2 thoughts on “appKarma Review: Can You Make Money With This App Or Is It A Scam?”

  1. I recently completed a task on cashKarmaio and I never did receive my credits Where do I send my pictures of proof that I received I finish the task

  2. Appkarma is a scam me and my family have played everyday for months since I’m paralyzed and can’t get out of bed that’s something we was doing to have fun and spend time together. We all saved and saved our points until we had enough all together to cash in to buy a bug doll house my kids have been waiting from a Amazon…the next day everyone I ever invited to the game accounts said suspended for a VPN or something. No one that has ever used my wi-fi has a VPN or even know how to get/make 1…. I’ve emailed support several times for the last few days but they wont respond to me…try explaining to 4 girls that they aren’t going to get their doll house we all worked together daily for over a month.


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