Achievement App Review: Legit Or A Scam?

Welcome to my Achievement App Review,

A lot of people want a healthy lifestyle, but only a few are able to actually do it, due to the fact that most people lack the motivation to do so. But what if I tell there is an app that can help motivate people.

That app is called Achievement, where it allows people to earn points for doing healthy things. But does this app really pay people to be healthy or is this all just a scam?

We’ll find it out in this review of the app. But first, let us know about the Achievement app.

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Achievement App Review : What is the Achievement App?

Achievement is an app that is designed to reward people every time they are able to accomplish healthy things. The company believes that being healthy should be a fun thing to do.

The app allows people to link over 30 health apps that can be downloaded in the Apple Store and in Google Play Store. It is able to link apps like Apple Health, Samsung Health, Fitbit, Strava, and more.

Once the apps are linked to Achievement, members can start earning points whenever they check their heart rate, take steps, or by completing any other fitness related activities.

It will even reward people points if they tweet fitness related posts. The will just have to link their Twitter account to the app.

After earning enough points, members can already exchange it for cash that Achievement will pay via PayPal or direct deposit.

Signing for the app is free and easy, as people will only need to input their email address, their chosen password, and their birthdate. They can even register if through their Facebook account.

Currently, only U.S. residents are able to join Achievement, though.

Achievement App Reviews : Who Uses the Achievement App?

The Achievement app is basically made for people who are already living a healthy lifestyle or those who are looking to live a healthy lifestyle.

The app can help provide an added motivation or the needed motivation in order for people to maintain or begin living healthily. Just for the simple task of walking, Achievement will already provide points.

Members will also be able to earn points when they meditate, check their heart rate, log the healthy food they took, and even post healthy activities on Twitter.

Aside from people looking to live a healthy lifestyle, health companies, and health app developers can also use the Achievement app.

The app requires people to link their health apps to Achievement in order for them to start earning points. Health companies can also provide surveys and other health programs to help with their research and studies.

Achievement then encourages their members to participate in these surveys and programs to in exchange for points.

Achievement Review : How Can People Earn Money From the Achievement App?

Members can basically earn by completing healthy activities offered by the more than 30 health apps that Achievement is partnered with.

They will just need to link these apps to their Achievement accounts, perform the fitness activities found there, and then they can already start earning points through their fitness activities.

Points vary per activity so there will be activities that will earn more points and activities that will earn less. The goal is to reach 10,000 points in order to earn $10, the minimum cash out.

The easiest fitness activity that people can earn points from is walking. Members will be paid 25 points once they are able to take 5,000 steps.

Other activities will pay more, so the more fitness activities people complete the more they will earn points.

The beauty of the Achievement app is that once people register and link the app to other health apps, they won’t need to do anything anymore.

The app will automatically track their achievement and pay the necessary points. It is important, though, that members link the health apps that Achievement can accommodate.

The reason for this is that Achievement won’t be recognizing any of the fitness accomplishments of members if the recognized health apps they used, like Apple Health or Samsung Health, are not linked.

Once these health apps are linked to Achievement, this is the only time that the app will be able to properly track their member’s achievements and pay them the corresponding points.

Aside from completing health activities, Achievement also provide points for answering surveys or taking up offers.

These surveys and offers come from health companies who are doing studies and other health-related programs. The surveys and offers are part of their research to gather more data for their studies.

The Achievement app also has a referral program to help their members earn more points. Members will be getting 250 points for each person they successfully convince to register for the app.

The more people a member is able to refer, the quicker he or she will be able to achieve the 10,000 point requirement to be able to cash out.

What I Liked about the Achievement App

Now that we have a clearer idea of what the Achievement app is, it is time to discuss the things that I liked about the app.

  • It is free and easy to join Achievement, as it doesn’t require too many personal details for people to join. They will only need to provide their email, birthdate, and password to be a member of the app.
  • Earning points is easy, as the Achievement app is already automatic. It will start tracking members activities once they link their other health apps and Twitter to their Achievement app.
  • Achievement provides cash payments, which is a big deal for a lot of people. It is easy to get motivated knowing that you will be paid money for completing fitness goals instead of a gift card or other forms of rewards.
  • Probably the biggest thing I liked about the Achievement app is that it actually pays its member. This is huge, considering the many different apps or website out there promising to pay but didn’t actually kept their promise.

What I Disliked about the Achievement App

As much as I like a lot of things about the Achievement app, there are also a lot of things that I don’t like and it will be discussed here.

  • Probably the biggest thing that I didn’t like about the Achievement app is that it is limited to U.S. residents only. The problem here is that it also limits the people that members can refer to the app.
  • Earning points might be easy and simple, but achieving the minimum requirement for cashing out is hard. Since Achievement doesn’t really pay a lot of points per activity, achieving the 10,000 point minimum might take a while.
  • Since it is hard to earn enough points for cash out, it won’t make people rich or be a substitute for a day job. Heck, it might not even be a good option for extra monthly income.
  • It requires people to link one of the partner apps of Achievement in order for them to earn points for doing healthy activities. The Achievement app itself will not be able to track anything, so another app is needed to use it properly.

Is the Achievement App a Scam or does it Really Pay People?

The Achievement app is definitely not a scam and it really does pay people whenever they are able to complete a fitness goal or activity.

The company already has 1.5 million members and they have already paid more than $500,000 to their members who have already achieved the 10,000 point minimum requirement.

It is important, though, that members don’t forget to link the health apps that they have to Achievement. If they don’t do this, the company won’t be able to track their health activities and pay them accordingly.

Is Achievement App to Be Recommended?

If your goal is to get rich or be able to make a decent amount of money online to allow you to leave your day job, then the Achievement app is not the app you will need.

Despite the company paying in cash and earning points is a simple and easy thing to do, the minimum requirement needed to cash out is too high, while the points being given for completing activities is too low.

You are better off to look for a different way to earn money online to achieve your goals of being able to quit your job or get rich. But if that is not your goal, then the Achievement app is to be recommended.

Even if you can’t get rich, or even make decent money from Achievement, it will still allow you to earn for doing activities that you are likely to do anyway.

You just have to sign up, link your health apps to the Achievement app, and you are all set. You can continue on with your daily or weekly health activities and not worry about needing to activate the app.

It will automatically keep track of your achievements and pay you the according to points once you complete it. You don’t need to keep track of it or monitor it daily.

You just need to keep track of it from time to time to see if you already have 10,000 points so you exchange it for $10.

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