we have an idea of what Vipon is, it is time to proceed with the things that are good with the website.

  • It provides great discounts and bargains for a lot of in-demand products that people usually purchase on Amazon, making it a great site for online shoppers.
  • It is easy and simple to register, as people won’t need to provide a lot of information to become a member. Email address and a password are all they need. People can also register through Facebook or Google Plus.
  • It is free to join Vipon, as the website doesn’t require any sort of payment for people to be able to sign-up and enjoy the different deals and bargains available.
  • Vipon also provides great deals and bargains, having discounts for as low as 20% up to as high as 100%. This gives people great bargains for the items they want to purchase online. 

What is Bad with Vipon 

As good as the Vipon website is, there are also things bad things that the company can improve upon.

  • As much as Vipon say there are items that people can get for free, it is actually rare to find items with a 100% off discount on the website. The highest discount that people are more likely to find on the website is at 90%.
  • People can only request up to 150 vouchers in a month, which can be problematic for hardcore shoppers. It is also important that people use the voucher requested as it will still count as a request even if the voucher wasn’t used.
  • The voucher might not work well if there are multiple products on the member’s cart. It is advised that people purchase their discounted product one by one for the code to work. 

Is Vipon Legit or Just A Scam? is a legitimate website in that people can really request deals and bargains for items that they can purchase in Amazon. It is basically a website for sellers and shoppers to develop a mutual and beneficial partnership.

Sellers provide discounts and bargains to shoppers in exchange for purchasing the product and providing a feedback on it. It does what it says it does, so it is legitimate.

Plus, people won’t really need to pay anything to be a member or to get discounts. As for vouchers not working, Vipon provided a lot of explanations for its possibility on the FAQ’s page, so people would just need to check it out to do troubleshooting. 

Is Vipon Recommended? 

My answer here is yes, I recommend people, especially those who love to do most of their shopping online. The many discounts and bargains available make it worth it for shoppers to join, as this can help save them money.

It may be hard to purchase items in bulk, but that is a minor inconvenience, compared to the benefits that people will be getting with the Vipon website.

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